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  1. Yup, he does deserve credit for that. Otherwise he was worse than Barry. Never seen more confused players or a more vanilla scheme in my life on an NFL team.
  2. I agree. A semi-competent coaching staff makes this team instantly better. Callahan I think does have some positives and has had the team more competitive but you can tell there’s something missing. The lack of a time out while Philly was driving is a pretty good example. Meyer was probably thinking “I’ll hire good people around me”.
  3. Right there was the difference between Philly’s DC and that baboon Manusky. And Callahan is a complete idiot not taking a time out with Philly driving. It’s like we fire guys with half a brain to replace with the dumbest coaches on the planet
  4. I’m not sure Manusky would be a serious DC candidate for a high school team. This team will be instantly better when he’s gone.
  5. He was way late on the throw. If he threw it before or on Mclaurin's break it's an easier TD.
  6. He looks like he’s backing up on every throw.
  7. I wonder how it feels to Haskins to be an important cog in the tank effort. With Keemun we might have won this game.
  8. Haskins likes studying arm angles? Why? He only has one. Low.
  9. It will be GB ball. Hallmark of a Manusky defense. Set NFL record for most 3rd and longs converted, never make a stop to get the ball back late in a game.
  10. So a QB who already sucks now is pushing to stay in the game while injured.
  11. This Thomas guy is a moron. Giving a cushion at the first down marker. Of course he was probably taught by an even bigger moron who rushes 3 on 4th and 5 against Aaron Rogers. Manusky got lucky with the strip sack.
  12. Lol, the one pass “the closer” is able to complete and we fumble it.