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  1. Per WSB-TV news, there's going to be an Impeachment March here in ATL tomorrow at noon from the Peachtree Marta Station through Buckhead to Lenox Square Mall.
  2. You go, girl.
  3. My husband just said, "The Capitals are playing again today...after the OT/shootout from yesterday..." Cool (I'm just doing laundry & stuff, so I can watch) and not cool...they need a friggin' break!
  4. Oh, my. Dear Food Network...
  5. Tis true! (86 the capers, tho.)
  6. With Philly Garden Vegetable cream cheese. OMG.
  7. In a steam cabinet, the same kind we use to keep our garlic bread knots warm at work.
  8. You do know that they have no ovens, right? Donuts come in precooked.
  9. Rain here.
  10. Also those creme eggs.
  11. Don't damn God. Truly bad karma.