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Know any good multiplayer Xbox games?


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I'm looking for some good splitscreen multiplayer games for the Xbox. Difficulty:

- I'd rather avoid racing games

- I already have the sports games

- I don't want any 1st person shooters where it's just you against one other person, ala Halo.

- Don't want difficult games involving "teams" like Rainbow 6

- Not interested in online play, just a split screen.

I've been enjoying Star Wars Battlefront, but I've probably overplayed it.

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You ever play that dance game with the pads? That game is hard as hell. I played that yesterday at a friends house. I thought it was going to be easy like track and field was back in the day, but it was near impossible.

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I'll be following this thread - b/c on the rare time I play my Xbox....it is either Madden or Battlefront.....I've hated all the other games.....except Project Gotham Racing II on occasion.

Brother-in-law got me to get the Battlefront.....everytime he comes over we usually give it a whirl....I understand Battlefront II is coming out in the near future?

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Originally posted by The Sir

I know you said no sports games, but ESPN NHL has this party mode that's surprisingly fun if you got 4 people. I always get the bruiser award.

Yeah that is cool, the game is the best part though. you can play with teams from the past like the 84 oilers.

and it is onlt $20.

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