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  1. If finding the next one were easy all teams would. I hope they can, but without the who it's hard to agree. I'd love if they could and I'm sure they'll look. But if there isn't Darby 2, then I'd rather have Darby at 10 then a fa we hope is as good or better and pay more like the 15 we gave norman.
  2. The position only works if you have a solution that makes sense. You can say you don't want him and that's fine if there is an answer to replace him. There are likely options to have a Darby part 2, but the guarantee that player does well isn't all that different than Darby being healthy or repeating. Tell me who you think will be more consistent next year? With holes at WR, LB and FS I'd rather use draft resources elsewhere and even if we look for Darby part II, there is room for Darby, Fuller and Darby part II. We have some potential with others, but I think this
  3. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/washington-football-team/ronald-darby-16774/market-value/ This break down covers a range of items. A 10.4 mill salary would put him as the 18th highest CB value. FA will bump over best on rookie deals, so would be similar to ~20-24 range CB play. There are several items that look at length of contract based on age that makes 3/30 as an argument with a decent rationale. The biggest concern for me is the injury history (his GP% is 13% lower than the guys he was compared to for this). I'd try something like 8 mill base with 2mil
  4. For me Kyle Smith is said to have stood up and argued against Haskins when everyone else was quiet. Being on the same page is all well and good when things are going well and align. That standing up probably came across as head butting or being firm. I don't think it's a bad thing unless he was constantly wrong. Hopefully same page doesn't mean they don't challenge each other too. Knowing how to disagree with each other may help, as long as they are challenging each other. That I don't see how we'd ever know.
  5. Either way, I would assume they would at least have Collins in camp to see how he is healing. This year is fully guaranteed, so I would imagine they will wait until after June 1st to make the move. So the early designation for June 1st probably wouldn't be needed. I think he needs to pass a physical first or there has to be an injury settlement which would be different as well. That would be 9.6 mill (Collins) and 4.3 mill (Smith) dead money for 2022. It is rare for teams to carry this much dead before the season starts. https://overthecap.com/salary-cap-
  6. Our cap hits are 15.2 to 17.2mill. In a trade the new team would be 12-14mill. With so many teams seemingly close to the cap level with the lower projections, I don't see him being high on many lists after the injury. I wouldn't trade for him without seeing his play after injury and I don't see many taking on 12-14 mill per to try their luck. Achilles tendon injuries can be tricky (remember Junior Gallette tearing the 2nd one the year after the first). DeAngelo Hall re-tore his surgically repaired tendon as well. Those are just skins that I remember and I'm sure it's fairly common.
  7. Ok, this aged poorly faster than cheese in a summer sun... But +1 everyone and I think it still works. Haha.
  8. Yeah Suh was also among his picks. Sometimes here people want talent even if not choir boys. It could be part of how the collective worked in Detroit. I’d like to think Rivera has a higher focus on character and hopefully that impacts the big board evaluation. Idk, but one can hope.
  9. So Hurney as GM seems clear. Kyle Smith and Martin Mayhew were both titled VP of Player Personnel. Doug Williams was the Senior VP of Player Personnel (prior to Ron). You could have Hurney GM, Mayhem Assistant GM, Smith as Senior VP of Player Personnel. All assuming that they want all 3. Now does this mean it makes sense? Not at all. But this would be a way every one gets something raise wise if they want all 3 to stay. There was a mention that Ron saw the FO as barren. This would significantly increase experience.
  10. Not to mention he drafted Ebron who wasn't a bust (just an overdraft). Depending on team needs (and I'm not going back to understand the 2014 Lions) it's not like we're talking historic failure at that pick either.
  11. So that's a fair question and when you look from Sportrac and OTC and other sources there is always a level of difference and I personally have a hard time digging out some of the more specific differences like this. About a week ago OTC said ~41 mill, so maybe they updated the carryover for 2021 and didn't update 2020 tab value of 22 mill because they didn't know where the difference was related to??? I don't know a good way to answer that, but hopefully we don't need to subtract another 7 and it's simply that they didn't bother updating 2020 tab. edit: One other note
  12. No bump. It was already factored in (at least an estimate). https://overthecap.com/salary-cap-space/ Cap Space = (Team Salary Cap) - (Active Cap Spending) - (Dead Money) Team Salary Cap = (Base Salary Cap) + (Carryover) +/- (Adjustments)
  13. No, the expected values we've seen include this estimated rollover. https://overthecap.com/salary-cap-space/ Cap Space = (Team Salary Cap) - (Active Cap Spending) - (Dead Money) Team Salary Cap = (Base Salary Cap) + (Carryover) +/- (Adjustments) edit: it is crazy to me that Philly has 22mill carry over and is still way over 2021. Some big escalators in there.
  14. I was 10 and still thought they knew what they were doing. It took a while to learn... Fooled us both (all???)
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