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  1. jsharrin55

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    1st pick. Cowboys needing a win means likely 9ish wins. That just means worse pick after losing in playoffs.
  2. Me too...here is a snip to save others of the search bar...haha. "Exculpatory evidence is evidence favorable to the defendant in a criminal trial that exonerates or tends to exonerate the defendant of guilt. It is the opposite of inculpatory evidence, which tends to present guilt. " https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exculpatory_evidence
  3. jsharrin55

    Trade up to draft Haskins???

    9% yes, so we probably all know what our FO will do...
  4. jsharrin55

    Take the full cap hit for Smith in 2019

    Someone mentioned some he's hurt the would need to be an injury settlement not just a cut. So there is more to it, but if he's done we need to find a way to get the pain out of the way, sooner rather than later.
  5. jsharrin55

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    A man with a solid plan could do this on purpose and pose it as the case. There are big contracts like Norman, Smith that if we cut and others to meet the cap, that would severely limit our chance to bring in FA. We'd likely get a few comp picks and have a team that would pick very high in 2020 and have cleared some of the bad contracts. Bruce will continue to try and save his job. If we mortgage more picks and money for that one piece to "put us over the top" and next year we'll be right back in the same place. We aren't one player away from being a playoff contender. Put a guy in place that sees this team for what it is and let us actually do things right. It isn't going to happen and we're all going to be more detached from this mess and it seems the team higher ups will keep on wondering why we don't love the mess they've created. Man what a frustrating circle.
  6. jsharrin55

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    While the cut off may be true, each team can have a max of 4 picks each year. So we wouldn't get a 5th either way. https://overthecap.com/compensatory-draft-picks-cancellation-chart/ To add clarity to how the compensatory draft pick formula works, this page will contain a list of all Compensatory Free Agents lost and gained by each team, and illustrate which players are paired together for cancellation. Players that are projected to be eligible to earn their former team a compensatory pick are highlighted in their former team’s colors. Please note that this chart does not include potential “net-value” compensatory picks for teams that lose and gain an equal amount of CFAs, nor does it account for compensatory picks that may not be awarded due to falling below the 32-pick limit or exceeding the maximum of four per team. https://overthecap.com/the-basics-and-methodology-of-projecting-the-nfls-compensatory-draft-picks/ Compensatory Pick Limits There are two key restrictions that may limit the number of compensatory picks a team may receive: There is a strict limit of 32 compensatory picks that are awarded every year. If the formula initially awards more than 32 compensatory picks, all picks ranked 33rd and below are not awarded, although the league will still recognize that those picks would have otherwise been eligible for compensation. (There has only been one exception to this: as noted in the Special Cases below a 33rd comp pick was collectively bargained upon for 2016.) A team may not be awarded any more than four compensatory picks in one year. If the formula initially awards a team more than four, the lowest of the picks over the per-team limit of four are not awarded, although the league will still recognize that those picks would have otherwise been eligible for compensation.
  7. jsharrin55

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    He was high on my list last year and surprisingly went back. Guess it worked out ok for him.
  8. jsharrin55

    Redskins to sign Adrian Peterson per NFL.com

    Payne/Allen was nice at times as well, but I certainly can't add much... So a top 5 pick... I kid, mostly... haha
  9. jsharrin55

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    To me, I could understand that BA and JG could sell they are close. The team has looked good before injuries took over. However, most here know we aren't so close that we mortgage the future just to have a single decent season or polishing this turd another year. These guys will want to be in win now mode and not do the right thing. Same as last year with Alex Smith and the fans continue to turn away because we know they lack a long term vision. More of the same and I'm sure I'll get more distant. To be completely honest I'd probably spend more time talking to you guys and just reading what others say about the games I don't want to watch anymore. I am not capable of "switching/dropping" fandom, but I think I might have reached my done watching side for a bit. I really think this team is bad for my health. Edit: I'll add as a lifetime O's/skins fan, despite the O's recent failures, it seems that they get it (signs at least pointing in a better direction). The fan excitement after one of the worst seasons ever is soooooo much better there just because of a definitive direction. Why is this so hard for some people (Peter Angelos or Dan Synder) to see? How can you be so disconnected. Maybe we all just see what we want to.
  10. jsharrin55

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Interesting, usually it doesn't change that much week to week with a bunch of common games. I did the math though, it seems it is 15th indeed.
  11. jsharrin55

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    https://www.nbcsports.com/washington/redskins/2019-nfl-draft-who-root-week-17-if-you-are-washington-redskins-fan This had them a good bit away from us. Maybe it was wrong.
  12. jsharrin55

    Enough is enough. A fond farewell.

    I could never drop the skins for l another team. I could see myself dropping football because of the skins. As they continue to be more like some reality TV show and less football, the easier they make it. Any player that signs here should know how we feel. It's a big reason booing happens quickly and they stands are flooded with away fans. Good luck to you.
  13. jsharrin55

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Hopefully they realize we're smart enough that they can stop polishing these turds and stop going for offseason excitement (I know, I know....I should know better....). With the dead money coming from Smith, just eat a bit more (like Norman) and get things right for 2020.