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  1. A man walks up to the White House and shouts to the guard, "I'd like to speak to Trump, the President." The guard replies, "Trump is no longer the President of the United States. Biden is the President." After this happens three days in a row, the guard yells in disgust, "I told you Trump is no longer the President. Biden is the President of the United States. The guy says, "I know. I just like hearing it!"
  2. Because we had a chance with 4 on 3 and blew it.
  3. Our goalie helping in tying the game was so stupid.
  4. Stole these from REM's Facebook page... they are also getting into it as well...lol
  5. The kid named Grand Canyon Crevice.... is he a mobile QB like Lamar? is so then yeah definitely in the convo.
  6. No. It doesn't take that long. The damage to your lung is right away after the cells in the lungs get infected and the cells are destroyed. It is a respiratory virus and makes you cough so it can spread. You would know right away if you are not able to breath like you used to. It is the same as when people lose the ability to taste and smell. You don't have to wait 5 years to find out. Keep in mind you were talking just about the lungs and the heart. So for the lucky few they will have immunity for life. Hopefully. For the rest of us, vaccine will be just
  7. Not ALL have any damage. My sister, her husband, their son, my niece and her husband and their two small kids got it. My sister and brother in-law didn't even know they had it. It really depends on a person and their immune system's ability to produce the antibodies and how quickly before the virus does any damage.
  8. Florida man accused of being in Capitol riots was arrested at the inauguration, Justice Department says. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2021/01/21/us/capitol-riot-samuel-camargo-florida-arrest/index.html
  9. Why did I think you all were making these yourselves...I was trying to keep up with you all...lol. okay now I am going to bed, I had my fix of Photoshoping for tonight.
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