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  1. Random Thought Thread

    Average Sunday on any lake in Georgia. 🤣
  2. Random Thought Thread

    My ex-FIL owned it in the 80s. He owned The Lemon Peel too, the female club that's hosted more bachelorette parties than any other "establishment" in Atlanta. You could smell the vomit from across the road. In the daytime. 😂
  3. Let's Talk about Pets

    Awesome recommendations. I called the doggie daycare on it and they said more raw protein could help. The oils aren't fake, therefore digested more like "wild".
  4. Random Thought Thread

    Nothing'sgonna bring me down today! #ALLCAPS
  5. 2017 - 18 Washington Capitals Thread

    That was one of the coolest games I've ever seen...Ovi's early goal, Wilson giving Coburn that ass whoopin' right outta the box, and Burakovsky's speed getting us 2 insurance goals. And Holtby was a God. We got a memo at work yesterday morning sayin red shirts are for Saturdays only from now on, and boss knows I read it.😣😣😣
  6. Standing during the Pledge or National Anthem

    Or someone who will change the name. 😢 HTTR!
  7. Have you ever smoked Weed before???

    Wow. I truly learn something new every day. 😁
  8. Random Thought Thread

    I'm in agreement. You've been down this road before...nothing against your parents. If they need help, that's one thing. I understand wanting to provide that help, trust me. But it has worn you down in the past, from what you've posted, and your life is taking a turn for the better with your new certs. My pennies, for what they're worth. Just want you to feel good. You deserve it. 🤘
  9. Let's Talk about Pets

    Have you already tried a Cosequin supplement?
  10. 2017 - 18 Washington Capitals Thread

    My husband has a giant framed Ronnie Lott print...dude gave up a pinkie for a win.
  11. 2017 - 18 Washington Capitals Thread

    Glad she's in. Love seeing women older than me paying to sit behind the benches, wearing serious gear. Makes me proud.
  12. Random Thought Thread

    It is indeed. 🏒🏆😍🙋‍♀️