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Why Spurrier was going to pick the Skins all along.......


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Now mind you, money is always the key factor, but with Spurrier wanting to hit his mark in the Pros, there was only one team that fit the bill. It was the Skins. Why?

1)He gets to hand pick his QB. Either by draft, trade or FA.

2)He wanted an established running game. The Skins have at least one of the top 5 running games in the league at the end of the season.

3)He has a defense that can be very aggressive because he has 3 corners who can man up. That allows him to let Arrington roam and T off on people.

4)Snyder would pay him the most. That was never in question.

5)Spurrier has a huge ego. Besides New York, where else is there on this earth to create a legend better than Washington DC where the goverment even shuts down on Sundays.

These 5 things to me, made Washington just too irresitable to a man who is looking to take the NFL by storm.

I would also suspect that Westbrook and Barber will be back. They give Spurrier the type of players he will want in DC.

Now the question is is who does he bring in for Defensive Cordinator? This will be very interesting to watch.

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it would be cool if Spurier could convince Dungy to be his DC and just let him run that side of the ball. Arrington could be even crazier!


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Shaw would demand less bucks and fit a suitable D for most of what is sure to remain of last year's D.

At least Arrington, Green, Pierce, Smoot, Bailey, Lang, Coleman, Mitchell and Jones should have a place on the D. I actually believe Smith will just have to take a backup role and retire after next season, if he even remains.

Dungy could also work with that group. However, signing him as a DC can be risky, because Head Coaching is still in his blood, so he could leave you dry after one year. Also, he's not even going the route if he can help it, so if he did, it would cost us dearly for him.

I agree a DC like Shaw or whomever that wants to stick to being a DC, like Spurrier only wants to be a head coach. (Well at least for now smile.gif )

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