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computer purchase help needed ASAP


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So is the following computer really worth paying $500 for including shipping? I have till noon to decide:

Shipping Weight 38.00

Manufacturer HP

Family Pavilion

Model 9880

Chassis/Form Factor Mini Tower

Processor Pentium 4

Processor Speed 1.5 GHz

Installed Memory (MB) 128

Maximum Memory (MB) 1024

Hard Drive (GB) 80


CD Speed 8x4x32


Operating System Windows Me

Modem 56 kbps

Video RAM 32

Sound Yes

Network Card 10/100

USB Interface Yes

Condition Refurbished

Monitor Size No Monitor

Manufacturer’s Warranty 1 Year

Input Devices Keyboard and Mouse

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My thought was just that I can add memory with no difficulty. Outside of that, I didn't see much wrong. It's reasonably fast. My girlfriend wants a computer. We're supposed to go to a computer show tomorrow though. I guess I'll wait and see what's there.


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looks like a nice package. I'd look to increasing the memory and I'm a much bigger fan of XP than I am of ME, but all in all looks like a nice PC.

As far as price, I dont know about 500. I know you can go to pricewatch.com and get some good prices for similar PC's for about 350. The only thing about those is that they dont have the 80Gig hard drive. The max I've seen there is like a 30 or 40 with the norm being 20. An 80 gig hard drive costs about 150 normally so it kinda balances out. I dont know what I'd do with an 80 gig hard drive, I'm satisfied with my 20. But if you think that you need that much room then go for it.

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Only two things i see wrong with it:

First, its refurbished.

Second, it run windows ME which Ive heard few good things about...

Also, I recently bought my dad a brand new computer for $620: 1.6ghz p4, 40 MB HD, 256 RAM, 56k, ethernet, cd RW/DVD, (no monitor)

So, I dont know about that $500 being such a good price.

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I would say that it is a fairly good price, considering no monitor. I have an HP as well and I payed more than that (brand new), but I also got a 17" monitor and a printer. If you can pick up a 17" or 19" monitor, yeah it could be a decent deal. The "refurbished" thing kinda bugs me about computers, but overall, the performance and hardware features all look like it will be a good machine. With a computer like that you definitely would want to have broadband and not be messing around with ancient dial-up connections.

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Thanks guys.

I decided towait till the computer show tomorrow. I couldn't get in touch with my girlfriend ,and since it's for her...

Also, once the comment about Windows ME was made, I was a little concerned. If it sucks, it'll be me trying to "fix it."


The refurbished doesn't scare me much becuase it still carried a year waranty, adn I've bought from this place before.

I went and chaecked out pricewatch. That's a cool site for getting a computer too. I might just try it if I don't have luck at the computer sale tomorrow.

Anyway, thanks much.

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Gbear, if a PC is it what you are looking for, then go no farther than getting a Dell.

The best computer without a doubt.

Myself, I have a Dell Inspiron 8100, and it's a beauty, a week after, the Inpiron 8200 came out, pentium 4 and the works.... i was mad.... but Dell is building freat computers

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Guest Trevor

I didn't have time to give gbear more than a quick opinion on whether or not to buy the pc, so here's something more detailed.

Novato is right about the Dell machines, they would be the only manufactured pc I would ever consider. I much prefer hand built machines, but hey that's me.

This machine in particular lacks ram and a decent os . Also who knows what the parts in machine actually are. Most likely it has a $10 sound card in it, will come with a $3 mouse, a $5 keyboard and a 5400 rpm(instead of 7200 or better) hard drive. The modem is probably a lousy winmodem. Plus like Blade said it's a refurb.

The only think worth a damn is the processor and perhaps the cdrw and dvd drives depending on their make. Though I doubt the value of the dvd drive to be more than $40 tops.

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I agree with the above on the Dell's. Best pc for the money. I am a desktop tech and our compnay uses both Dell and HP. I have more probelms with HP than any othe pc combined. About 4 HP problems to 1 problem for everything else. Dude get a Dell.;)

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