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  1. Who is to say he doesn't become Brady Light? More important in my view than mobility outside the pocket is mobility inside the pocket. If the kid can slide in the pocket while keeping his head downfield, is accurate, can read defenses, and the team likes what they see from him on film, I would go for it.
  2. I said Smith played like a coward. He did that game. Whether afraid of getting hurt again or afraid of a mistake, he almost cost us the game. Our d-line is above average, that’s about it. They get gashed on the run, they don’t get much pressure for the most part unless playing depleted lines.
  3. he’s brought some blitzes. They don’t work. This d-line made its name by being 1st rounders and playing against backup linemen and QBs. They are above average, nothing more. Our best pass rusher has been out most of the season.
  4. D-line has been completely manhandled tonight. If they were nearly as good as all the hype they get we would have a chance. They can’t carry the Rams’ d-line’s jock straps.
  5. Chase is looking pretty foolish right now. He’s been dominated, a complete non-factor in all aspects.
  6. Considering Young’s bravado about wanting Brady, he needs to do more than cheerlead.
  7. This overrated d-line needs to get pressure on Tom. All we’re seeing is bull rushes, nobody has the ability to get by on a quick move.
  8. Del Rio picked a fine game to lay an egg with his strategy. Steven Sims is utterly useless. His roster spot would be better used on another water boy.
  9. I am not questioning his heart, yes I am questioning his courage. I don't think his courage nearly matched his desire to be out there. Some have called it "being careful"; whether he was afraid to take a hit or afraid of making a mistake, he clearly was hurting the team. My issue with him is not his limited mobility, going out there and playing despite his injury is the "heart" part. But when you are running backward and outside the pocket the moment you recognize a blitz and don't even give your o-line a chance to pick it up, that's more than "being careful". I've seen plenty of hobbled
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