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  1. I heard this on the CBS Sports Minute and it freaked me out. I thought something happened to Haskins...nope Boomer was just being a prick.
  2. We could even parlay the prop bet...will the new name be a temporary or permanent name?
  3. I'd be perfectly ok with that, if the culture changed. i've never thought to give up on this team while they're losing. I can live with losing. It's the extracurricular crap that goes on with this organization that makes me question how I feel being a Redskins' fan.
  4. Not that I know for sure the FBI is involved, nor do I know if human trafficking was going on...but if it was this is a very possible scenario.
  5. As others have stated I don't know what is worse: A. Stories are leaking that allegedly high ranking members inside the front office were involved with drugs, alcohol, sex-trafficking, blackmail, sexual harassment, bribery, etc etc were going on ...or... B. Redskins fans read it and go, this wouldn't shock me in the slightest It just reminds you how badly this franchise has fallen over the last two decades.
  6. i didn't even expect a second tier coach to come here after Gruden, let alone someone like Ron. I fully expected this team to go "full Zorn" again.
  7. That man deserves a medal for the level of peace and stability he has provided since being here. He doesn't deserve to be stuck dealing with this disfunction.
  8. Lets not forget about the cheerleader outfits... I should have read the rest of the posts
  9. I'm not sure if this is the place for it but based on it being one of the newest important press release statements, did anyone feel the PR team fell short with this statement. A. It was redundant...we will no longer use the Redskins' name. Yet we will still use the name...including the letterhead to dismiss the name B. It should have been made in a statement from a podium, not in what felt like a child giving in and not getting their way C. From a stand point, it dug deep seeing the fans and community being listed after the team's sponsors in their statement. I already
  10. Logistically it wouldn't work out, unless for this year you just go in as Washington. Put a DC flag on the helmet and go with DC colors?
  11. What becomes a sensible timeline for the change? People couldn't expect an entire organization to rebrand in 2 months before a season starts right? Would an official press release from the team that they plan to change the name starting in 2021 be enough to appease the masses? If we change the name, I want us to go all out. New colors, new logo, new name, etc etc.
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