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Nagging Woman


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I know with a title like that, this thread will get a lot of hits. Nagging Woman..I bet ya'll are saying...."Talk about redundant!"

I am inquiring about the countdown clock. Not wanting to make Die Hard take a deep breath and sigh, BUT, (that truly sounds like a woman..yada yada yada, BUT)...just reminding the powers that be about that again.

Hope ya'll still luv me!!!

;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

Texas Blondie

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Hey Blondie.... the countdown clock is complete. I just received the final version yesterday and I forwarded it on to Blade for installation b/c it was a little over my head - at least until Blade explains it to me in layman's terms :) Unfortunately, Blade is away this week so it might be delayed a bit... but I'll give it a try later in the day to see if I can make any better sense this time around.

Keep in mind... the admins need a bit of an offseason too ;)

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Well early Congrats Dave........My favorite was....they hurt too much you can't touch them.........:laugh: Talk about the ultimate tease.......My wife was 34c before first child, went up to like a 44dd.:shootinth

And I almost forgot about the 3am pizza. She would get cravings for pizza with all kind of wacky toppings at 3 in the morning. I was lucky to have a buddy who owns a pizza shop. He showed me how to make them and would give me the fresh dough balls and sauce and cheese and toppings to take home. I just had to wake up and make it. Thank God I didn't have to drive all around town trying to find a pizza shop. lol

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The countdown clock is now complete and its initial format is now included on the front page.

We'll probably change/modify/move it in a number of ways because, well... that is what we do. Or I should say that is what I do :)

But it is officially counting down the number of seconds until the next kickoff of Redskins Football!

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