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  1. What do people think about Darrell Bevell? He's been working under McDaniel since 2022 as passing coordinator and quarterback coach, so he's very familiar with that style of offense.
  2. https://www.si.com/nfl/commanders/news/breaking-washington-commanders-hire-dallas-cowboys-joe-whitt-jr-defensive-coordinator-dan-quinn Commanders hire Joe Whitt Jr. as DC per SI
  3. If Commanders favor McDonald or Quinn by a large margin, I would think we would get that deal done quickly to beat Seattle to the punch. Perhaps we're leaning toward Glenn or Weaver.
  4. My friend, who is a lifelong Lions fan, just texted me to say that we may have dodged a bullet because Johnson, a great schemer and teacher, has relied too heavily on Campbell for leadership. My friend went on to say that he thinks Aaron Glenn is the better leader. Of course, my friend could be wildly wrong. Have we ruled out Glenn? Was that a courtesy interview because Johnson didn't want to feel bad about not having his friend invited to the party?
  5. Critical moment for the franchise as we travel to Detroit. Adam Peters and co. cannot hire a man simply because he's everyone's darling. I'm realtively certain that's not what's happening. Nevertheless, here's what Ben Johnson said before he died in 1637: Chance will not do the work. Chance sends the breeze; But if the pilot slumber at the helm, The very wind that wafts us tow'rds the port May dash us on the shoals. The steersman's part Is vigilance, or blow it rough or smooth.
  6. I watched a lengthy post-game press conference with Slowik and another with Johnson. Both are impressive. Johnson impressed me as a humble, smart, and thoughtful guy who was eager to give credit to others who helped him succeed. Slowik wasn't egotistical, but he did seem more "in charge." I liked them both, but Slowik seemed to show more of the assertiveness that's stereotypically associated with the head coach position. Johnson is more interesting and unique. I've also been wondering about Anthony Weaver. Is he a guy that might also be considered for the DC position if we, for example, hire MacDonald as HC?
  7. You're right, and I lean toward the kinds of coaches you're mentioning. I do pause, though, when I see which coaches have won the past 10 Super Bowls. The only young gun was McVay, right? Otherwise, it's Reid, Arians, Belichick, Pederson, Fox, Carroll, and Harbaugh unless I'm missing someone. I still want to go for a younger guy, but it's worth remembering this list I suppose.
  8. Sam is the future. I'm undecided about Bienemy, as I can see arguments for and against him as a playcaller. I'd like to see how things develop this year. If EB can manage to get our run game going consistently, I'd have a lot more confidence in him. That doesnt seem likely, but it's possible. As for Rivera and Del Rio, I'm convinced that they are not the future. Clearly, our defense is the biggest issue right now, and I think Del Rio has stunted the growth and productivy of our players. For that reason, I am not yet willing to give up on St. Juste, Forbes, and the rest of our secondary. It's looking like we'll need to invest in a free agent edge rusher in addition to drafting one. Finding a dynamic, veteran MLB has to be a priority. And, yes, Sam is the future.
  9. My NFC power rankings: Philadelphia, Detroit, Dallas, San Francisco, Seattle, New Orleans, Tampa Bay, Washington, Minnesota, Atlanta Philly is the easy #1. Detroit and Dallas are a toss-up for me. San Francisco and Seattle have some things to prove to be slotted with Detroit and Dallas. New Orleans may be the beneficiary of a week schedule. Tampa and Washington are a toss-up. Minnesota and Atlana have the weakest QBs at this point. Rams could sneak back into the conversation once Stafford comes back.
  10. Many are expecting Seattle to have a bounce back game. I get that. Pride matters. Could we get a bounce back game out of Jonathan Allen and Daron Payne? Seattle's interior line isn't great.
  11. Right, but the Giants are newly desperate, and they'd have to give extra for in the division trade. A 4th perhaps? But, alas, we're past the trade deadline.
  12. Would you trade Brissett to the Giants for a 2024 third round pick?
  13. I'd love to see us bring in Higgins to give Howell another large target. Mike Evans would fit the bill as well, but he's 6 years older, so the preference is clearly Higgins. With $ to spend in free agency and a decent WR market, I would hope we'd be considering that kind of investment. I don't see much in the OL free agency market.
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