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  1. Obama speaking at Mason today. Half the parking lots are closed and therefore it took me twice as long to park as it normally does. **** YOU OBAMA!!!

    So that's what it is about. A bunch of my friends on facebook had OBAMA!!!!! as their status. I was wondering wtf was going on.

  2. :D

    I was legitimately supposed to move out to CO this week and work at Keystone teaching snowboarding lessons haha, it would be soooo stellar.

    Random: If actions speak louder than words, than why is the pen mightier than the sword?

    Nice, my after undergrad plan is either to learn how to snowboard or drive around the country on a massive road trip and eat food from different places. Haven't made up my mind yet :D.

  3. When do you wanna leave? :silly:

    But really, you sound like my roomie. I keep waitin to come home one day and find a note from him that says "Peace out. Went to play music." & never see him again haha

    A friend and I were gonna go on a cruise over spring break but decided to put it off for next year when both of us turn 21 around spring time. This year I get to spend my break in Ohio :rolleyes:.

    Surely after undergrad, I wanna move to Colorado or Switzerland, play guitar, learn how to snowboard and do absolutely nothing for a year before trying for grad school. A few more years of chemistry and biology and I might spontaneously combust.

  4. :ols: oh no, it just made the conversation with her better because we were both wondering wtf just happened.

    it also proves my theory correct - middle eastern girls are much more friendly than white girls....shes super hot, she actually makes conversation, and she finds me funny...how awesome is that? :ols:

    My favorite ex girlfriend so far was from Lebanon. Good times. Also this conversation is definitely useless without pics :D

  5. So tell me why I'm walking back to my car and I see this super hot persian girl from one of my classes and I start talking to her about the riots...everything is going along great, conversation is awesome, but then I notice this nerdy guy listening to our conversation...and get this - he butts right in and starts asking her questions. I was flabberrgasted. So he walks with us for a little while still talking and pulls out his phone and shows us pictures...and then runs off without saying a word.

    After he left, I asked her if she knew him and she said no, and then said she thought I did...it was the funniest thing...the dude just started talking right over me :ols:

    This is the second time I've been ****blocked when talking to her :mad:

    The nerdy guy was god telling you it's just not meant to be :ols:

    jk, but good luck, hot persian girls FTW.

  6. I'm transfering to either George Washington or George Mason next semester and me and my buddy are looking for places to live around the Mason campus. Any of you guys familiar with this area know of places that aren't overpriced and are close to the metro/campus?

  7. I'm sitting waiting for my next class and I look over and I see this super fat chick laying out on a bench...its so gross. Her shirt has rolled up so you can see her jelly rolls all out in the open...:puke:

    The way she's laying on the bench, it looks like when scientists try and remove whales from the water using that lift thing...

    Pics or it didn't happen


  8. I'm hungry as hell and I just remember I had a left over sub from Jersey Mikes sitting in the refrigerator. So I heat it up and eat it. Now I'm even hungrier because the left over was only a quarter of the sub and it was damn good. Son of a *****.

  9. the office episode where michael is a guest lecturer at ryans school

    maybe the best episode ever

    The episode from last week when Michael has to go to the high school where he promised kids that he'd pay for college tuition is probably my favorite episode for The Office. It was just uncomfortable and awkward watching that train wreck.

  10. Didn't wanna bump the thread I made about a month ago, but thanks to everyone who replied in it (it was about my reckless driving charge). It ended up being dropped and I paid a minimal fine. Plenty of good advice many of you gave me in there that really helped out so a big thank you to all of you.

  11. I think my apartment is haunted. We live in front of a cemetery to begin with. All sorts of weird **** has been happening for the past four days. It's not even just me, my roommate has seen and heard the same ****. Not that I believe in these things, but it sure is a mind**** sometimes.

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