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The NFL Bennett Brothers

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I feel they both are beyond any responsibility or integrity. 


Martellus, in the latest of the 'everything we do is righteous', publicly defamed a physician. However, there are already reports by players on the team along with reports in the press refuting everything he says. Oh yea, and he continues to play with another team in the midst of this.


Earlier in the year, his brother acts like a lunatic and blames law enforcement in the latest of 'those damned cops again'. 


ESPN did a piece regarding their eclectic ways... PATHETIC. I've pretty much always disliked them and felt like this was a fine time to demonstrate why. 


So, bottom line, he quit on his current team. Fine, at least just walk out like Blount did with Pitt (and sign with NE). But defame people on your way out and contradict yourself in the process (if you're still playing than WTF IS YOUR POINT???) is soft. They both just come off like a bunch of punks. 


Side note, when is somebody gonna call out NE for constantly signing other teams trash. The are the worse scavengers of filth in the league. Seriously, I think they would resign the zombie of Aaron Hernandez if he were to arrive tomorrow.


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So is it a conspiracy now that former Patriots players seem to regularly get paid by another team, then released by their new team, then not get picked up on waivers by any other team because they only want to play for the Patriots and claim they'll retire otherwise.


Somebody on the radio was saying that a team like KC or Pitt should have signed Bennett and forced him to retire rather than allow the Pats to get stronger and basically get a starting TE back for almost nothing.


If this keeps happening every year then it's just another Bill Belichick Cheatriots scheme.



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Im pretty sure both of the Bennett brothers can be a pain in the ass and shoot stupid BS out of their mouths alot....


But I would put both of them in B&G in a New York minute.  I was was a little disappointed that we didnt go after Bennett when the Packers let him go.


Like Doc Walker says all the time....  "You're not gonna win with a team full of choir boys.  We need some thugs on this team."


I fully agree with that.

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