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  1. Rand trying to be the Dana Rohrabacher of the Senate
  2. Election 2018 Thread

  3. Election 2018 Thread

    If anything that would make Tim Kaine look better. Tim Kaine has the goons on deck.
  4. Election 2018 Thread

    In the Corey Stewart is a racist file #597
  5. At this point I doubt the Trump campaign is getting money from small donors. Maybe the people who buy the merch but not buying small cash donations
  6. Election 2018 Thread

    It's a poll of women. If it's this low for Republican women it might be single digits for men.
  7. Red State Democrats need to hold.
  8. Election 2018 Thread

    Please proceed.
  9. You must have missed the story from 6 months ago when a lady was denied from bringing her pea**** on a plane.