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  1. Still miss the REDSKINS. But because it has to change one of the few that I keep going back to is simply the "Warriors". Rolls off the tongue. The 70th anniversary look which keeps at least some connection to past tradition. Can keep the new "W" as part of the logo... connects to old and the new. Keep the feathers as part of some imaging like on the words below and the spear. But that's just me.
  2. Eh. That Bucs D played well in the playoffs and outstanding tonight. Obviously Brady was his normal self but that Defense played great against a legit KC offense. if I was a TB fan I’d be damn happy
  3. Well it’s the only reason my wife watches the game. Literally probably the only game she watches all year and it’s for the commercials. each year for the past 25 she tells me to pick a new team.
  4. What this game has thought me is that if not for The Bucs and Brady the skins would be winning the super bowl right now. that and a vaccinated nurse had to much to drink.
  5. That probably does it. Let down of a game. Skins made more of a game of it than this.
  6. I hate both teams but the Brady love is stomach turning. I get he is great but after a while it’s nauseating and it’s been that way for years. I think the Bucs defense is winning this game to this point.
  7. I did. When I hear “immediate help” I think current players but I suppose it could be 2021 picks.
  8. So we were offering up players. Hmmm wonder who
  9. Draft a LB, get A-Rob and bring in a Maroita type to compete with Kyle and Hienicke
  10. QBs are just so damn valuable. If only we could draft one that panned out... going to take 4 firsts for Watson.
  11. I meant what I said. Rivera was hired before McCarthy and Judge... thus, Rivera is the longest tenured coach in the NFCE.
  12. Pederson seems to me to be a very good coach. Im surprised by this but happy as well since im not much of an Eagles fan. Ron Rivera is now the longest tenured coach in the NFCE. Crazy.
  13. Well it’s hard not to be a little down after that loss but unlike most years when the only thing we have to look forward to is a high draft pick I feel great about this team. The coaches and the players are pros and easy to root for. hard to swallow the loss but I’ll proudly wear my Skins gear till we kick it off again next season.
  14. Well to be fair the TB offense isn’t a bad offense and their QB is decent. Lol but yeah more of an impact would have been nice.
  15. Defense getting gashed and they can’t get to Brady. Painful to watch.
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