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Redskins.com video: Rogers injury update/correction

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Originally posted by Ignatius J.

flexx, since you have some experience, it has been my impression that stress fractures are especially dangerous because they have a habit of never going away? am I off base here? What was your experience?

Well, I dont remember if it was a stress fracture or hairline fracture. This happened when I played semi-pro over fifteen years ago. I fractured my foot and tore my ACL, all on the same leg. I remember being in a boot for quite some time. I recently had a ex-ray done of that same foot for another injury (hopefully) and they saw that I had fractured it before. So, in trying to answer your question finally Ignatius; I dont think that you are off base with what you are saying about stress fractures and how they dont always heal properly. Where I think that you might be a tad off base is the fact that the most updated article is not mentioning Rogers's old fracture as being a facter at all. It is mentioning a "first- degree sprain" and a "bone bruise".
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