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  1. FunkedUp

    Presidential Election 2020 - ManChild vs Adult

    ITT Democrats who actually believe their party is going to let voters choose the nominee.
  2. FunkedUp

    The Passion of The Jussie (FKA The Smollett Fiasco)

    And a man is 20 times more likely than woman to be killed by a police officer; while men are only half the population. Oh Lord, shall we go join a Men's Right Advocacy group? A sure way to lose perspective is to continuously compare the odds ratio of events that occur with minuscule probabilities.
  3. FunkedUp

    The Passion of The Jussie (FKA The Smollett Fiasco)

    Fatal police shootings Year Victim ethnicity 2017 2018 Black 223 229 White 459 456 This is from the Washington Post (slightly different counts than the original because I couldn't remember that source). If those white death counts are not roughly twice than those of blacks in your perspective, you must have a more precise numeracy standard than I? I am not commenting on the relative rates just the pure scale of the problem as measured in total number of deaths. IMHO, this is major issue because of the relative scale of people's internal feelings about the issue, not the reality of the actual physical scale of the problem. I wish sheer scale of human suffering rather than fashion shaped our social justice priorities. Then perhaps we could address more significant problems like the roughly 1.5 million people currently incarcerated in the US with prison sentences of more than year. If interested check out the Pew Research Center report, sobering but at least it suggests there could be a positive trend. This prison industrial complex is a true enemy that inflicts massive suffering on our communities. Or if you look outside the states, 100,000+ Uyghurs currently in re-education camp and the Chinese surveillance is kind of growing large scale evil crap that worries me.
  4. FunkedUp

    The Passion of The Jussie (FKA The Smollett Fiasco)

    My apologies for this one additional response, when I said I wouldn't. I take your point on board, and will briefly elaborate. I cited the death by police shooting statistic to illustrate the nominal scale of this problem, comparing that ratio to white deaths seems to have introduce an unfortunate conflation of relative ethnic proportions. However, having that 2:1 ratio is actually informative when we look at the relative and absolute problems of incarceration. In 2010, the incarceration rates for blacks and whites are about 2300 and 450 per 100,000 respectively. This has truly profound impacts on our society in terms of scale, and members of the black community suffers at a much greater rate vs members of the white community, 2:1 versus 5:1. What drives these differences in incarceration, IMHO, is multi-faceted which racial bias is one element. But to best address these problems, we need to check our emotions, and need to make objective evaluations of the correlations between these factors and incarceration - and hopefully an understanding of causation. Then look for the most effective interventions and policies which respect constitutional rights, even if the most effective policies are not the ones confirming to a priori political views. Respect, access to dialog, and restraint from change through violence (absence an existential threat) is the way forward and are the norms I desperately hope our society pursues. Others may have the last word if they wish.
  5. FunkedUp

    The Passion of The Jussie (FKA The Smollett Fiasco)

    Calling me uninformed is not a convincing argument. Here is a measure of the scale of the problem you say is the point. Blacks shot to death by cops in the US (total justified or not): 209 in 2017, and 223 in 2018. The number of white deaths are roughly double that. My view is that social media's emphasis and echoing of very rare events distorts perceptions the public's perception of what are the larger problems. I believe that our current social justice system is dysfunctional and inflicts serious harm on lives of those - and their families - who suffer incarceration; and that blacks are too over-represented in that population. Solving this problem, IMHO, needs to be our priority... but the current fashion of status by victimhood distracts from establishing this priority. One that solving will have strong positive impact in many underprivileged communities. But I don't use Twitter, so how could I ever get the point?
  6. FunkedUp

    The Passion of The Jussie (FKA The Smollett Fiasco)

    Thankfully, there hasn't been a lynching in the US in over 20 years; and only 2 or 3 since the civil rights movement. It seems sociopaths committing hoaxes like this, with the accompanying social discord, is an actually currently relevant problem and threat to our civil society.
  7. FunkedUp

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    Agreen, it's like he is zone blocking for Alfred Morris
  8. FunkedUp

    Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    If you don't to see the game live, you might want to drop $5-10 a month on a VPN that allows you to log into a US server and thus giving your computer a US based ip address. Then you can sign-up for the NFL Rewind package @ $50 a year. That will save you at least $175 for the season. Plus, you still have the benefit of the VPN. That's what I do, now that I am based in China (where that VPN helps me out a lot more than it will help you in Korea!)