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  1. In addition to Moss, Caleb Brantley is a surprise release. Before he took the year off due to Covid, he was a reliable contributor. I was wondering if he could even play some edge if Kerrigan isn't re-signed.
  2. I'd be vey happy if Brate becomes available before the draft, or even Ertz. Picking up one of those guys would give us much more flexibility going into the draft. From my perspective, Zaven Collins, as an MLB with coverage skills, makes the best sense in round 1. He's a versatile, high-energy playmaker. He's a game changer. In the second round, the value should be at OT. Either Radunz or Eichenberg should be there, and there's an outside chance that someone like Leatherwood falls. In the third, I'm thinking the value will be at free safety, tight end, and cornerback. I'd love to nab Javon Ho
  3. All things considered, Steven Nelson is probably the best available CB on the market, but I'm thinking he's looking for an opportunity to start. He also may command more $ than we should pay for a quality back-up. I wouldn't mind signing one of the aging vets to a one year prove you still have it deal. I'm thinking that we're probably looking at guys like Mackenzie Alexander and Cameron Sutton.
  4. It will be interesting to see the length and amount of Humphries' contract. It seems likely that he's coming to WFT in part because of his history with Fitzpatrick. I'm guessing that, like Fitzpatrick, he'll be on a one year deal.
  5. I'm hoping we sign Humphries so that we don't need to pick a WR in the first 3 or 4 rounds. We have some other holes we'll need to address in the draft at this point: LB, FS, depth at CB, and depth at TE... not to mention the need for a long-term left tackle and QB.
  6. I'm wondering if we have any chance of getting a compensatory pick next year. If I'm not mistaken, we've signed 5 players, and, with Moreau to the Falcons, we've lost 4. I'm guessing that Kerrigan will sign elsewhere. Do we have any other free agents who might sign with another team? Or should I just resign myself to another year without an extra pick?
  7. I know that Samuel has a 3 year $34.5 million deal. However, I don't think we've learned how the Samuel deal affects this year's cap. Have I missed that information?
  8. That's sad about Paris Ford. I watched him play against my town's high school team in the Pennsylvania quarterfinals. Almost single-handedly, he beat our pretty good team. He was blazing fast. I really enjoyed watching him play, even though he crushed us. I wonder what happened to all that speed and quickness.
  9. Golladay certainly improves their offense, but their overall ceiling will be determined by Jones' individual ceiling, and he isn't scaring anyone. Our defense wins that matchup. With Fitzpatrick and Samuel, we'll give their defense some problems. Neal is a good pickup for the Cowboys, as their secondary looks shaky to me.
  10. In order of need, I hope we're considering KJ Wright or Eric Wilson at linebacker, Trey Burton or Jesse James at tight end, and Malik Hooker or Tre Boston at FS.
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