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  1. It's perfectly valid to be concerned Haskins won't become an elite QB in the NFL. Most QBs don't. It's far more likely than not Haskins won't be the answer for us, or may slip in and be an ok answer for us (say like Flacco) and we have other pieces that make us good at times or bad at times. This is a trait that could kill Haskins. Absolutely. But until he was on our team we had no one who could become an elite QB. He COULD, even if that's not as likely as he won't. Which makes today better than last week. As some have said, even if he sucks, we don't really get set back any mo
  2. Actually, no. Colt is clearly our third most "talented" QB only when you factor Alex in. Case was undrafted and not considered a very good NFL prospect and wouldn't easily be said to be more "talented" than Colt from an evaluation process. Colt was considered a pretty good prospect and was drafted and started probably too early in the NFL. Colt has plenty of talent. The comfort with Case is he's been a regular starter more recently and had one really good season as the starter with the Vikings, where Colt hasn't really started since 2014 and while that was with us and he actually pla
  3. The two national interviews he's done since the draft likely have more to do with the fact the Redskins have generally been regarded as having the best draft in the NFL this year, which is a first I believe. As such NFL media want to talk to the team. I'm perfectly fine with him talking or sending out Doug or Jay too. I haven't really read much into this other than he was asked to talk as he is the guy who ultimately decides our picks and the leader of the war room and draft day stuff. I suppose I don't care if he talks or when he does enough to hold it against him he took a couple of
  4. Except the quote you're responding to resolutely disproves the notion. In fact Bruce rarely speaks. Didn't the post have an article where they listed it being like 577 days since he had a presser or something? In fact he doesn't spin at all. No one hears him say anything. The presser he took last was when he promoted Doug and said, "Here's your guy," basically. Allen is kind of known as being generally unavailable to the media and is one of the least chatty execs in the NFL. How does that make him a spin master? I'd argue one of our biggest issues is how little they bother to
  5. This is a remarkably accurate statement :). Good. Then take the bet. You trust me least. And you're wrong. There a LOTS of folks on the team who know precisely what they want to happen and what they expect to happen. Plans dissolve upon contact with reality obviously, so all things remain possible, but if anyone actually thinks the team is going to put a rookie QB with the major knock as inexperience and pressure handling due to inexperience in for the opener in Philly that person lacks any ability to think. While true all things are possible, what's the LEAST
  6. I've gotten rid of two wives. That's largely why I have 10K to piss away. Are you sure her depature would suck?
  7. I rarely post here any longer and probably won't post again until August after another day or so. If I perceived you were a regular enough poster of idiocy I'd probably take you up on that piece as you'd be gone then, but I haven't seen you overly ignorant and you don't have the post count to be that irritating, so it's pointless. Thus the wager has to be something that stings. I am fortunate to have a lot of money so we can lower it to a pain point you can accept. Or, you can just take my word on this. There is almost NO way Haskins starts the season. It is con
  8. The front office has no say. ZERO say. Playing time is contractually run by Gruden. And he'll start the guy who he thinks most likely helps him KEEP coaching. This isn't to say he can't be made to feel pressure, but he ultimately has full control of playing time so long as he's coach. Unless you perceive Snyder/Allen would fire him to put Haskins on the field and promote someone else on the staff to head coach, or they'd guarantee him two more contractual seasons to start Haskins, we're set. I guarantee you Haskins isn't starting week 1 unless Keenum and Colt AND Smith are all out
  9. There's zero chance Colt is cut if he can walk and play. ZERO. He's the only QB on the roster who knows the system. Much more likely Keenum is cut than Colt. If Colt can't get on the field in training camp or the preseason, sure, he's likely gone, but he is the odds-on favorite to actually open the season as our starter IF healthy.
  10. One thing to consider here is the 2012 draft in which Luck was clearly the top prospect with RGIII right behind him. The league has changed a bit from that point in that if both came out, EXACTLY as they were then this year, RGIII would have been ahead of Luck. Why? Because every team wants the miracle feet. It should be understood Murray is no where close to the prospect in draft grade this year that RGIII was the year he came out. Haskins is OBVIOUSLY no where near the draft prospect that Luck was. But, if BOTH players stayed in school another year and got the benefit of more ex
  11. Who was Carson Wentz behind for two years? The immortal Brock Jensen. Now, it's fair to say Haskins draft grade would have been significantly higher than Wentz had he played another year to shed the inexperience negatives, but Wentz was ok, right? Well, I mean, he played at NDSU so maybe not, but he BECAME ok, right? Eli Manning played behind Romaro Miller for a year, right? Who's that? The guy who started over Eli. Josh Allen sat behind Cameron Coffman. Hell, did Peyton even start RIGHT away. I seem to recall Todd Helton or someone there delaying his kingdom? Barrett was a
  12. In the interest of space I'll just generally reply to the points that appear to be questions I can reply to @Skinsinparadise. Yes, I've said then, before ES even existed, since, now, and probably into the future if Haskins isn't the answer, the Redskins needed to nail the QB position at which point everyone in the organization becomes an unmistakable genius we adore and build statues to. Look at Belichick. This is an abject failure as a coach. Four seasons losing double digit games as a head coach. Owner in New England not thrilled with the team's direction when magic happens. Su
  13. I'm not sure what that means. I suspect we'd have taken Luck over RGIII if given either as an option but only RGIII was an option in 2012 and was the obvious selection as led by Shanny, who believed he could win with RGII, and, frankly DID. There were stretches where the league was unsure how it would ever stop THAT offense. The reality was injury would and when Shanny ran RGIII into the ground, he didn't fully believe RGIII was a different kind of QB. Our coaches don't have any doubt that Haskins can play in a passing system. None at all. There were BASIC concerns RGIII couldn't
  14. I'm not sure it's a huge surprise though. Jones was coached in a purely pro-style offense by a pro-style coach who had generated pro QBs. The Ohio State offense was uniquely different this year to past years with Day and the mesh and a more sideline-to-sideline attack with a lot of pro-style passing complexity, reads and protections, but when you live in shotgun you have to learn drops and Jay had direct experience with RGIII and the difficulty of that with such a QB. Haskins won't have problems with progressions and protections and the passing tree so much as he will the timing of w
  15. Local reporters ask for Bruce all the time, yeah. There was no Reuben Foster incident I'm aware of. There was an organization taking a no-risk shot at a talented player with potential baggage. Doug's job is to speak to the local media on moves of that sort as the player personnel leader. What Doug said at the time kind of made it worse as while he was right that what Foster was accused of was small potatoes in the world of issues, saying that led to scrutiny unnecessary for such a smart football move at the time that has panned out in our favor especially well. Bruce has spoken to
  16. First take asked for Bruce. Tony Wylie had to give them some basic ground rules, which you saw Smith allude to. Those rules were, "You can talk about the draft and draft picks and anything surrounding the draft, but control your other ****." And Smith followed it. Which is kind of a miracle.
  17. @Skinsinparadise I've met Bruce behind the curtain. When he didn't have to be political or savvy or concerned with public appearances. i've met a lot of the Redskins people past and present in that way and I can tell you Bruce is somewhat unique in NOT being a raging dick. Hell, I still recall from when we were negotiating with the team to take over ES the VPs in that room said, "We're a billion dollar organization and you are four guys in the back of a truck." And we giggled, responding, "Who have somehow surpassed anything you would or could do in this venue, right?" We really shou
  18. How many people here have actually met Bruce Allen in a non-public environment, shook his hand, chatted with him? I have. He's not smug. He's jovial and engaging and interesting and funny as hell. I can say only people who have never met him would consider him smug. So it would make sense the media says that as they have never talked to him :). And listen to his answer in the clip above. About how OTHER PEOPLE, not him, are around to help Haskins be all he can. Smug guys don't do that. They say, "I've created an environment," not "We have an environment." The "we" versus "
  19. @The Consigliere brother, Diggs isn't even the most productive, go-to receiver on his own team. He's surpassed 1000 yards once, last year, JUST BARELY, on 102 catches. He's never had more than 9 TDs. He's a good player, but he's Pierre Garcon good, not No. 1 receiver good. At least not to this point in his career. He'd be our best receiver by far though :).
  20. @The ConsigliereI am grateful for the list and it's a good one. I'm not entirely sure the bulk of that list qualify as legit No. 1s, which was the comment I kind of thought might be a bit hopeful (like Diggs is no where close to a No. 1). What I'm struck by is the bulk of that list who have had success is success predicated more on quickness than size generally. We'd be happy if he had as good a career as most of those guys I'm sure. The Thielen one is interesting in that he's certainly emerged and has the size to be a big receiver who kind of fits the mold of legit top target. I'm
  21. I think Michael Thomas is right on the cusp of it and may already be there but, again, the Saints are so good on offense and he's still pretty young. I probably judge the Saints receivers with a curve that is not fair to them in that he should be at 110 catches, 1400 yards and 10 TDs every year given that offensive production and QB to be a legit No. 1. Hell, Hopkins puts up better numbers and he's it over there in Houston on a ****ty offense by comparison. But, yeah, Thomas is probably in there already. I totally agree with the rest of your post as well. It would be tremendous to se
  22. Almost perfectly stated. There are some guys who have more ins than others. Right now Finlay is ahead on points. Keim is a wonderful and respectful guy, and, frankly covers the team almost like an old timer sports journo in that he's writing, not trying to tell you how stupid everyone is but him. The Sheehan who does that podcast has "some" insight in that he's Cooley's old partner and they are friends and Cooley is an insider who may be known to hint at stuff to friends. Cooley doesn't like Haskins. So, don't be surprised if Sheehan is getting some "insider" stuff from Cooley. I
  23. Most reporting is fiction, yes, and as sports reporters have decided to report sports like news, they also generate more fiction. Traditional sports writing remains pretty straightforward and hard to get wrong though. I'm not sure how to answer the question about why I was watching the NFL draft during the NFL draft other than to say I watched the NFL draft cause I enjoy it. It doesn't mean I sit there presuming every word they come up with is factual. Or that I agree they need a 10 minute segment on a draft pick who hit a girl in high school and why that's ok/not ok. But the draft i
  24. So it would be great if Harmon had the career of either guy. But I don't consider either guy a legit No. 1. Garcon only had one year that could be considered No. 1 material in his career. Colston is a bit harder to discuss because he was so consistently productive, but I'd still say he only had one year, his second, in which his numbers fully qualified as true No. 1 material. But the Saints had so many weapons and spread the ball he actually might qualify and he's a lot like this pick for sure. Again, if Harmon has any sort of career like those two he'll probably be the best pick of
  25. Did you really wonder out loud why a pundit would say something untrue? Uh, almost everything they say is untrue. Shefter lost his Redskins contacts when Shanny left. You think anyone on the team is calling him telling him anything about anyone on the team, much less Guice? Lawd. People really need to understand just become someone writes a thing doesn't make it so. Presume what you're seeing is false. Until it's clear it is not. And you'll be better for it.
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