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  1. He replaced o with l, and they are next to each other on the keyboard. I'm gonna go with that. Haha
  2. Especially if the sign Brady first. Leverage lost and it wouldn't be too different than the Rosen trade last year (not in talent comparison but the #10 overall pick 1 year to Low 2nd rounder and a future 5th). Cowboys wouldn't want an angry Dak at 20+ mill sitting on the bench with the franchise tag and teams would offer less.
  3. jsharrin55

    Thoughts on Greg Olsen potentially signing here? (M.E.T.)

    This isn't a pay more to keep him here type guy. I agree he'd be a good fit for where we are, but I Olsen has to decide what he wants at this age. Seattle is a better win now option for an older player. Skins can offer coaching/system familiarity and a closer to home/family option. To me they are so different, I'd think Olsen will want to go through the visits and then decide.
  4. jsharrin55

    Thoughts on Greg Olsen potentially signing here? (M.E.T.)

    We have no 2nd round pick and could use a few starters. TE isn't deep in this draft (so I hear). Likely case is we go Chase Young at #2 (if not, I'd still wager defense). We have questions on the O-line depending on who comes back. Greg Olsen is older, but he knows how to play and is a great option for a young QB. Part of younger guys developing is putting them in position to succeed. If a few mill contract to Olsen can bridge the gap and support Haskins development, I think it's fine. We can't draft every replacement and don't need every player to be developing. Haskins need more players that get open and give him opportunities. McClaurin is one, Sims maybe another. If the draft isn't a strong place to get TE support, than FA. Hooper would be nice, but would this really be his first pick of location without overpaying? Other guys mentioned as similar (Haynesworth, Deion, Smith) signed for big money. Vernon Davis signed for much cheaper, although admittedly more than I expected. When Reed went down he helped maintain offense for the TE group. I'm not going to scream and shout to sign him, but I hardly see this as a move to defy a rebuild.
  5. jsharrin55

    What Offer Would Change Your Mind on Trading Down???

    Well, if CY is the pick then you'll know Kyle Smith and RR think others are right. Nothing against Koolblue13 and others, but personally that would mean something. I think Smith has done well, so the reasoning makes sense. If QB isn't what they are looking for Detroit would likely pick CY. I would imagine in that case they would be happy to stay at 3 and take him. If Detroit wanted to make the move from 3 to 2, I'd be good with the Bears level trade. The 1 spot drop was a 3rd, 4th and future 3rd. I think they got a hard time for that trade and I don't know if another team would offer the higher pick. I'm not sure why Detroit would do it unless they do want a QB. If the do want QB and avoid Miami getting there first, then this could happen and we get Chase at 3. If the Lions wanted Chase and we wanted to ensure he doesn't go Giants (and of FO decides more players are better). Lions take CY and we have #3 with Tua still on the board. You'd still have leverage with Dolphins/Charger/maybe Panthers to get a similar haul. Trade with Miami and you might still hold the cards if a team wants to trade up for Herbert (yes, that would get into the realm of crazy and silly...but I have fun with crazy and silly). Say you traded to Detroit for 1, 3, 4, and future 4. Then Miami for 1, 1, 2 as you mentioned (maybe it's less due to being #3 vs #2, but with leverage you could hold them to it perhaps). Burrow/CY/Tua/?? (Thomas/Okudah best guess at this point). There are still high level guys. I'd try to get Carolina if Herbert was desired. Add another 4th/5th and 2020 4th. At 7, with 3 QBs and CY taken there will be one of Simmonds/Okudah/Thomas available. With #18, #56, #67, #99, #103, #143 for 2020 (added to #66, #98, #130, #193 and #206) and 3rd/4th added for 2021. That's 12 picks which is overkill and not something teams generally do, but they could be used to trade up or trade for higher future picks. 7 players in the top 100. I didn't use a list with comp picks, so I think I missed one pick as well. Like I said crazy, but I still had fun doing it. Haha.
  6. jsharrin55

    We’re sitting pretty here guys.

    https://overthecap.com/player/alex-smith/784/ Yes, but there would still be dead money from signing bonus. edit: IDK what types of guarantees there are for injury.
  7. If it makes you feel better, you aren't alone. I have a feeling we've read too many conspiracy theory posts at this point. Extreme(ly damaged) skins(fans) at this point. Haha I like this hire in that it's not a Carolina guy and it's a guy that's been discussed a lot here about getting more power. I don't know that much about him and hope that those pushing for him are right.
  8. I saw the same thing and cringed. Haha
  9. jsharrin55

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    This was in line with why i said it. BA is gone, let's get some normal structure. No more players going straight to the boss to get decisions over coaches and GMs. Although I am glad we had Taylor...
  10. jsharrin55

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    I'm ok with haskins wanting him as long as it's not his call
  11. jsharrin55

    The Official 2020 Draft Positioning Thread: We're #2!

    Eagles lose, we tie cowboys, we pick 2nd and cowboys still aren't in playoffs. Root for a tie
  12. jsharrin55

    The Official 2020 Draft Positioning Thread: We're #2!

    Yeah, breaking a record for TD thrown in a NCAA playoff game before halftime should have made him look pretty good.
  13. jsharrin55

    Redskins vs Cowboys Prediction Thread: 2019 Nightmare Season Finale'

    2018 nightmare finale? You are already pretending this year didn't happen
  14. jsharrin55

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    What's the other .9%....
  15. jsharrin55

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Reassigned would be as bad as stays. Any perceived issues and they'd do another McCloughan/LaFemina throw him under the bus I'm you're savior move. No thanks. Retire/resign/fired. I don't care how, but it's time for a clean break.