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  1. I didn't mean it as a crack. I like Scherff. But the plain and simple fact is he's been a good player for us, but he's NOT been a dominant player for us. His game is based on strength so unless he runs into a monster in front of him he can hold up. But he has minimal second level ability and he can't be used to pull. He just lacks the athleticism to be dominant at the position. But that doesn't mean I don't like him or that I don't want him back. He's a very good player. I'd love to keep him. I'd just prefer to keep him at a price that makes sense versus a price that doesn't
  2. I like Rick Snider, but this list is pretty off and, likely as intended, fiction. I mean, I'd LOVE to see Harbaugh that high, but he's 100-1 to even LEAVE Michigan, much less come here. I do think Bieniemy is high on the list, but Todd Bowles is exactly as high and he's not even here. Bowles is a person Snyder likes a lot and though Gruden wouldn't let him in last year, as head coach he is easily up there. Of all the coaches out there and presumably available I'd probably MOST like Harbaugh or Rivera. I could also get behind McCarthy IF Rex Ryan is DC :).
  3. Unlikely. If we offered Cousins what the Vikings did he'd be here. He was all about the money. It's true he didn't like us enough to provide any hometown discount and Scherff may be similar as most players are, but, if we offer him the most, he'll be here. And we may offer him the most. Some of it depends still on Trent. In the situation where Allen is gone and a new regime comes in it is likely Williams returns in which case it's LESS likely you'll pay for Scherff. Williams still likes Snyder and has been very good about pointedly targeting Allen. If Allen is back, I see us pa
  4. This is right. Scherff is a good player. He's probably between 10 and 15 at his position. He's not mobile enough to be higher. I like him. I'd like to keep him, but we are entering a danger zone with him similar to Cousins. Cousins was between 10 and 20 at QB. You can't pay the No. 15 QB the most money at the position in the league. You can't pay the No. 15 guard the top money at his position. Now, it's LESS money and we have a load of space so maybe you do it and just eat it. But the simple fact is our best offensive lineman, best offensive player and our BEST player overa
  5. So Anderson would be a pretty standard SS linebacker, right? I used three names but mix and match as you see fit. Anderson at SS, Foster at MLB and Hamilton at weak is fine too :). I'm not as much in love with Holcomb as others may be, but whatever combo works, we are generally more suited for this lineup. Fiction. First, we'd be faster as a front seven than we are TODAY with the lineup. Second, by moving Kerrigan and Sweat to PURE DEs they go from slow (Kerringan) and fast in a straight line but SLOW on quickness (Sweat) at OLB, to VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY fast d
  6. Allen is an atrocious defensive end in a 3-4. Ok, he's average at best. Payne is average at best as a nose tackle in a 3-4. Now, you put both at defensive tackle in a 4-3 with Sweat and Kerrigan with their hands on the ground and I ASSURE you things look a LOT different. Allen is a one-gap player ONLY. Payne is your two-gap interior space eater. You play them right and they will be ok. You play this scheme where they are simply not good fits for the positions and you get what you see now. Payne isn't a NT in the NFL. Allen is NOT a DE in the NFL. But we play both at those s
  7. This isn't a team-centric take whatsoever. Nor is it tone-deaf to the state of the team and is entirely unbiased. It's a statement of pure fact without cogent counter. No coach with a legit pedigree is coming here UNLESS they deem the players they will get to build around in the VERY near future are the players they can win with in that very near future. The only way any coach in the Meyer, Harbaugh, Cowher, Dungy, Tomlin, Belichick, or any other imaginable name that is, is not, could be, or won't be available is coming here is if that is the case. That's not a favorable statement.
  8. The only reason Meyer or ANY established coach would come here is because of the players Allen brought in. If Haskins, Guice, McLaurin, Allen, Payne, etc. are our core and we are good we build a statue to Allen in five years. I doubt we get Meyer, cause we have been once bitten on the college coach thing. But I suspect we get a big name largely because our core makes us the most attractive possibility without complete rebuild being clearly necessary.
  9. Really? That isn't how the Pats do it. Or the Chiefs. Or the Saints. Or the Seahawks. It is true every crap team follows that standard though.
  10. Well, I can say if we are counting on Haskins to box, we're toast. Thankfully we're not :).
  11. Of course she did. It's total fiction. Total and complete. Before the draft it was mysteriously released the Redskins may move up, but not for Haskins, but for Jones. This was a ploy for the Giants to maximize us NOT having to move up for Haskins by goading the Giants into using their pick to better assure a fall. There was ZERO organization disagreement that Haskins was better than Jones. We clearly DID know their preference though. The Giants have a more leaky ship than we do. And that's why we did what we did. We wanted them to believe it was No. 6 for Jones o
  12. Reid is a chocolate chip cookie guy too, but that doesn't make them better than Oreos. They are, of course. I hope Reid's right about Haskins being the guy to bring in a new day for us at that position. I'm certainly not going to say he's wrong.
  13. Well, given she was giving Scot hummers for insider info when Scot was here, what are the chances she's maintained inside sources with him gone? She has none. She's trying to buff her false story heading into the draft by lending itself credence. That's ALL she's doing. That's all she'll do until someone else agrees to get a hummer I suppose. I'm going to tell you right now, Gruden, who is the coach of the offense, was not upset the Redskins didn't take another defensive player at No. 15. That's one you can take to the bank. I am willing to say this as well. While Haskins was
  14. So, Trubinsky didn't start Week 1. As Haskins shouldn't and Week 5 would be fine presumably. Cam does fit that, though is a distinctly different player than Haskins in that he can move. And the Panthers were 2-14 with no one at all proven to be able to play starting QB in the NFL on the roster (Clausen and Moore). Sanchez is the very interesting one. Much more like our situation in which we are a reasonably competitive team, not a train wreck like the Panthers. They were 9-7 before adding Sanchez led by Favre. But, unlike us, they had no one on their roster who actually could pla
  15. No. And, sure, yes, based on the criteria you set. What you've been saying the last few pages is if he's the best player he should start. And you have given yourself a perfect out by saying if his inexperience means he's not the best player he shouldn't start. The fact is, he IS our best player, AND he shouldn't start. The fact he needs time to learn his drops and timing and offense and gain more practice time and adjustment time doesn't negate from the fact he's our best player. He needs to develop, so he probably does need field time at some point, but the gen
  16. How many guys with one year starting experience in college have opened their NFL rookie year on the field as the starter? I really don't know. I suspect though that's a difference between Haskins and, well, each name I've seen mentioned as having started Game 1.
  17. I don't think it's quite that simple though. Haskins is a prospect with known negatives MOSTLY around his inexperience and around his inexperience picking up pressures and the like. I've said even if he seems to walk on water in the preseason and appears to be the best player we've ever seen at the position while Keenum and Colt look like John Beck, you still won't start Haskins Week 1. The primary reason for that is we're in Philly. You don't throw a player with primary negatives being inexperience and pressure into a road game against a division opponent in their stadium and expect i
  18. So, Cerrato is terrible because he tried to (but didn't) trade two firsts for Chad Johnson, but NOT GOOD for making those picks Orakpo and Williams? Neat little universe you got there. Haynesworth is a bit of a special case certainly. That actually was mostly Snyder and remains Snyder's worst actual move because he misjudged both Haynesworth's character, and Greg Blache's adaptability. The point remains, if Haskins is the answer, suddenly taking us to great heights, will Gruden become a better hire than Gibbs? Nope. He'll just be here when the lotto ticket was bought is all. And
  19. You must not remember the 2007 team well then. They were a pretty tough defensive team with a bad offense. They made the playoffs after falling to 5-7 because Todd Collins came in and played GREAT. The whole Saunders offense worked with Collins completing 64 percent of his passes for around 900 yards with 5 TDs, 0 INTs and a 106 rating, opening up everything and making us a complete team. Neither Cousins nor Griffin played great all of their playoff runs either. They did get hot for the stretches that mattered and the team became more. We're the classic definition of a team that's
  20. The Zorn hire was his most ludicrous hire by far. I can't argue there. Cerrato, for your dislike, was ideal for Gibbs as he worked how Gibbs wanted and Gibbs talked highly of him. Snyder has hired Marty, Spurrier, Gibbs and Shanny as pretty top level hires at the time made. None worked out largely because none found a QB -- and well, because Marty was a lunatic. Gruden was a "normal" NFL hire who has been given more patience than most would think acceptable. Really, only Zorn was a completely off the wall hiring and I know the team felt Gibbs kind of hung them out on that with th
  21. There's another common factor. QB. We've made the playoffs when we've had good QB play. Have not when we have not. Snyder owns the team. We've had a number of people try to find this spot. None have. Unless you're asking Snyder to be Jerry Jones and officially be our GM, you're not really blaming him. I know you want to. But the blame is on the people who actually made the choices and coached the teams that didn't work, not on the owner who let them do what they felt was right. We've been wrong a while. Maybe Haskins is the one we get right. And, jus
  22. We likely differ on the dysfunctional things the team has reportedly done. Likely they aren't at all dysfunctional, in spite of reports desperate to convince some they were, and it worked on you. It wasn't dysfunctional to fire a drunk who stopped answering calls from other teams leading into the draft...and winning the grievance...though we were told it was. It wasn't dysfunctional to take a no-risk flyer on a first-round talent like Foster who didn't do anything wrong...which proved to be exactly right...though we were told it was. It wasn't even dysfunctional to fire the business te
  23. Who? Tua, yes. Tua will have the experience, athleticism, accuracy, production and all that and he'll certainly be THE MAN. Who else? Haskins was graded by NFL.com as a 6.2 with the bulk of his flaws related to inexperience. If he has a year very similar to what he had this year in college again, he's over 7.0 and if he bumps his 40 time to 4.8, he's 7.5. There isn't another college QB not named Tua who is ahead of him NEXT year IF he stays in college another year and does anything similar to this year. As it was he already had a higher draft grade than Rosen or Allen l
  24. Well, it's well understood I believe Snyder is among the best owners in any league because he does what I believe an owner is supposed to do. Provide whatever his people tell them they need. There are the nice stories few hear about him about providing the plane for someone to go to a sick relative, or visiting in the hospital, and it is fair to say Snyder is a players owner in that he does do his fair share of jockey sniffing. As our owner, Snyder's sole responsibility is to do what he's asked to do by the people he's hired to try to win on the field. In that he's apparently quite goo
  25. @Coach Janky Spanky To be a spin master one must, by definition, spin. If one never speaks, one can't be a spin master. Two 7 minute interviews later does not alter that fact, though as I continued in the response, it's possible he becomes an attention whore if we do better and that would be a negative sign. As for the media wanting to talk to him for a while now, that's not really true. The national media has had minimal interest. The local media wants to talk to him, but he hasn't really embraced them, which you can expect, as they've misrepresented so much. I do agree with you
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