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  1. This is every FA for next year. Certainly a few that would be nice to retain. Clearly Allen and Thomas haven't been updated yet.
  2. https://www.wusa9.com/article/news/local/redskins-trent-williams-also-known-as-silverback-takes-us-inside-the-jungle/65-493770240 Maybe mentioned, but this was Trent Williams nickname and that just seems like a bad fit right now any way you look at it.
  3. I had a weird feeling Snyder had to sell or Rodgers trade...something epic. But nope. Haha.
  4. 0 WRs from the OP are on the team and we are probably starting to shape up (don’t want to be a post 2 like jinx). This thread needs to be locked and started anew. Haha
  5. With new QB, different OTs (maybe OGs), several new WRs... For now we should just say the offense really has to work for their success which will make them better when it matters.
  6. They are similar, which is why they are both classified as viruses. They are different enough they are classified as separate entities. Just because my ****ty ass car has 4 wheels and an engine, doesn't make it a Lamborghini. https://asm.org/Articles/2020/July/COVID-19-and-the-Flu edit: I won't post in Stadium anymore on this. Seems like we're all finally moving on with football.
  7. The Yellow forms a "W" which I'm sure was part of the rationale here.
  8. Pffft. He's 6'3", that's nearly Anthony Mix tall. He can do tall tasks fine. At a minimum I feel like the facts he wants to find out about might be determined when posed in the form of a question to an expert.
  9. After seeing the statement about flexing his big toe without the other toes, how many people have A.) Taken off their shoes and tried it and B.) but just felt like you were getting off an airplane and making fists with your toes?
  10. I had a friend that was a big Eagles fan. Akers was going for a big FG and he couldn't watch. He covered his eyes and walked into the other room. Those in the room that remained all screamed in horror and he lost his mind and ran back in the room. Akers made the kick. Be careful who is around when you choose to look away
  11. Hopefully Jamin only comes off for 4th down though, so maybe it's less important for him
  12. I read this tweet and picture Aaron Rodgers.
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