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Dad Boxes with 3-Year Old Son; Kills Him


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Originally posted by Leonard Washington

i don't think anyone would want to beat their child to death.

I think what LW means is that the guy wasn't trying to kill the kid, just 'toughen him up.' The problem with that is, he did it repeatedly, and anybody with common sense knows that if you're slamming a 3 month-year-old against walls, slapping him around so hard that he pisses himself, and whatever other atrocities this a$$hole was committing, that baby isn't long for the earth.

So considering that, does it really matter if it was an accident? I mean, if I for some reason don't know that gasoline is combustible and I light a trail of gasoline at a gas station and it explodes, killing the guy inside, does it matter that it was an accident? I mean, how stupid do you have to be to not know gasoline is flammable?

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