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  1. Also last thing like I said way back when the idiot in chief was elected...This is the beginning of the end of our run as a world leading power....Eroding of trust in institutions all the way to the supreme court now....
  2. At this point the moral high ground doesn't mean jack **** anymore....Donald Trump has proven that....As long as you win, learning the hard way Democrats are....Morality is for losers apparently. I will put money on two things happening...Roe vs Wade is overturned...or its is deemed that President cant be subpoenaed...Just watch
  3. So whats that saying about gaining the whole world but losing your soul......Looking at you Brett...
  4. The whole thing is surreal...claiming a conspiracy due to the Clintons...…but makes the freaking supreme people high five this partisan asshole as being fair and impartial.....I believe in God but somedays I wonder why ****ty things like this happen...
  5. killerbee99

    Best Cell Phone Carrier - Deals, Coverage, Etc.

    Sprints 1 year bring you own device free unlimited plan is the best deal for cheapskates or for kids in my opinion. You only pay $4 in taxes... It expires Jan 2019
  6. It's ****ing sad, but whatever
  7. Damn...... Cold blooded
  8. Hmm.. This dude... Just cut bait and get your other conservative nominee..... Hardiman would be a decent conservative... Not a hack like Kavanaugh or the other chick.... With no judicial experience and trying to slam her on the Supreme Court
  9. Which democrats.... Curious
  10. Pathetic.. A Supreme Court Judge ranting about the Clinton's conspiracy... Seriously wtf
  11. Dude is evasive as hell...
  12. Just understand how some people live as human beings seeing that debacle yesterday and saying he has my vote... Like wtf..... How ****ing soul less can you be.....oh I forgot, got to be a Republican! He is on my team **** everything else
  13. Someone is making an ass of themselves I this thread..... "attempted sexual assault is not sexual assault"..... Your honor I almost raped her, almost got her panties or bathing suit off, but she got away.. So there can be no sexual assault.... Since the attempt failed........ Some people are just dumb asses...
  14. Hardiman would be OK in my book.... Bk is tainted at this point
  15. Hey it's his destiny right.... Central casting as the president likes to say
  16. Except for when it's President douchebag..... Then it's is I will sue everyone for libel for writing mean things about me
  17. Lean more towards this..... If not Cornyn wouldn't be getting all puffy chested about Booker not following Senate rules......
  18. Don't matter Murkowski and Maine lady senator ain't flipping... Susan Collins... Kept forgetting her name
  19. Where is all the pearl clutching people at.... Booker needs to be kicked out of the senate.... Pffttt...
  20. Welcome the Age of Trump... The beginning of the true decline of America.. When we elected a pathological liar bcos of a black man being president..... Not decent people Kasich or some other decen person.. .. ****ing Donald Trump, a man with no moral fiber, no guiding principle... God bless America But again Cavanaugh is getting in
  21. All I know is I am voting for the Rock in 2020....**** it since we are going all ****ing Idiocracy now.. Let's dive in.... Tired of taking the constant high ground while people **** on you with smiles on their faces..... And Stormy's lawyer for VP... Let's go... Woooooo!!! But Kavanaugh is getting in....
  22. Same way listening to Republicans **** about decorum when they threw that **** out the window in the Trump Era... Keep carrying that water though
  23. Hey Karma is a **** bcos if Dems ever get a turn after repubs did nothing with Garland and rushing their guys through.... It's gonna be ugly.. But hey your team, my team right.... **** America, we are all teams now...
  24. You need murkowski and the chick from Maine to defect... Not happening