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  1. Yeah, I can't dedicate this much time to being miserable. There are brief rewards, but I'm upset more often than not because my teams are losers. And since I'm not about to change teams, I just have to take a break.

    Nah man, don't act like that. It's not like you guys aren't battling. You lost by a run each game. And to a team, that forever reason, dominates the even numbered years in the playoffs.

    You guys have to tough it out. If anyone knows anything about heartache in the playoffs, it's a Braves fan.

  2. It is hard to get into. I dont watch anywhere near as much as I used to, back when I rooted for the Marlins, but I do watch when there are good matchups and high stakes.

    Football has been losing me for about 3 years straight though. Been watching more tennis, NBA, and even baseball combined then I can ever remember

    I really don't understand how people are losing interest in the NFL. Goodell sucking isn't ever going to make me lose interest. Neither is my team sucking. I love my team too much. Plus there is fantasy FB.

    Now CFB? I've totally lost interest. But the new playoff system could slowly win me back.

    oh I agree wholeheartedly. But doing the logical thing in the draft isn't what this club is known for, sadly. How many years have we needed to address the line(s) in the draft?

    It eventually pays off. Just look at Dallas. Their OL is nasty.
  3. This seems like the most logical approach. Too bad we rwill probably end up doing something crazy instead like taking the Jimmy Winston guy.

    I agree. This is not the year to be drafting a QB. There is no franchise QB in this draft.

    Like Sin stated, we need to shore up other areas of the team and give Griffin one last shot to prove himself.

  4. I think he's still upset that his Braves blew chunks this year

    Maybe. :)

    But seriously, they all will lose. I'm just calling it like I see it.

    1. Maryland sucks.

    2. Detroit isn't getting swept.

    3. We aren't beating Seattle.

    Edit: wtf is with Maryland's uniforms? That has got to be the ugliest helmet in CFB. Seriously, what were they thinking?!

  5. Always full of it and yourself eh BS? For many, It's not only about $. It's not wanting to do business with Companies like Comcast. It's return on investment. Spending $80+/mo is a lot when you're only watching a handful of channels.

    Inhave the basic package at DTV, so I pay $100 for a handful of channels. And I could easily pay a lot less per month if I wanted to. It's very easy to get them to knock $20 a month off your bill there.

    My issue isn't with people that can't afford it. It's with those that stream channels illegally. I'm sorry, but if you do that, you're cheap. Not to mention, dishonest.

  6. Bunch of cheap people in this thread. Seriously, you guys think $100 is too much to pay a month? You could actually get DTV for a little less than that. And if you know how to work the system, you could pay a LOT less than that per month.

  7. I think highly of myself yea. You have to. Sometimes people lose their cool. When I do I get nasty rude. That's me. Everyone has their thing.

    All joking aside, I think you are trying too hard. You can't force relationships to work. Relax. Just focus on finding a few friends to hang with and chill. Just get out. Enjoy yourself. The right girl will eventually come along.

    And don't take every little thing so hard. So this chick blew you off. So what. That has happened to every guy at one time or another. Learn from it.

  8. Now that you mention it Taze, Clietas does sound like the name of a dude that would pop some dick pills.

    Clietas and his loving wife Esther... Making magic happen between the sheets once again

    When I see his name I think "Cleetus". I picture some dude with overalls and a hairy back.
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  9. Aw mawh gawd its happening a real life gurl is coming over to my apartment tomorrow omg omg okay what do I do? Do I put on scented candles? My room is a mess I got to wash everything and clean everything. Do I need to scrub the floors? Should I have music playing? Condoms do I need condoms? Are there instructions how to put one on? I should clean my bathroom out completely make sure there is not a single piece of hair in the sink. Make the toilet smell like flowers? Do I put flowers on the bed is that too much? Snack I need to go buy snacks and drinks. okay what else what else do I act like a wigger or no? Do I use my regualr personality even tho I really don't remember what that was because I've been a troll for too long to remember what I was in real life?


    If you do indeed have a girl coming over, that can only mean one thing---you ditched the glasses.

    You're welcome.

    Glad Michael Dunn was found guilty.

    So often in these shooting trials the defendant goes free, when to me it is obvious they are guilty.

    Now we just gotta get Curtis Reeves.

    I watched the Dunn trial. There was zero chance he was going free.

  10. what just about everybody in the thread said was that other QBs were being rated on what they had DONE, and Luck was being rated on everyone's expectations what he WOULD do.

    taken without any other context, Luck was not a top-5 QB last year.

    That said, Peyton Manning WAS a top5 QB last year, actually a top1 QB .... but only an even an idiot would trade Manning for Luck right now. That is an expectation of what he is becoming, and will be in the future. Luck also was the most unquestioned #1 pick in the last 20 years. EVERYBODY and their blind grandmothers recognized him as the closest thing to a sure-thing as you can get in the NFL. patting yourself on the back for recognizing THAT diamond in the rough is a bit of self- damnation from faint praise....

    I'm not parting myself on the back. I'm not AT ALL surprised at what he's doing. The thing that surprises me are all the idiots that don't give him the credit he deserves. There are actually fans out there that think OUR QB is better. And there are people like DG, that STILL think Ryan Tannehill is as good as Luck.
  11. Am i the only one who didn't really like the Sean Taylor A Football Life? I appreciated them calling out Wilbon, Cowherd and others. My main gripe was that i didn't feel like they did enough to show just how great a player he was. Am i off on that?

    Sorry, i know aired last week but just got to watch it last night

    I thought it was pretty good. I don't get all the people that said they cried though. Don't get that at all.

  12. Darrellgreenie argued with me for like two years that Jason Campbell is worthy of being a starter in the NFL while Campbell was busy being cpatain check down. I think he was even defending him as late as a year ago.

    Guy is ridiculous when it comes to QBs.

    Yep. Same guy. He is knowledgeable about the game, as long as you aren't talking QBs. He has/had a ridiculous obsession with Tannehill, too.
  13. Hey Bubble, what was the thread title in the ATN where that one poster was trying to tell everyone that Tannehill was going to be better than Luck, etc. And got agitated when I told him I thought Tannehill would turn into a bust and most likely be average at best and a 2nd stringer in 2-3 years.

    I think its time for a visit :D

    Lol That is DG. I wanna say it was the QB thread where everyone and their brother was saying Luck wasn't elite ( How's that working out for them?). The thread where the experts had Luck as a top 5 QB, before the season. The sad thing is, you could bump that thread now, and guys like DG and others STILL wouldn't admit they were wrong. Tannehill = Luck? Rofl.

    I am craving ribs.

    Worst possible time.

    I can hold out for a month. I need a good rib place in Vegas.

    The McRib may be back soon.
  14. Damn Bubble. Do you watch movies/TV shows? Or mainly sports and news?

    I've never been a huge movie person. Especially older flicks. Not many tv shows either. Mainly sports and news, yeah. You wouldn't believe all the major films that I've never seen lol.
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