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TSN: These guys will bust out on offense


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I'm not surprised that a Redskin didn't make the list. Cooley is really the only guy you can make a good case for. There are definately some players on the roster that need to have break out seasons or be canned though.




All three need to either put up or get out. I think all of them are capable but it's time to show it. Tired of defending them based on potential.

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Originally posted by portis&taylor

I think Bryron leftwhich will be a great QB next he is to much like culpepper not too.

What? They're both black? Leftwhich is a pure passer. Daunte was an athletic QB who has a cannon and just last season decided to work on his precision passing skill. Culpepper can run, Lord Byron would be run down and sacked by our very own John Hall if the opportunity presented itself.

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Originally posted by Henry

I think that may be the reason Cooley was left off the list. But I think you still have to consider his position a skill position, and of those listed above he's closest to a TE. I think it would have been ok to put him up there if that was the only reason he was left off. Maybe that's just me though.

I think CBSsportsline has him on a list for players to watch in 05.

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Originally posted by Spaceman Spiff

love that logic, er lack thereof. he really wasn't a cowboy BEFORE we drafted him, now was he? you don't see williams running around pointing his gun at people over stolen ATV's do you?

that said, i'm still happy we have taylor, but its not like he was a cowboy in the draft...just pointing out your lack of logic in that argument.

and yeah, what'd the rest of you expect? no love for the skins...

:doh: Wow this thread went south quickly!

So they finally recovered a weapon? Wow. I missed that. Nice scoop Spaceman. You should be working full time as a journalist. :D

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