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  1. Something that I may have been wasting my time thinking about recently, in regards to the very real possibility Alex does want to come back and play football. He showed he can still win a team a few games, is there any chance he could be moved this year vs just outright releasing him? I'm not saying we are getting a big payday, but am I crazy to assume we couldn't get a 6th rounder? Either way we have to eat the +8M deadcap, why not get even a 7th rounder for it?
  2. I have to take a moment and apologize even though nothing was said. When I saw I had a notification from my post, I completely figured you would be responding to how I absolutely have zero interest in Mac Jones at 19 and was coming to say I don't hate Mac Jones. If he slid to the second round I'd even consider it, I just don't think the talent warrants #19 overall. I like Williams but if I could have Waddle and then maybe a Sermon in the 4th, I'd look at that as my ideal draft situation. Najee is great but to me, and I'd be overly excited if that's the route WFT goes in this year, but to m
  3. I haven't even had the ink dry on the card by the time it took me to trade up and turn the card in for Pitts. It's never going to happen though, I'm not sure he even makes it out of the top 10(Miami *#18 as I don't think they'd use #3 on Pitts, Atlanta, Cincy...though they need to go OL to protect Burrow, Philly may depending on what happens with Ertz and Goedert and their salary cap, Carolina, or Denver need TEs. You also then have to get through Dallas, NYG(I'm not sure they resign Engram), New England, and Arizona. All teams that would benefit greatly from Pitts at their spot, though obv
  4. He had a good season in 2019, I’d prefer to err on the side of caution when the data shows 3 years of similar stats in SF/when he played in NE vs 1 year in SF. Edit: sorry not sure why my iPhone posted separately vs placing this in my previous comment
  5. Those numbers were from this current season so no McCaffery skewing numbers. You don’t have to agree, your opinion is your own, but stats don’t lie. They’re very equal in terms of talent. Jimmy played in that six game stretch: Arizona, Miami, Jets, Raiders, NE, Seattle Allen played: NYG x2, Dallas, Rams Both played defenses that hovered right near each other. Some good/some bad Let’s say just for the sake of argument Jimmy is slightly better, it’s not enough to go from an 8-10mil per year to a 20 mil per year qb and giving up draft capital or to
  6. I'll say I agree about Cam or Taylor but you can't be serious about Rivers. Jimmy isn't even close to Rivers in terms of qb(and that's going off Rivers this year). As far as Allen vs Jimmy just using last years stats: Jimmy: 6 games played | 67.5% Completion percentage | 1096 yards | 7td | 5Int | 7.2ayp Kyle: 4 Games played | 69% Completion percentage | 610 yards | 4td | 1int | 7.4ayp They're literally the same qb which was my point. Why would I trade for a qb and pay an enormous salary to a qb that is equal to what I already have on the team that also knows my
  7. No. We want to get better at the QB position. I'm sorry if this came off a bit snarky but why would this team want to trade or pick up QBs like Jimmy G or Trubiskey. If we want to go a route of subpar journeymen qbs we already have the equivalent of that in Kyle Allen...which IMO is better than either of those two options.
  8. I may be mistaken but isn't it 2 years if you pick up his rookie option? Worst case you didn't give up much to get him. Best case he plays like he's worth the money and you pay him, by then you wont have Alex's contract on the books either.
  9. For me it's really all about potential and looking at the team he came from. That whole Jets team was abysmal, I'm not giving anything more than a 5th this year for Darnold. If the Jets balk then you walk away.
  10. Trubisky would be the most depressing pick up we could get. I'd rather Kyle Allen to Mitch, you also can't say steady qb play and include Trubisky. If we are going for a qb that may become available that hasn't played great...I'd much rather Sam Darnold. At least then I could talk myself into the fact he played on the Jets, no one did great under Gase or the Jets the last couple of seasons. Mitch has had Allen Robinson, Montgomery, Patterson, Kmet/Graham, Riley Ridley and has looked extremely sub-par.
  11. Too much to quote in regards to everything being said. I also believe Collins will be on the field, but I look to him making a move to MIKE. It would adequately kill two birds with one stone. I'm not sure if Collins would go for it since that's what ultimately ended up being the reason he got out of NY. They asked him to transition over there and he basically told them to pound sand and entered FA. Not sure he has that same kind of energy since he's under contract? Either way FS is a need but I'm with KB on this, I'm not as worried about it as I was last year. If one happens
  12. Just Miami and Jacksonville. I'm not sure either would want to trade the 2-2s unless someone fell to 19
  13. Wouldn't matter, he doesn't know the playbook enough to explain the route tree during a play
  14. Not to derail this thread too far but I will validate this statement.
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