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Pick Em' : Ranking The Redskins


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Pick 'Em: Ranking the Redskins

Walt Harris By Rich Tandler Editor-in-Chief

Date: Jun 10, 2005

Part One of Two: Who are the Redskins’ best players and who are the ones who are starting just because there isn’t enough talent to push them out? If another team had a shot at anyone on the Redskins’ roster to use for the 2005 season, who would they gobble up and who would they say thanks, but no thanks to?

In inverse order, here are my rankings of the Redskins 24 starters (including punter and kicker, based on what they might do in 2005 only):

24—MLB Lemar Marshall: This is due primarily to the fact that he’s never taken a snap at this position in his NFL life.

23—TE Robert Royal: Many of Gibbs’ tight ends didn’t catch many passes in the coach’s first go-around here but at least they blocked someone. Royal has displayed a knack for doing neither.

23—RG Derrick Dockery: His play leveled off at the inconsistent level it was at during his rookie year.

21—PK John Hall: Injuries kept him out of half of the games last season and he was just one for four from beyond 40 yards when he did play. He could be on the rapid descent downhill that kickers often experience.

20—DT Joe Salave'a: A nice story, a good find, a mediocre starter.

19—DE Renaldo Wynn: He’s pretty consistent, but can you name a single play he’s made in three seasons starting all but one game for the Redskins?

18--DE Phillip Daniels: Missing much of last season due to injury puts him lower than his play in his limited time last year would otherwise dictate.

17--CB Walt Harris: A replacement-level starting CB. The ranking for this position will not change much when Carlos Rogers, talented but a rookie, takes over sometime during the season.

16—S Matt Bowen: Another player whose ranking is negatively impacted by an injury suffered last year. He’ either headed to Hawaii or the waiver wire in 2006.

15—WR Taylor Jacobs: The assumption here is, of course, that Taylor will win the starting job and David Patten will be the third receiver. Taylor’s unproven, but his potential pushes up his value.

14—QB Patrick Ramsey: He could have a career year in ’05 and still be firmly in the middle of the pack of NFL quarterbacks.

13—LB LaVar Arrington: He’s having trouble recovering from what was supposed to be a minor knee injury suffered early last year and, if he overcomes that, he’ll be playing in his first full season in Gregg Williams’ defense.

Next: The Top Twelve

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14—QB Patrick Ramsey: He could have a career year in ’05 and still be firmly in the middle of the pack of NFL quarterbacks.

Trust me, if Ramsey has a career year, he would be on the wish list of a LOT of teams (which is what this list is supposed to reflect)...a lot of NFL front office personnel thought both bringing in Brunell and drafting Campbell were mistakes since they already had Ramsey, and that was without a career year on his resume.

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Here is my take on the next 12:

12. Rabach -Haven't seen that much of him. I only know what I read, and I only read Redskins boards. Sooooooo, this guy should be the best Center in the league!

11. Tupa -I don't remember cursing at the TV all year. That means he must have been great. I would probably rank him higher, but the top 10 looks pretty solid.

10. Thomas -Has turned into a real Redskin. Was the first guy I heard come out and critisize Coles. Being that he Coles came over from the Jets with Randy, that is saying a lot. Playing the end of the year hurt was great too.

9. Moss -Playmaker. I remeber watching him two years ago when he was on my fantasy team. He was unstopable for half the season. The highlight reel on the Jets site is a great example of what he can do for us. Is coming off a subpar season, but a great play in the playoff. I think he is the key to the offense this year.

8. Cooley -Solid. I expect improvment on a great rookie year.

7. Springs -Some might have him higher, but I just keep picturing Walker beating him in the endzone. If he plays as good as he did last year we are in great shape.

6. Samuels -For the money he is getting he should be in the top 5. I don;t have him there though. No one on the line last year deserves top 5 credit, even if he didn't allow a sack.

5. Griffin -Might have been our Defensive MVP. Does al the dirty work and gets none of the credit (at least outside of Washington).

4. Washington -Our only Pro Bowler (what a joke that system is). We stole him from Indy while they were drooling over Manning's new contract. A force at LB.

3. Jansen -The line crumbled without him. I have very high hopes this year. A leader on and off the field.

2. Taylor -Say what you will about his off the field issues. Watch that highlight reel the crazy guy put together and you have to agree with me. He is only going to get better. Williams said he is the most athletic guy he has ever coached. That includes Takeo Spikes, Lawyer Milloy, Antoine Winfield, and Jevon Kearse, among others. Taylor was a huge reason why TO, Moss, and Chad Johnson had subpar days against us.

1. Portis -I still consider him the 2nd best RB in the league. When the passing game gets going he will go on a tear. His fumbles last year are worriesome. He never had that problem before. He should be used more in the pasing game this year (remeber the skinny poist vs. the Packers? He couldn't be touched.) All he needs is 25+ touches a game. Hopefully he will get them.

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I definitely agree with his comments about Portis being used more in the passing game. I'd love to see us use Portis in much the same way the Rams use Marshal Faulk. Portis could create major match up problems for linebackers in coverage when teams are expecting us to run.

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Originally posted by skinsfan12

Skinshog - very nice player-by-player review of the starters. I, too, have high hopes for Portis and expect him to find many holes up the gut. Good to have Jansen back.


Haha, thanks though :cheers:

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