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  1. dswerdlw

    Starting QB 2019???

    McMagic? Perhaps. Just hoping it's not McMuffin.
  2. dswerdlw

    Starting QB 2019???

    Yahoo is reporting that we're bringing in Mark Sanchez, EJ Manuel, and TJ Yates in addition to Lynch. https://sports.yahoo.com/mark-sanchez-heads-reported-list-bad-qbs-not-named-colin-kaepernick-redskins-consider-alex-smith-injury-010533886.html
  3. Really feel bad for Smith, but the beat goes on. At least he's had a long career. My guess is that we're on the phone to Bradford, but I'd rather have a mobile quarterback as a backup at this point. Get Kaepernick on the line.
  4. dswerdlw

    The Offensive Line Thread

    I like the idea of seeing what we have in Timon Parris. And I love his name because of the clear hog reference that Timon in The Lion King makes: "You can be a big pig too."
  5. dswerdlw

    Can we stop pretending now?

    I think we are a decent team, and I wouldn't be surprised if we continue to improve this season. Many have pointed to the relative ease of our remaining schedule, but I think people are underestimating the Titans and the Jags at this point. Perhaps people will wake up to the Titans now that they've beaten the Pats. And now that Fournette is back with the Jags, that team will improve significantly. Like everyone else, I expect us to beat the Giants. For the rest of the games, I think we have a 50/50 shot. That doesn't mean that we're a bad team.
  6. dswerdlw

    2018 Season Injury News

    Two questions: 1) Is Trent going to be ready for Dallas or for Philly? 2) I think Alex Boone is still available. Should we have interest?
  7. dswerdlw

    The Offensive Line Thread

    So, our remaining tackles are Williams, Moses, Nsekhe, and Austin Howard. Our remaining guards are Bergstrom, Cooper, and Bowanko. Roullier starts at center. Now that Christian is out for the season, do we sign another tackle?
  8. dswerdlw

    The Offensive Line Thread

    Besides Moses, did any of our other linemen get injured? I got in-game updates that Nsekhe and Christian were banged-up, but I didn't hear anything after that. Any further info would be appreciated.
  9. dswerdlw

    Safety Clinton Dix to the skins

    I'm imagining a Moreau/Ha-Ha/DJ/Dunbar backfield with Stroman/Nicholson/Everett/Alexander and Holsey in reserve. Not bad. Not bad.
  10. Before the season started, I figured we'd be 4-3, with losses to Green Bay, New Orleans and Carolina. So, with a 5-2 record, we're doing slightly better than I expected. For the rest of the season, I have us winning against Atlanta, Tampa, New York, Tennessee, Jacksonville, and Philly at home. That brings our record to 11-5. Since I ought to be more pessimistic in general, I think it's fair to predict a 10-6 record. At worst, we should go 9-7. (4-2 in the division and probably 4 losses in the conference) I find it hard to see Philly beating the Rams or the Saints. The Eagles will have losable away games at Dallas and in Washington. The Texans will also present them with a formidable challenge at home. They should beat the Giants, as well as the Cowboys and us for their home games. They could go 6-2, but it's much more realistic to have them go 5-3, giving them a 9-7 record (4-2 in the division and probably 5 losses in the conference). The Cowboys could go 6-3, with wins against Titans, Giants, Bucs, Colts, Philly, and Washington, and losses to Philly, Atlanta, and New Orleans. Their record would also be 9-7 (4-2 in the division and probably 6 losses in the conference).
  11. dswerdlw

    2018 Season Injury News

    Here's my fear: Our backup swing tackle is now Geron Christian, ready or not. Hmmm.
  12. dswerdlw

    Safety Clinton Dix to the skins

    If the rumors are true (that's a big if) and Nicholson is banged up, this move was both necessary and great. Our depth at safety was not good. Now, I just worry about our interior line depth. QB, of course, is another debate.
  13. The only reason I was upset about us not getting Tate was that he went to Philadelphia. I was having a hard time seeing how we could be successful covering Jeffery, Agholor, and Tate. With Clinton-Dix, we should welcome the challenge. I think we're much better prepared to cover the Falcons, the Bucs and the Texans, not to mention Cooper and Beasley, and even the lowly OBJ and co.
  14. Right. I jhave the feeling that he went back and visited with the team often. He might have been in contract with our guys as they prepared to leave 'Bama and come into the league etc.
  15. I like the rental for a few reasons, and I also have one small worry. I worry that starting Ha-Ha will mess with the team's chemistry. Obviously, our defense has been communicating and playing well. Perhaps the chemistry will be less of a problem since Ha-Ha is an Alabama boy. He'll have Allen, Payne, Anderson, and Dion Hamilton to help him adjust. If he plays well, that brotherhood might help persuade him to stay for a reasonable contract. I've always thought that this would be Norman's last season. If Norman does go, Ha-Ha would help our relatively young CBs.