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  1. jsharrin55

    Trade Suggestion - T. Williams to LAC for M. Gordon

    So we draft Guice, Love to go with AP and Thompson and the suggestion is more RB help? I'd rather stand pat on TW and I hate that idea.
  2. jsharrin55

    The Future is Bright...

    The fact that I completely feel the same way is weird...
  3. If he was traded here, didn't sign the tender and then signed as a FA is it still in the comp pick realm? Guess I need to see if how Bell counted this year. https://overthecap.com/compensatory-draft-picks-cancellation-chart/ Bell was a 3rd. So nevermind.
  4. They can give us their next 2 firsts and Houston can keep Clowney, to recoup some draft capital. Win-win! Haha
  5. To me it only makes sense if you get a pick with the TW trade and then trade Clowney for more picks.
  6. I get that a first may be tough, but if a 2nd is involved, more has to come. 2 2's or something. And the value of that is lower than but gives us more hit chances. At least how I see it.
  7. Certainly dont want to pay him. Maybe sweat isn't the answer/Clowney level, but its be silly to trade up and then put him on the bench. Edit: If there is a deal in place to get a 1st or 2nd/3rd from Miami then ok. Trent for 2 2nds and a 3rd, with the 2nd/3rd likely being high. Not a first, but a solid return.
  8. If true then they didn't deserve Luck in the first place. TW would be leaving for easily worse reasons and I wouldn't boo him (unless he was an Eagle, Cowboy, or Giant but still different). It will however be a shame if they just fall into another star, after hearing this.
  9. Well, I dont disagree he's not good now. However, at 29 years old and several million already he can likely get past the mental fairly quick if not pushing to get back and thinking about hurting again. He should have give or take 40 years left and hopefully the physical pain isn't lasting.
  10. The Luck news is crazy. Hopefully he's ok beyond football.
  11. You called people clueless for thinking 4-6 wins as a prediction. Could they viably win 7-8ish games, sure. To assume it is silly.
  12. Last 10 years, averaged 6.3 wins. Gruden years 7 wins. I'm not saying 4, but losing the QB that was around for 6 of 7 wins last year and now a LT, it's not something that makes people think maintaining status quo of that 7 win average makes sense. That would be 6 or less. Maybe it doesn't happen, but thinking those predictions are unfounded is pretty silly too.
  13. To me it appears to be a matter of how you feel about this team. If they are ready for a playoff push this hurts. If they aren't this puts us in position to trade a good but aging player and have more potential pieces for the future. I do think we would be lucky to be contenders in the 2 years of his contract and I don't think his injury history warrants a new even bigger deal (not that he appears to want it). This gives him a chance to be on a contender and forces us to do something that was probably the right plan we would never willingly take. With the fire BA page and several about QB develpoment, WR, Oline status (with or without TW) I think I know which way many here would lean.
  14. They were fining him for missing, it wouldn't be cap impact since it's not signing bonus level. Team wise the fines don't have impact. Not disagreeing with you just easier to quote...
  15. He would certainly have people that agree with him. How long is the fire BA thread these days?