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  1. Not sure if this goes here, but looking at the Twitter feed side bar and seeing how Junior Galette is whining again over the FA signing of Tebow...it reminds me how happy I am that I've blocked him. He's really become a one trick pony. I agree Tebow shouldn't have been signed, I even agree it's a sham that he hasn't been signed. However, the whole side bar is of him complaining about it. I don't necessarily think our starters were bad, but there was an absolute lack of depth and you saw it any time Moses or Scherff were knocked out of play or shifted on the line to make up for injurie
  2. Just to play devil's advocate: Smith Jensen and Wirfs...Wirfs fitting exactly what you described after the first game and a half once he settled into his rookie season.
  3. The Houston Texans select Tony Fields II LB West Virginia...and we’re moving him to strong safety where he’d be more effective.
  4. I'd be open to flipping someone and getting out of Houston if someone wanted to trade teams and we kept 1 team per GM
  5. If the ultimate goal is to gain points based on team's picks/%correct then you would throw off those numbers starting with the 3rd round. Now if we wanted to do this based only on the first two rounds than it would work, or am I missing the idea all together?
  6. Or we all do a 259 person draft, winner based on selection percentage correct? Not sure everyone would be down with a 259 person draft
  7. Yeah I doubled back and did one last check after I posted to verify. Readjusted my pick already
  8. My daughter wrecked my excel spreadsheet while I was working last night. Have tried to redo all the names picked from the first page. Hopefully he hasn’t been picked yet but if he has I have my backup pick ready as well: Caden Sterns: Safety Texas Edit: just kidding saw Detroit picked him. With the 203rd pick in the 6th Round the Houston Texans select Matt Bushman TE BYU
  9. I couldn't make up my mind between Ehlinger or Book. Ultimately I took Book only because I felt he offered a bit more of the leadership attributes than Sam did during their collegiate career
  10. This is fun, we could potentially even have time for a mock draft 2.0 .
  11. The Falcons and Houston Texans have executed a trade. The Houston Texans receive pick 187 and the Falcons receive picks 195 and 212 With the 187th pick the Houston Texans Select Ian Book QB Notre Dame Again maybe a bit high, and could have been there in 8 selections but with the run on QBs that has taken place...the Texans could not afford to go into the season with only Ryan Finley as the only QB that may be allowed to play after recent criminal charges being looked into. If nothing materializes with Watson, excellent, the Texans have their backup qb of the future.
  12. Looking to trade up, if anyone is interested. Also, hope all of you had a great Easter with your families.
  13. With the 158TH pick in the 5th round the Houston Texans select Marlon Williams WR UCF
  14. Sorry everyone, last night was a mess. Just got caught up on my big board and removed names that had been selected. Pick will be in within the next 5-10 minutes. I'll edit it into this message: Edit: With the 147th pick in the 5th Rd the Houston Texans select Offensive Guard David Moore, Grambling After witnessing every single person remaining fly off the Texan's big board during the 4th round, we may have over drafted value slightly but feel Moore is the best remaining project to protect our franchise qb.
  15. It seems we were all in a consensus choice of Monty Rice as our pick if he had made it to our pick . Good pick.
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