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  1. This is right. We have a lot of players carrying huge cap numbers. If we're again active in free agency with the reported Collins numbers it means we're simply converting Williams and Kerrigan and Norman and Scherff to something other than base this year. We have all the money we want if the owner wants to spend it. I had questioned whether Snyder still would given the decline in optimism and attendance and interest around his team and ESPECIALLY so in a world where NO ONE ON EARTH can really be all that happy with the thought of Gruden and Manusky here. But here we are.
  2. I still honestly believe the Bell thing is bunk. It's one thing to pay Collins that coin at a position that is not paid that much in today's NFL we hear. But teams aren't dying to pay backs either and Bell has mileage. BUT, if we do extend Scherff, then Bell can come in to play. Though I really don't see the point. With Guice and even bringing back Peterson I think we'd be fine at back.
  3. I was surprised Landon Collins wasn't a splash article on the front. It's a big signing and signals something few expected. Watch for more coming. At least two more pretty substantial moves.
  4. My thoughts as to why we'll suck isn't because I'm reading too much into the Week 10-17 version of this team. I agree with you the team is absolutely fine and CAN win 10 games if reasonably healthy. The team has clear weaknesses, as all teams do, and it would be wonderful to get a legit receiver, a mobile left guard, quick linebackers (though this may have happened already) and a new defensive approach. But the team is OBVIOUSLY and already PROVEN to be pretty good at being reasonably non-terrible IF HEALTHY. The reason I suspect we'll suck next year isn't because the team ha
  5. You're not wrong about the possibility that Colt couldn't survive the season But there are two factors that would prevent me from worrying about that. One, we have to presume Smith will return at some point. Having Colt start and having Smith return after week 6 or so would be acceptable. In this case you'd actually keep Colt and Johnson AND a young drafted player. Assuming Smith can't ever come back, the answer, to me, isn't drafting that QB early in a weaker draft for QB. It's to simply get another backup behind Colt. Obviously not Mark Sanchez. Sam Bradford perhap
  6. Technically, no. We should have complimented them the day they made the waiver claim as it was smart to do then. We should acknowledge given the significant lack of seriousness to the charge itself that Foster will have a chance to play for us in the near future and be good or bad at it, which is good, and acquiring a potentially good player at ZERO cost is probably ALWAYS wise. One could argue Hunt would have been equally wise but the video on his alters the optics a bit. There was no where for that to go but down, even if one can say he never "struck" the woman like Rice did. Perso
  7. Has to be Colt. Johnson is a significantly worse version of RGIII in every aspect of the game. Colt has nearly as much mobility and is a significantly more accurate passer with much better overall knowledge in the offense. Obviously this is if Smith can't play. We also need to draft a QB but MUST not do so early. This draft is not as good as the previous draft at the QB spot. Don't do something desperate. Draft a QB in round three, four, five, six, whatever. Someone you can develop. If Smith can't play you will be positioned to have a Top 3 pick the 2020 d
  8. I do not disagree that we would have been the least inspiring playoff team in memory, but, by definition, a playoff berth is a measure of success for an NFL team. My primary worry is what we saw out of Smith is the kind of boring play that even if he is healthy, our margins are so slim ANY injury of ANY significance largely kills us. We don't play with much room for error for sure and that's if we're nearly totally healthy. So I have a fairly dim view of the next couple years too. Though, in fairness, Smith will be "better" if he can play next year just by being in the system a full ye
  9. Hey, a handful fewer injuries this year and we're playing a playoff game this week, which is KIND of good. It's not like the team was hopeless until it was comprised of a roster where we were 24 deep on the depth chart :).
  10. I am on board with this. If the name changes it's the last football game I make my schedule around to watch Washington. I have remained a soft Bullets fan over the years by refusing to acknowledge they changed their name and I only really pay any attention when they are doing ok and I have time to pop in and watch. I'd do the same with the Redskins in the case they were no longer the Redskins. My heart would be with my home, but, I'd NEVER schedule a Sunday around that team after that point, and when they are good and on national TV I'm sure I'd watch and be pleased. But I'm a fan of
  11. One thing to consider in this conversation is that while I certainly would like to see the Redskins move on from Gruden and I would be fine with seeing the team move on from Allen, moving on from either, right now, is not only exceedingly foolish, but implausible. In fact, one could legitimately argue that we are very fortunate both guys are already here. Why? Our situation with Alex Smith makes this a VERY unattractive place to work the next couple years if he is unable to play. While Snyder would pony up whatever money is required to land whatever coach he'd want under normal times,
  12. I love the NFL.com feed. And I'm enjoying listening to Joe during the breaks.
  13. Maybe I should resurface the Daily Babe thread .
  14. I've only been THAT drunk once. And it was a sheep. I'm not proud.
  15. Poor dear. You have no idea what you've just done to yourself . That's actually a compliment I think .
  16. More unique individuals have hit this thread than will visit any other Skins site in a year. The popularity of this thread is remarkable . Get the McNabb stuff ready .
  17. Running over 300 guests all day today. About 14,000 reads today. This page is going crazy. Wherever it's linked to is a busy place .
  18. Hmm, wonder why we have 400 guests in this thread. Where are they all coming from .
  19. This thread is too much. We almost have to do this every week .
  20. You're all just about fully clothed in that picture. What a let down .
  21. She came with batteries, but no frame, I swear.
  22. I'd post my bar and downstairs Redskins haven too, but the photos are too damn big .
  23. I've got no pictures of me on the web. But I do of my wife . Well, kind of. It's her head shot for work. But, it'll have to do . She will not be attending this week's game with me as I've banished her to tend my mother and sister. Punishment like you wouldn't believe. Makes me seem all the more engaging afterward. There is a plan I tell you.
  24. EL, I bet you got horizontal . Fuji, I may be going to the Bears game this year. If so, let me know where you guys are sitting.
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