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  1. This feels like the 1st team to score will win. Hopefully it is us this time.
  2. Sure. We can also be out of reach if we win the SB with Fitz.
  3. This is where my thought/head is as well. Too many QB needy teams are picking ahead of us. Next year these teams won't need a QB and you have a better chance to move up a little and get a, hopefully, your franchise QB. So ride the Fitzmagic and our other QBs this year.
  4. I was thinking the same but hoping for at least a walk and got it.
  5. Sorry I didn't make the list. Maybe I should have researched more....lol Here are stats for Dillion (He is not very tall and is light) : CAREER HT./WT. 6-0 / 186• Ranks seventh in UCF history with 484 pass completions• With 7,223 career passing yards, ranks sixth all-time at U• His 156.6 career passing efficiency ranks third all-time in program history• With 11 game of 300 or more passing yards, ranks fourth all-time at UCF, needing just five more to break the record• Has four games of 400 or more passing yards in his career, the most by a Knight• Recorded two seasons of
  6. Washington Goats! GOATS = Greatest Of All Time Skins. I know, I know.... Snyder needs to hire me as his marketing genius.
  7. That is why you take your asthma meds before you exercise and you do a mid one. As for the whole exercise thing. What a great PROMO to get people off their fat asses and start getting heathy by scaring them that if they do then covid-19 can't touch you. Well played indeed. I bet you Dunkin' Donuts does not support this.
  8. Washington Werewolves. I like it! Or even Vampires. Sorry watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer....lol
  9. First of all it is not a side effect. My cousin who is a doctor and treats patients with cancer corrected me when I said side effect. A fever is a reaction to the vaccine. Some get it and some don't. Really depends on the strength of your immune system. It is the same for people who got the virus and didn't have any symptoms at all. My sister and brother-in-law had covid and didn't even know until their teenage kid started complaining about lose of taste. When they got tested that is when they knew that they had been affected for weeks. Same goes for the vaccine shot as some will get a fever a
  10. Be embraced by all - might be a little ambition on my part I guess.
  11. These some people also don't have any stuffed animal that look like a pig either. They just don't like the animal they are forbidden to eat or like wearing one on their body. Funny you bring up dogs. Muslims don't have a problem with dog. They actually use hunting dogs for hunting of course. The Washington Cows... I think we are safe here....lol
  12. Funny you say that. I won't be home during the game and will be home around 6 pm. So there you go.
  13. Muslims and some Jewish people won't be purchasing any gear with a pig on it. Not trying to bring religion to the stadium but the name has to be such so that it is embraced by all. I know quite a few Muslims WFT fans and they have said they won't buy any gear with a pig on it. Thought I throw this out there in case.
  14. Just got home. I see the boys were busy pounding out again. Seems like every time I come home late the boys go to work...hmmmmm
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