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  1. Cop admits to pulling over suspect for staring at him. At least he's honest lol.
  2. "A California police officer was suspended after video surfaced showing him unholster his gun while arguing with a man recording him in a small city north of San Francisco." http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/55c512bee4b0f73b20b975a5?
  3. Game is fun but not close to reality in the slightest. First time I played the 49ers traded up with the Chiefs to select, drumroll please.... Eddie Lacy as the #1 pick. Tried the Rams out, got Warmack and Patterson in the first then my draft looked like everyone else.
  4. At least the Steelers jersey shows us that some teams will not play it safe. Hopefully the Redskins go outside the norms and create something unique, not ugly like the Steelers though.
  5. I hope they have one new/unique alternate jersey per year. Wear it only for a game and sell them in limited quantities as collectors items, similar to what Nike does with certain shoes. This allows them to take risks with their designs like the Oregon Duck jerseys and for the other games wear the traditional jersey for those who love the classic look, a win win for everyone.
  6. Thanks Cali but the unifoms still look yellow to me. That pantome gold looks like looks like yellow is the mother while orange and gold are trying to figure out who's the father.
  7. Lets admit it the last few iterations of the uniform have had way more yellow than gold. Unless your telling me this gold, if so i'll contact my optomitrist. Not sure why we still refer to our colors as B&G. I'm assuming the original uniform was this color but since color cameras didn't exist or cameras in general :pfft: we will never know. If this is not the reason then please educate this misguided fan. I'm sure we have some old timers that remember the original uniform or maybe not, we did have leather helmets
  8. http://www.iilemi.com/index.php watch one of the games and it should say something about a plugin, just click on it and it will download.
  9. yeah the plug in made a world of difference, better quality and no stuttering.
  10. So whats the conspiracy theory behind Samuels saying JC has till week 7 to prove himself, to get Merriman in the offseason?
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