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  1. Being in the biz, I come across people all the time who say "Can't do that, it messed with me last time". Every once in a while, your body doesn't want what's in it. (My mom's a nurse.) And sometimes, it's a rather violent expulsion. But seriously, true food poisoning happens 36-48 hours after BAD FOOD is eaten. Anything that happens prior can most likely be attributed to a "food borne illness", which is a transfer of germs. And I can't believe I'm going to type this...but I don't eat in restaurants. I cook at home, or bring a sauce to work with, etc. The easiest way to not get sick is to limit the hands that touch your food. I don't know any serious food service employee that would advise you differently...but then again, I'm one of a kind.
  2. ...the only kind there is...everything else is "gravy". That looks amazing...and I make my sauce almost exactly the same, I use coarse ground black pepper instead of white, tho, and about 5 drops of Texas Pete...but heavy on the red pepper flakes! And slaw goes on the meat, with the sauce...a sandwich bun is optional, unless you're a wetter...too much sauce kills the flavor of the smoke on the pork.
  3. Yeah, I lived there, on Clifton street and walked to the elementary school just at the end of the block. It was a nice place in the 70s.
  4. What was it Miranda Lambert sang? "Hide your crazy and start acting like a lady"...and "it doesn't matter how you feel it only matters how you look" in the same song. Wise words from one who knows.
  5. These WiseFoodStorage commercials make me Just add water...shows video of mom lovingly pouring hot water into a package, and kids just scoopin' it up. Well, solar flares/cyber warfare will erase electricity, so.....there won't be any water treatment plants working, sooo.... I could go on for hours about how stupid that **** is. Anyway, I'm back from the doc, the picture of perfect health for a smoking 51-year-old. Last time I was there was for my 6-month checkup, 3 days after the election and my BP then was 210/99, and that was with my old med. So, she put me on a new I was 110/76
  6. I got hooked when it first came out. Those teeny little waffle cones... My yearly physical is in a few hours, so I can't put anything in my coffee.
  7. I ...but I'll challenge that there's no reason to discourage it either
  8. For some reason, I think of H.R. Puffinstuff. Where's what's his face with the magic flute?
  9. Sorry and congrats, Poker.
  10. Ah yes...the "burrito" on cats too
  11. The one you saw was last night's...this one was a re-run before the 11 pm news...Jim Carrey & Soundgarden.
  12. Yeah, I worked all day yesterday, good money but GAWD I hurt when I got home. Then hubby talked non-stop, and was watching an old SNL, that had Soundgarden.
  13. Yep, he's way too ignorant to know that. (Not to mention probably clinically insane as well.)
  14. Holy. I'm on MSNBC and they're talking about what must be going on onboard AF1. Me, I'm like