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  1. Spencer paid $10,000 for the is over $600,000. National Guard has been deployed, more than 500 police on campus now.
  2. I'll be watching a little more closely in the future, for sure. I could totally see her leaving him at some point. I mean, there's a certain walk she has, that "older model walk". As LSF said, her accent is unmistakable (when she does speak), and I doubt could be properly duplicated. Just something else to keep an eye on.
  3. Random Thought Thread

    Tar Heel blue on a KI shoe? That's just blasphemy.
  4. If you love Tailgate, don't lose your privilege

    It's one of my all-time favorite bits. I was in forensics/debate in HS, and one hilarious genius dude did it for Humorous Interp. Won ****loads of trophies. I'll never forget it.
  5. That caught me too. This is better than my soaps...which I'm trying to watch now...
  6. Now THIS is a conspiracy I can dig! --After the "handshake" incident, she disappeared and there's been a double ever since. Quick...let's find out where the kid is...that's the key. She'd never leave without taking Barron with her.--
  7. Random Thought Thread

    Surprisingly enough, Miley Cyrus' version kicks ass too. Just sayin'.
  8. Wow...that's really a trip! I wonder how long THAT's been goin' on!
  9. Yep...he's already tweeted about it. What a jackass.
  10. Rep. Wilson will be on MoJoe shortly. I damn near passed out when I first heard that ****. And I agree about's also too good for him.
  11. If you love Tailgate, don't lose your privilege

    You must put this in the next book so we know your loyalty.