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  1. I'm a white guy living outside of the States but have visited many times. I could never understand why Colin Kaepernick was vilified & basically barred from the NFL for taking the knee. And now I see Roger Goodell crying crocodile tears over the current situation. I'm sorry but I have great difficulty with him as a credible voice at the moment. Reinstating Kaepernick would be quite a significant statement, however.
  2. Lol that got me grinning - nice one. I see us improving this year simply because RR has what it takes to instill a new culture & belief. That's my theory anyways. I'm taking a stab at 6-10 to 8-8 season with this draw. Also nice having the bye in the middle....
  3. Gibsons highlights are very good. Speed, power, breaks tackles, endzone animal. What's not to like here?
  4. For me it was Superbowl 1988, Doug Williams QB. Being an Aussie boy, I was intrigued with the game itself, let alone by this African American guy slinging the ball. I was in awe at how they steamrolled the more favoured opposition. Been following the Skins ever since.
  5. First time post - had to sign up when i digested the Rivera news. Been reading these boards for many years & this is the best I ever felt about a 'Snyder hire'. I totally get the learned caution many posters feel - sustained disappointment makes us want to wait until it's proven. But I love the look of this hire & was interested when Rivera hinted that Snyder is learning & recognizes the need for culture change. Rivera is surely the guy to achieve this. Loved when he said "I'm betting on myself" to get this done. He's a born leader is what that s
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