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  1. Hmm, I'll have to listen more closely then. Because I'm one of many who thinks it sounds like Kur-t.
  2. Maybe you missed my sarcasm. I was mainly referring to the fact that "Brice" can't get our QB's name right. It's KIR-K!!!! Not Kurt!
  3. That Brice Allen is quite the smooth talker. So gifted at speaking a lot of words and saying nothing. Except for when it comes to talking about the most important player on the team. Ole Brice is surely nothing like his old man. He's a truly "special" individual...
  4. Gruden. I think he is pretty football savvy but more importantly he knows how to coach today's modern athlete.
  5. I'm torn on Doug Williams. I think he has the right personality to deal with all the egos and players. Especially BA's. However, he is truly beloved and we see what happens to people who don't live up to Snyder's expectations. They leave the organization tattered and torn. I wouldn't want that to happen to a guy who has been nothing but class throughout his whole career. If he is promoted (and I'd support that 100%) then maybe he has enough clout to keep Dan from bullying him around. For that reason (and the fact that he has put in the time and is qualified), I think he should get the nod.
  6. LOL, get outta my head! Shoulda read all the posts first :/
  7. So, with that kind of logic, players like Joe Montana (3rd round), Tom Brady (6th round), and Kurt Warner (undrafted) should have never been paid market value but players like Ryan Leaf (2nd player picked), Demarcus Russell (1st player picked), and Vince Young (3rd player picked) all deserved big contracts?
  8. I wouldn't waste my time. He's an obvious troll. He makes general statements without any basis in fact. His opinion should be held in the same regard as his cousin Vinny.
  9. There will be a dark cloud hovering over the season until Kirk is signed long term. Especially after seeing how much the Bears had to surrender to move up only one spot to draft a 1 year starter from a spread option offense who some people compare to Andy Dalton. Not bad but not worth the haul of picks it took to get him. The league is starved for competent QB's. The Redskins have a guy who is good enough to build a championship team around (through the draft and smart Free Agency). They better not screw this up.
  10. I can't wait for the day when their golden boy ends up on his back with cleat marks on his chest!
  11. Watching the film for myself these are the positives that came to my mind: 1) Ball security. Very comfortable running left or right. Really shows good awareness by getting the ball high in an angle when he feels a presence. Looks just as fast with the ball in his left hand as he is when it's in his right. 2) Game speed. This kid doesn't run like a 4.61 back. Once he gets in the open field he seems like he has another gear. Some guys need to have competition. Running by themselves against the clock doesn't get their juices flowing. But when trying to beat someone they have another gear. He's got that extra gear. 3) Balance. I saw some big hits against him. They may knock him off stride but he maintains his balance and keeps on going. Doesn't have a jump cut but really this is his jump cut. He won't be ran over or arm tackled. His lower body is too strong. 4) Toughness. He really runs angry. He doesn't really hunt people down as much as I had heard (and I'm glad for that) but when he knows contact is inevitable then by God he's going to punish somebody! 5) Desire. This kid wants it bad. He will not be denied on the goal line. If he only has to beat one defender that won't be enough to keep him out of the end zone. Barring some training camp or preseason injury (God forbid) he'll be the starting RB vs Philly in the opener. His vision is ok but better than Fat Rob's. All his other intangibles are better than Kelley. That said, there will be carries for both of them. Kelley isn't too far behind really. I can't wait to see the four minute offense with the one-two punch of Perine and Kelley as we bludgeon the opposing defense into submission to close out a game. Wonder what happens about the jersey? Will Kelley sell the number?
  12. Fixed it for ya. If nothing else by God we will be able to complete fades this year! I actually think drafting taller receivers is a great benefit for two reasons. 1) They are typically better as run blockers 2) They don't have to possess blazing speed; there are usually only a few speedsters and they almost always have hamstring issues.
  13. If the Redskins can lock up Kirk in a LTD, then I'd have to consider this offseason (on paper of course) as one of the most successful since the year Casserly fleeced Ditka. I know we still have to see how everyone performs. We'll know about the rookies in a couple of years but I think there may be some instant contributors. If they get Kirk locked up then I'd truly be comfortable with them promoting from within.