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  1. Anyone still on that Kirk Cousins bandwagon? Anyone?

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    2. gmlewis


      Never was he was drafted late BECAUSE

    3. VRIEL1


      Yes cause the other guy (RG3) is injury prone and can't run the offense.

    4. MustangSteve


      Hell yes, and here is why.

      Ranked 11th in NFL-Yards 1,571 - YPG 314.2 - TD 10 int 8.

      Drew Breese Ranked 10 - Yards 1,574 YPG 314.8 - TD 9 - int 6.

      Tony romoSUCKS Ranked 13 - Yards 1,510 - YPG 251.7 - TD 11 int 5. Weather the inpatient fans can see it or not, Cousins is playing to the level of elite QB's in this league and the only thing he lacks that the other QB's don't is playing time, experience period! Give Cousins 3 seasons under his belt in the same offe...

  2. Today we're all undefeated again. ^_^

    1. Mr. Sinister

      Mr. Sinister

      That's the spirit!

  3. Merry Christmas, ES!

    1. TK


      HO HO HO. Green Giant.........Wait...that's not right.......

    2. Bang


      Merry Christmas, Stu!

  4. I'm just...I'm just tired.

  5. I wish Redskins helmets were DOT approved.

  6. Mmmm..love that new board smell...

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