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  1. Not sure if I want to see this, but I'm wondering if Khaleke Hudson would be an effective spy on Kyler Murray. As the viper in Michigan's scheme, Hudson probably had some experience in this regard.
  2. Would they take a 3rd round pick for Beckham? That's as much as I'd give. He's a true headache, but maybe he's been humbled enough. He might merit a lot of focus from other team's defenses. If he were to come to the WFT, he'd be a number 2 in my mind. Might free up McLaurin and others to make plays. Glad I'm not making this decision.
  3. I see we're working out Hakeem Butler today. Aside from being excited about the possibilities he brings, I'm wondering if we would sign him so that, having just been cut from their squad, he can give us insight into the Cardinals
  4. I've hardly looked at the national news since watching the game. I feel far less tense, and my neighbor's yard sign didn't even get my middle finger this morning. Winning cures almost anything.
  5. Followed the game on the computer without video. Can someone let me know why Curl was in the game? He played well. Did he replace Apke?
  6. How big a drop-off is there from Barnett to Josh Sweat or Vinny Curry? Much may depend on Geron Christians ability to block one of those guys.
  7. Among our 4 top corners (Fuller, Darby, Moreau, and Moreland), Fuller had the slowest 40 time. I'd like to have him play against the Eagles. If he can't, though, I'm happy to give Moreau, Moreland, and Darby the opportunity to cover Reagor and Jackson, as they bring a fair amount of speed to the field. I'm figuring that Apke, another speedster, will double on Jackson whenever possible.
  8. I have the feeling that this depth chart will be very fluid, especially at linebacker and running back. I wouldn't be surprised if we see lots of substitution depending on down, distance, and matchups.
  9. True. And now I'm reading that Jhabvala tweeted that we signed OT David Steinmetz to the PS.
  10. We don't have any offensive tackles or running backs on our practice squad yet. I'm guessing that will be addressed with a couple of the 4 remaining spots.
  11. Is Pharaoh Brown better than Jeremy Sprinkle?
  12. So far, the following players have been signed to our practice squad, according to Hogs Haven: DB Jeremy Reaves - Ben Standig WR Tony Brown - Sam Fortier LB Donald Payne - Nicki Jhabvala QB Steven Montez - Sam Fortier DE Jordan Brailford - Sam Fortier WR Jester Weah - Nicki Jhabvala DE Nate Orchard - Nicki Jhabvala
  13. Atlanta claimed Timon Parris according to Rapoport.
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