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  1. Election 2020 Thread

    I will vote for her Also for a 50 something year old, I would definitely smash that
  2. Dude, most Republicans run on the whole family values mantra... Don't try and slide that into a minority point of view...... Most democrats don't run on PETA views... Nice try though
  3. So that means he definitely does, until proven otherwise.... Alex Jones logic
  4. "Be Best"... Everyone Also that spokeswoman about to be fired
  5. Paging Ax.... Paging Ax..... Nah, forget that, don't feed the troll
  6. Oh, you don't get a cookie champ or a "atta" boy..... But what Trump meant was.........
  7. Oh wait what are the buzzwords the orange cheeto's crew uses, the same Douchebag you defend on here with semantics bull****..... Someone got "triggered", you sound like a sensitive "snowflake"...... You need your safe space? Defend the pig in the Whitehouse and when you get called out for being covered in pig ****... Don't whine
  8. Waiting for Kilmer to show up and defend any minute now........ What he meant was......
  9. Guess what happened within the last couple of days..... There was one cha ge that drug this thread into the mud..... Like everything else Trumpers touch..... Oh, excuse me REAL Americans, not the fake ones I did say stop feeding the troll days ago....
  10. It's freaking surreal..... Actively Butcher the **** out if a law..... But hey let it die on its own is the **** some people try to sell... While they cut subsidized payments, no penalties for not havung any insurance.... Meanwhile blow up the deficit to hyper charge an economy where if I ain't no economist but I am sure prices will start going up unless interest rates are raised to slow down the pumping of money into the economy
  11. It could have been a 400 pound guy who stole the car or the Chinese... Who knows
  12. I don't get it.. Why engage the guy who won't change his views.... It's just a freaking circular argument that goes nowhere it's obvious he is a Trump MAGA lover who loves every despicable thing this Piece of **** president does...... Like for real the FBI is out to get Trump... Wtf... Get out of here with that bull****
  13. ****ing ridiculous.…….I bet you she was one of those ****ing about Obama being a tyrant and at the same time being a weak some of our resident Trumpsters and Republicans in here.....****ing idiotic and makes no sense
  14. Election 2018 Thread

    Most African Americans are conservative democrats.... Believe in taking care of all, but not full blown hard left.... Mostly because I think of the Christian background as well.... Being a Baptist personally has me always being a slightly conservative Democrat bcos I know they will fight for minorities as well not just cater to majorities like some party does and say **** everyone else
  15. You are full of ****... Go read the indictment detailing how GRU operatives hacked and deseminated hacked emails..... All that **** seems made up like ****ing yellow cake.... Yeah you are definitely full of horse **** Thank you.... So ****ing annoying with his constant bs
  16. Ha... We are so ****ed... Like I said earlier it was a good run..... Where do we rank among empires.... Ottoman, British and Egyptian empires? I suck at history
  17. You know this is like one of the plots from Homeland where there are senators actively working against our intelligence services bcos they were embarrassed that they were used by Russian intelligence and still wanted to maintain power regardless Trump is a ****
  18. ****ing embarrassing....... Went after Hillary Clinton in that same conference asking about DNC servers.... What the ****... How much of a **** do you have to be, the FBI just indicted 12 Russian intelligence officers for hacking the DNC but you believe the former KGB agent.... Wtf!!!....all for power
  19. Election 2018 Thread

    Shakira, shakira
  20. This **** is like surreal...... This is the president of the United States.... Wow Oh.. By the way cue Zoony running in here ****ing about whiny liberals..... ****ing pathetic