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Fatterelli tells us About Ramsey, Baumann, etc.

Zen-like Todd

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I just posted this as news, but figured you'd want to discuss it, so here it is in fedex.

Redskins unlikely to have deal with QB Ramsey

By Len Pasquarelli


Barring a dramatic turn in negotiations, the Washington Redskins will open their first training camp under new head coach Steve Spurrier on Monday without their first-round draft choice, former Tulane quarterback Patrick Ramsey.

One of the first teams in the NFL to open camp, and one of the more intriguing because of the presence of the colorful Spurrier, the Redskins did make a dent on Sunday in their draft choice signings. The team reached agreement with cornerback Rashad Bauman the first of two selections in the third round, on a three-year contract worth $1,399,500.

The 79th player selected overall, Bauman will receive a $494,500 signing bonus and base salaries of $225,000 (2002), $300,000 (2003) and $380,000 (2004). The cap number for 2002 is $389,833. The former Oregon standout is expected to vie for playing time in the "nickel" and "dime" packages.

Washington also moved close to an accord with its other choice in the third round, Utah wide receiver Cliff Russell, and he probably will come to terms sometime Monday. The two sides are only a few thousand dollars apart on a three-year contract.

But the chances of a deal with Ramsey, or with second-round tailback Ladell Betts of Iowa, appeared remote on Sunday evening. Betts' agent, Ralph Cindrich, has said that the two sides remain "very far" apart. Jimmy Sexton, the agent for Ramsey, spoke briefly with Washington director of football operations Joe Mendes, but made little progress.

Sexton has studied the structures of contracts signed by other quarterbacks chosen in the bottom half of the first round in recent years, understands most of those deals are based on a "second level" of performance that potentially rewards the player once he becomes a starter, and will battle for a similar contract.

Ramsey was the final player in the first round and, while Spurrier probably will choose between former University of Florida quarterbacks Danny Wuerffel and Shane Matthews for his starter in 2002, the rookie figures to compete for the No. 1 job in the second half of his rookie campaign.

The former Tulane star has the strongest arm of all the Washington quarterbacks, was a player the Redskins closely tracked in the weeks leading up to the draft, and was one of the players favored by owner Dan Synder in the lottery.

So it looks like we have two significant ones to go. To be quite honest, I'd rather have Baumann and Russell in on time than the other two guys. Russell missed a couple of mini-camps, and needs to get in and pick up the offense. I think he's actually going to be a contributor this year, so he needs to get going. Baumann apparently is expected to get on the field as well, so he'd better get his schooling from Darrell and company.

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I agree.

I'm not sweating Ramsey. He will get in camp within the first week. This is not like Heath's situation where we were dealing with the 5'th pick in the draft and were expecting him to be the starter right away. He will have all season to learn.

I would like to see Betts get signed though. He is our #2 option at halfback and given Stephen's past, he will miss at least a couple games here and there.

Bauman was no biggy. If he were to hold out he would only be hurting himself.

Russell needs to get in camp though. I really have a good feeling about him. I think he could be a sleeper.

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I agree whole heartedly.

Bauman and Russell will be more valuable to our team this year. Getting them into camp on-time was key.

Betts is the back-up RB and we'll need to have him ready as insurance, but I seriously doubt we were planning to have him as our 3rd down back from the get go.

Learning the 3rd down back role entails learning blocking assignments and blitz pick-up, and that's the hardest thing to learn. I'll be Gillespi and Watson are already far ahead of them due to their experience (Gillespi at Florida and Watson on P-Squad last year).

As for Ramsey, I'd be just peachy happy if we stashed him on IR this year. So if he wants to hold out, it's his own loss. We can certainly draw a tough Bargain on Ramsey. Indeed, if I were Mendes, I'd stick to my guns and offer nothing more than an inflation injusted version of Drew Brees' contract.

Ramsey has no leverage, and if he holds out it does us a favor in that he'll never be a threat to start this year ... and he losses his reptuation with the fans and the only chance he'll have a individual mentoring.

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Mendes, Cerrato and Snyder signed Lavar Arrington in a very tough situation two years ago. They were going to reduce his bonus by 100K per day he held out. You can't tell me that Patrick Ramsey wouldn't respond to a 10K per day drop. After what happened to Heath, Desmond and Wussbrooke in this city, I'm surprised anyone would hold out ever again here.

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Why do I seem to remember the name Ralph Cindrich. Wasn't he the Ferrotte agent and agent to several contentious dealings we've had? Maybe we shouldn't draft players who chose him as an agent. Do draftees choose their agents as soon as they declare for draft or after they have been drafted. Betts should have signed. I don't understand what is special about his position. He wasn't touted as a first round draft pick who slipped. Many second rounders are penciled in to see playing time. Maybe they are trying to use the Stephen Davis contract as leverage, but that's silly as Betts is a total unknown and could be a huge bust. There are starting RB's out there not making much more than the minimum.

As for Ramsey, he should get here, but I can understand his/his agents greed. If he is the starter next year, he will want to be paid quarterback versus slotting money. The person who listed the Drew Brees example made an excellent counterpoint, but at least I can understand the contentiousness of that negotiation. Though I dislike the word "stalled"

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You know, if you look at articles regarding other teams, the headlines would be "Titans Sign Third Round Pick" or "Ravens Sign Defensive Back". But when it's the Redskins, the headline has nothing to do with the player signed - the focus is completely on some non-news.

I know it's not a big deal, but the media bias is sort of wearing thin.

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Carl--I agree completely on the media thing...

I think Ramsey will be in by late in the week and everyone else should be on the field by Wednesday at the latest. Many 2nd and 3rd rounders hold out for a few days and then cut the best deal they can.

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late first round quarterbacks usually have a difficult time getting their deals done so that is no surprise. How a qb should be rated and slotted vs. other position players and how soon he is likely to start, etc....are things that need to be worked out.

Betts on the other hand is more troubling. Running backs CAN have an immediate impact in their rookie seasons IF they come in on time, don't get hurt and work hard.

The last thing the team needs is a greenhorn coming in a week late and being out of shape and then pulling a hamstring or something of a like nature. :mad:

The other thing is, with Davis on a one year deal perhaps, it is in Betts interest to show what he can do.

If I were Betts I would not want to get saddled with a 3 or 4 year deal for low dollars if I might be starter in Year 2, but at the same time Ladell has to develop to the point where the Redskins and Spurrier are going to give him a shot at the top job if it is open based on performance.

Otherwise, the team will go out in free agency and acquire a veteran for next season and Betts will be backup in Year 2 as well.

And that could cost him more serious dollars down the road :)

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Do draftees choose their agents as soon as they declare for draft or after they have been drafted

They have to have an agent when they declare so they can have somebody to get them workouts and everything.

And I wouldn't pass up on a player just because they agent is a dick. Most agents are like that anyway.

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