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  1. Random Thought Thread

  2. Random Thought Thread

    You know the way to my heart. 😁
  3. This almost gave me a puke episode. I'll forgive you.
  4. Random Thought Thread

    Better story than mine by far! Hail.
  5. Impeach him, get this bumbling fool WHO HAS ADMITTED HE CAN'T SPEAK PROPERLY out. We can deal with the Pence **** when it comes. The 25th amendment can now be enforced. He himself ADMITTED that he can't talk, pretty much a requirement of the ****in job. Boom. 💥
  6. My husband says he hasn't, but he has. He has fallen in line. I'm in hell.
  7. Random Thought Thread

    Kinda - I'd guess '91 or so I was at a bar that had an awesome guitar player (with a back machine)...I musta put $50 in his tip jar, he played Satriani perfectly. Forward to '97, I was dating a fairly prominent keyboard player here in town. We're at a bar to see Jan Smith (the leading vocal teacher around here)...she had an awesome band...guitar dude was there, and I was introduced as "Mary, my...ummm ....friend"... Guitar dude says "We know each other! " ...and the strangest looks got passed around. Weird ATL music moment.
  8. I thought it woulda been poisoned & Trump would drop on the spot. I'm terribly disappointed.
  9. Random Thought Thread

    Put that chicken on a Foreman grill & you're golden. 😉 #justforgrillmarks
  10. Random Thought Thread

    Y'all keep talking about food. I might actually cook dinner. 😁 Fried okra is awesome, I would concur with Taze, breading and whatnot makes or breaks it. Memaw did it with corn flake crumbs, just like her fried chicken. 🤘
  11. Random Thought Thread

    Me too...iirc, he had hooked up with a new girl? I sent him a shout about a kitty issue, but never heard back. 😔
  12. A little while ago, Putin's car pulled into a closed tent. The Beast just pulled into the same tent. Who is staying behind with the cars? Does this worry anyone but me?