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  1. skinsmarydu

    Random Thought Thread

    Please schedule yourself accordingly. Get your lemonade on Saturday. 😁
  2. skinsmarydu

    Random Thought Thread

    Fries rock, but I'd cook em a tad longer. Their biscuits are horribly undercooked. Lemonade is the only thing they have that's solid...and I'm only paying $10/gallon for family events. Which are never since a few years ago. 🤗
  3. skinsmarydu

    90s music

    My first G3 included this cutie...he's got da feels of da blues.
  4. skinsmarydu

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Texans

    Our defense has improved by a mile. Still need to keep pressing harder in the secondary...but think about this too: Dallass doesn't really have any recent tape on Colt. He's a complete mystery to them. Advantage Redskins. Hail.
  5. skinsmarydu

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    I'm so bummed this morning. 🏈💩
  6. skinsmarydu

    **The Official 2018-2019 Winter Weather Thread**

    That's exactly what I'm afraid of. We've gotten a whole bunch of rain, leaves are still green, and we all know about ATL and precipitation. This winter has me freaking out just a bit. I'll probably be worried until it's 80 degrees again. Edit, add: sorry you had to go through all that, El. Back to normal now?
  7. No doubt. There was probably a lot of screaming once they got into the tunnel. ?
  8. skinsmarydu

    Random Thought Thread

    Now that my heart rate has come down, I've been boozeless today, so the final tennis match for the tour this year gets me now. ?
  9. skinsmarydu

    Game Day Thread - Redskins VS Houston Oilers

    Well, we know what Colt has. LET'S BEAT DALLAS!! HTTR !