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  1. Word.
  2. yes, but the recusal comes up for vote, if I remember parliamentary procedure then a new chair would come to vote
  3. Guess what? It always is if for the right reason. Bring your boy home. This ain't worth it. And you'll never admit it, but you know I'm right.
  4. I know, I wanna yell at everyone too...but we're here together. You know dat.
  5. Why did they watch?
  6. I had one of those last week. My dude WAS NOT my husband, and there were no boundaries. Either way. I got my soap opera thang on. Woke up totally freakedoooout.
  7. You know, we kill people on a daily basis! The ones you don't wanna see, the ones you don't think needed help a few years ago! But we're here for YOU, the real 'Muricans!
  8. Kim will. He wears what he's told to wear.
  9. I'm glad he got us Crowder. <duke girl here> I saw the kid play live, knew he was golden. Now, just for my sake alone, invest in the dude who can throw to him, without pissing said dude off and making him want to leave. GIVE HIM AN O-LINE. That's all I ask. I pray for a winning season each year. Not a huge request. I just need a little help from my friends...I'll get by with a little help from my friends...
  10. I was watching all those years ago when he did that...and some folks thought he was being "extreme". He was absolutely serious, he meant it, and it will be the only viable option for too many people. SAD.
  11. If MBB (my buddy Barack) had said anything remotely close to what was said after the escalator descent, he would've been toast. I don't see how any person got past that moment. I'm very close to losing all hope. Somebody better step in or we're both taking the deepest dive. No ****.
  12. Despite his dad being an OB/GYN (which should give every single woman on Earth a severe case of the shivers), Rand Paul don't give a ****. And he's leading this nutbag of "you don't deserve anything you didn't earn, just die already" caucus. **** him.
  13. People who are robbing other people usually don't have an "estate", and that's worth noting. Now on to the specifics: And felony murder is pretty much defined as "a death occuring in the commission of another felony"...which I don't know that intent can be proven in this case...B&E is a misdemeanor, and theft is minor (not "grand") unless it exceeds $500 in most states...and obviously, nothing was stolen. Carrying a weapon? Not a felony in this case, unless intent to harm can be proven. Only people harmed were the perps. Just as a PD, I'd throw a couple motions out there into the wind...but we all know judges ain't havin' it. You're armed in a stranger's home, you get what's comin'.
  14. That's because spouting hate on a website with no one to argue against one doesn't equip one for that experience.