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  1. Super hard in my biz, where "making friends and influencing people" keeps "my base". Timing is everything, some times are less than optimal, so I keep it to a bare minimum at work.
  2. They are. They took over the Daily Stormer site before it moved to a Russian server, and hubby said even Russia kicked 'em off yesterday???
  3. That's the guy that called Trump a "9-year-old with ADHD".
  4. The guys with Trump stickers on their truck ruined the walls in the bathrooms in my restaurant twice...because they installed (twice) dispensers that we didn't have the product for. Once again with feeling...TWICE. Idiots.
  5. Thanks for sharing that, @LD0506. A must-read.
  6. Tiffany, keep yourself out of all of this. You might survive to have a life...but you may have to work. (Barron's already in it, poor kid.)
  7. This. Just finding out that my nationwide pharmacy's CEO has one of the 5 highest salaries in the entire industry made me switch to a mom & pop across the street, that is still alive & kicking well enough to erect a new brick double-faced sign.
  8. I made that assumption yesterday vocally, and I was correct. I said, "Every day above ground is a good one...unless you're Trump." Got a .
  9. No...I bought 'em at a golf shop in the mid-90s. Just 6 feet long, maybe 2 feet wide strips of astroturf. What I liked (that others have mentioned) is that the cup was raised a little, so there was just the slightest incline, which made you "push" the ball just a little to make that teensy also had this optical illusion visual around the cup that made it look real. *This was great 20 years ago.*
  10. My step-sister came this close to calling Obama the N word in a restaurant at a family breakfast. We've gone waaayy past not sending each other birthday cards. I'm sure we'll have to talk when Mom passes. I may just have my attorney handle it all without a word. edit, thread-cross...apologies.
  11. You ain't winnin' till George says so. have no idea how much I needed that.
  12. Did you see Ari Melber just almost emulsify a Trump supporter (who tried to play the "we're both Jewish card") with a friggin' lawyer/anchor on a network who gives just a small crap about facts? It was funny...except then I remembered, it shouldn't be. I shouldn't be cracking up at a TV anchor who gets the best of his guest. It should be a legitimate discussion. What the **** happened? I swear, I still feel like I'm in a weird nightmare.
  13. 44, don't you dare say it was started over a girl. I'll laugh myself into next week. (I could use it, tho...) ...edit...the laugh, that is...
  14. I bought one of those little astroturf roll-out carpets with the hole at the end...then bought another so they'd go the whole hallway and I could use them end to end...cats tore 'em up in the long run, but they helped me...and my carpet had indentation design, so "reading it" was never entirely right...I'd leave it down so the cats would walk on it this way and that, making marks...try to read around those. It's kinda like learning to eat with chopsticks. Practice at home, where you don't have people watching you.
  15. Yeah, I kinda own that one... or two...