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OT: Fighting Terrorism this 4th of July


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I thought I sould pass this along :)


Fighting terrorism isn't easy - let's all do our part. This is a great idea

for the 4th. Have a terrific day

I would think we would all want to help out by participating to the fullest extent!!!

This is a red alert for the 4th of July, be watching!!!


President Bush has asked all Americans to unite together in a common cause to root out terrorists hiding in our midst.

The Taliban cannot stand nudity and consider it a sin to see a naked woman who is not one's wife.

Therefore, on Thursday, July 4, our FOURTH OF JULY, at 2 PM EST, all American women who live in residential communities are asked to appear in public completely naked for one hour to help weed out terrorists.

Circling your block for one hour is recommended for this anti-terrorist effort. All men should position themselves in lawn chairs in front of their houses to prove that Americans believe it's OK to see other women nude.

Also, since Taliban disapprove of alcohol, men should display acold

six-pack beside them as further proof of anti-Taliban sentiment.

Send names and addresses of non-participants in this public display of female nudity and male beer drinking to CIA

Headquarters, Langley, Virginia.

The United States of America appreciates your efforts to root out terrorists and applauds your efforts. Please send this on to your fellow patriots to ensure 100% participation.

:laugh: :laugh:

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Hmmmmm. I'm thinking that maybe the 4th would be a good time to sit my not too big but in a Southwestern seat and visit my Mom and my other brother in Vegas. :evil: As an objective observer of course. :evil:

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Funny thing is, the 9/11 hijackers engaged in a night of clubbing and gambling in Vegas a couple days before 9/11. I think we should all wear crosses, and if you see an arab, hold it up to his face. If he hisses and says "Let Jesus fvck you!" Then he's a terrorist. It's a surefire way to root out terrorists. :)

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