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  1. Only getting better, too....climate change is going to help their economy long term--we watched it on Vice. ****ers.
  2. What the heck is that thing? I'm on my phone & can't see. ....
  3. I'll add that if he were just a danger to himself, that would be one thing. But he's a danger to the entire world now. Let That Sink In.
  4. Hubby gets Sabrina jumping way high on the bed, flipping around and all. It's hilarious...she has one certain toy that she goes bonkers over.
  5. He owes Russian banks money. That reflects poorly on anyone in a federal government position, full stop.
  6. Good. Let's talk about the money angle. Lots of stuff going on there...for decades...because no bank in the entire US would lend to him. Beavis or Butthead (I forget which) already said ON TAPE that they have "all the funding we need from Russia". Another interesting comment the other evening was that "our brand has never been bigger"...which was the goal all along. It most certainly wasn't the well-being of the rest of the citizens of the USA. I assume the IRS probably started there, and they've now joined one of the many investigations. It's just a matter of time. Like I said earlier, they may only get one shot at this, so it's gotta be perfect, both in form and filing of charges. But it's gonna happen. (Personally, I think he's setting up a decent defense of insanity. The man's bonkers.)
  7. I hereby denounce all of you cat haters.
  8. What we have is an investigation. With 13 attorneys working for Mueller, a few whose specialties include money laundering. The Russian bank that loaned Trump the money for Trump Soho tower was "closest to Putin"...if you haven't paid attention to recent events. They're going to get him. Wait and see. Some of us can be patient for the outcome. But it's gonna happen. Count on it.
  9. Ron White said it best. "You Can't Fix Stupid".
  10. A good reason!...even though we've been together 17 yrs, married for almost name is still not on the mortgage. We still don't have any joint accounts, not one. The only thing in my name whatsoever is my cell phone. After having to carry everything for most of my adult life, it's kinda nice to give up all responsibility.
  11. That's why I think reading the books is better. It's more suspense, gotta turn that page.
  12. I'm in there. Cool, again! My husband is about to hit the Monte Carlo trying to get out. Seriously? Have me move the car. Sheesh......................................
  13. Piedmont now stretches to Richmond. Cool.
  14. I ran out of breath laughing! Damn near choked to death...still can't stop