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  1. I don't feel bad probably because I didn't expect us to win. I feel hopeful about TH. He was never overwhelmed. He read the field with poise and urgency. He's a sneaky runner. Most of all, the team responds to him. They wanted to play not just with him, but for him. They played with confidence. On the defensive side, I thought our biggest problem was that we couldn't stop their run game often enough. We didn't get Brady on the ground enough, especially early in the game. Their OLine played a great game, especially Wirfs. We will improve next year, especially if we get better at linebacker. H
  2. If not for all of your posts, I'd be stuck in my own head about this good problem of having both Collins and Curl on the roster. So thanks for making things a bit clearer. I like the idea of giving Collins a hybrid position. Heck, you could name the position after him. If he could track down mobile quarterbacks, I'd be thrilled.
  3. This sounds like a good idea to me. Of course, most options come with a downside. What do you see as the downside here? Will our pass coverage suffer?
  4. I'm concerned about all of yesterday's injuries. In addition to news on Alex Smith, I'd like to know more about possible injuries to Everett, Pierre-Lewis, Schweitzer, and Jonathan Allen (who seemed to be limping on the sideline near the end of game).
  5. I'm good with McLaurin, Cam Sims, Harmon, and Logan Thomas as the starters. I'd like to see us draft a speedy TE to go with L. Thomas. I don't see us keeping Sprinkle. AGG will push Harmon and C. Sims. S. Sims could be our fifth receiver, but I'm guessing we will draft a speed guy to take his place.
  6. The Giants and Colt McCoy beating Seattle is a real upset in my mind. It does give me a little hope that we can beat Seattle. We'll see. My guess is that we won't be more than 3 point underdogs at SF, home against Seattle, or home against Carolina. We should be favored against Philly. The Giants have much tougher games at the Browns and at the Ravens. Giants should also be underdogs at home against Arizona. The Giants should beat the Cowboys. In the end, it's reasonable for us to finish with 6 or 7 wins. The Giants should also finish with 6 or 7 wins. If we want to go t
  7. If Darby keeps up his play this season, I have no problem resigning him to a longer term deal in the 7-8 million per year range. It's been so long since we've had successful continuity. We're building a culture, right? Part of building and sustaining a positive culture is showing commitment to players who play well.
  8. We should resign Scherff and Roullier not only because they are good players, but also because of how that commitment would affirm the culture of responsibility that Rivera wants to instill. It's kind of like going for it on fourth down because you want to show the players you believe in their ability and desire to succeed. During a rebuild, those investments are necessary. If we had a rock solid culture of winning, I could see letting Scherff or Roullier go...but we don't have that culture yet.
  9. Outside of Moses, we don't have a proven starter at tackle. While I'm hoping Charles is that guy, I lean toward drafting a tackle in the first three rounds.
  10. Educated Guesses The WFT will lose to the Steelers and Hawks. We should win 2 out of the 3 games with 49ers, Panthers, and Eagles. Record of 6 -10 The Giants will lose to the Hawks and Ravens. They should lose to the Browns and Cardinals. They should beat the Cowboys at home. 5-11 The Cowboys will lose to the Ravens. They will beat the Bengals. They should lose 2 out of the 3 games against the 49ers, Eagles, and Giants. 5-11 The Eagles will lose to the Hawks, Packers and Saints. They should lose 2 out of the 3 games with Browns, Cardinals, and WFT. 4-11-1
  11. Does the injury to Collins look serious? I'm not able to view the game.
  12. Not sure if I want to see this, but I'm wondering if Khaleke Hudson would be an effective spy on Kyler Murray. As the viper in Michigan's scheme, Hudson probably had some experience in this regard.
  13. Would they take a 3rd round pick for Beckham? That's as much as I'd give. He's a true headache, but maybe he's been humbled enough. He might merit a lot of focus from other team's defenses. If he were to come to the WFT, he'd be a number 2 in my mind. Might free up McLaurin and others to make plays. Glad I'm not making this decision.
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