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  1. I don't know if you were saying this based on what I posted. I think there are cases to try and retain a portion of SB, but Alex isn't it. I just added since it was mentioned as a potential caveat. edit: When players like Haynesworth seemingly give up after signing big money, IDK if every player should get every red cent. However, Alex worked his ass off and definitely should not have been a consideration for SB returned.
  2. https://www.behindthesteelcurtain.com/pittsburgh-steelers-nfl-features-news-blog-long-form/2016/3/5/11158958/nfl-101-how-cuts-retirements-and-trades-affect-the-salary-cap "Retirements Teams can end a contract at any time, but so can players. In a player's case, though, the only way they can do this is by retiring. In the end, though, the math looks pretty much the same as if the player had been cut -- and the June 1 rule applies here, too." "When a player retires, the team has the option to pursue the return of a portion of the signing bonus equal to the unplayed po
  3. I agree it is voluntary and isn’t that level of deal. I will add, though, that when I skip the voluntary work events, I don’t feel the need the email blast the entire company to say I stand with the introverts. In general I am anti reply-all though...
  4. I certainly don't disagree with this or what many said. I was torn on the idea and can certainly see the argument against. This draft is really deep with potential T's so I was curious where others are with it, since the value is likely really good. I don't see many cases where there isn't a similar big board ranked player that gets a positional value bump up in a tie breaker situation in the event we went T in round one. While not advocating cutting Moses next year, he'll have zero dead cap, be 31 and could be a solid trade piece if the hypothetical 2 worked out. I
  5. Random question, since I've seen a few things about Cosmi at 51. If we take Darrisaw at 19 and Cosmi is sitting at 51 as our big board BPA, do you take him?
  6. http://cdn2.sbnation.com/imported_assets/2075397/richvsfat.gif If they did more things like this, Darnold would start to look better I guess.
  7. Based on draft value chart and just because... Tenn: I think 19 for 22 and 100 could work (3rd round comp pick). [we net 5 points based on chart] Jets: 19 for 23, 107 and 146 (4.2 and 5.2 added) {we net 16 points on chart] Here I might swap 5th for future 4th if I'm WFT Jets: 19 and 163 for 34, 66, 107. (2.2, 3.2, 4.2 lose 5th). [Near even, takes us outside of first round] Jets get 3 1sts, I might try and make 3.2 2022 2nd. Pitt: 19 for 24, 87. (added 3rd) Pitt 2 more spots for higher third makes most sense really (depending on h
  8. With or without Moss I expected another TE. So now I'll be curious if they draft one and look for another UDFA.
  9. KC lost 2 tackles and we are ok with what we have, although a long term upgrade would be welcome. Say the top 3 go, they (KC) love LT4 (or have a stronger feeling they need to address) and make a move. We are comfortable with current and don't like #4 vs say 6,7,8 and find it worth waiting and adding the pick(s). Again this is not something I know, I just see this as the avenue that we could make it happen. With the right player for those 3 (again GB, Buf, KC), I see adding a 2nd as a possibility. Otherwise, the 25-28 picks, we're looking at a 3rd and change. Not something to
  10. I'm curious where things fall draft day but there is a feeling I'm getting that 19 may have a sizable group of guys we'd like to consider but not a slam dunk (obviously we'll see). I'm hoping that a player that matches up well with GB, Buf, KC falls there and we can add a 2nd. I think this gives us a good shot at 1 top LB and then gives us options in round 2.
  11. edit: I like this one even better...
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