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  1. Not surprised by those figures. And that is the number one problem. When opposing fans show up and are embarrassed by a beat down of their team then they will stop showing up. Also, ticket prices need to come down. I think people would be less likely to resell theirs if they could reasonably afford to go to each game. For me and my two boys traveling from Hampton, Va I generally am out about $700 after all is said and done. Haven't been in 4 years because the previous 7 games were all losses.
  2. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    You know it's bad when you find yourself liking dallas fans more than your "fellow" low football iq Redskin's fans. Not even die-hard cowpie fans are putting this loss on Kirk.
  3. Putting this all on the receiver play doesn't work for me

    Jay needs to borrow a page from Joe Gibbs playbook who scrapped his air Coryell passing game for a smash mouth running game in his first year. Only flip it. Gruden should not be lining up anybody as a TE the rest of the year. None of them can be counted on to block (or even get in the way of) a DE or LB. Neither Reed nor Davis should be within 5 yards of an OT. Then get your guys that are being productive on the field. Reed, Davis, Doctson along with either Grant or Crowder. Although Grant has an edge in production right now. (Crowder is a major disappointment this year) Let the other receivers battle it out for scraps. Time for Gruden to break the usual mold and innovate. Because if he tries to stay traditional then the results will be okay but never great. This would also allow Kirk build up a chemistry with 4 guys. The difference between Kirk and Wentz is that Wentz can at least trust his guys to catch a ball when wide open, run the correct route, and get beyond the sticks on 3rd and short!
  4. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    Reference the critique on Kirk getting so much of his yards on YACs Cooley brought up a good point. The Raiders were sitting back deep because they know Kirk can throw the deep ball. You don't lead the N-F-L in 2016 in air yards if you can't throw the ball down the field. So, the opportunities to hit some short stuff and get some YAC's comes because defenses are worried about Kirk taking shots down the field. A'la Doctson's 50/50 ball.
  5. Welcome to the Redskins Montae Nicholson, S, Michigan State

    Then that would make Ioannidas our Dave Butz! I would love to see Ioannidas come up with a Spartan related Sack dance. Every time I hear his name I think of King Leonidas. Maybe where he pretends he's holding a shield and stabs with a javelin. Of course, he'd probably get fined and penalized for that.
  6. Josh Normanism's

    Not to mention that all the money he got did not change him. He's real. He lets you see his heart and you know it's genuine. You see him working hard after practice, signing autograph after autograph, and never giving up on a play. J-No has an old school mentality when it comes to playing the game. He's all about playing to the whistle. I've never seen a guy come across the field like he does just to force a fumble. In the past, we signed mercenaries that just wanted a paycheck. I honestly feel like Norman wants to win so bad that it eats him alive when they don't. He could have thrown his DC and secondary coach under the bus last year when they obviously botched the scheme so badly that they were probably the worst defense in football (stats may say differently but we know better - they were horrible). Norman was a good soldier and kept doing what he could to make plays within the scheme; despite all the noise from talking heads who don't know football. As a long time fan (since late 60s) I'm very happy he's on the team and I wish we had more like him.
  7. Josh Normanism's

    Another one from his 2016 first take interview when asked about the pressure of covering so many good receivers in the NFL. "Pressure bursts pipes and I don't have any." Love that!
  8. Josh Normanism's

    Another one in his interview with First Take he says "at the same token." It's scary that I know exactly what he's trying to say and I find myself saying that makes sense to me! It's been a while - since Portis really - that we've had a colorful character like Josh. Love his new commercials. Although, I wonder if he drew a pair of butter hands on Pryor?
  9. Josh Normanism's

    Josh Norman is quickly becoming one of my all time favorites. Not only does he produce on the field but he comes up with some crazy, lol pronunciations. And what's funny is they kinda make sense and I find myself wanting to use some of those Normanisms myself. The latest being copa-steady instead of copacetic in his rant against the Raiders receivers. Hopefully the mods will indulge us a little light-hearted humor to sweeten the endless debates about our QB's market value. What are some of your favorite Normanism's?
  10. How do you feel about the Receiving corps?

    This is a clear case of a kid that doesn't love football. It is also a generation issue. I see it even in youth football. In my day if you started something you didn't dare tell Mommy and Daddy you didn't want to play any more during the season! But now kids do it all the time and parents (who want to be their friends) give into their demands. Cravens, Doctson, the 49ers young players, etc. Get used to it. I'm now on Gruden's side about Grant. Give me a kid that appreciates that he gets paid to play a game and would kill to get on the field over some moody mama's boy who is all about himself and his feelings.
  11. Bill Callahan and the Offensive Line

    Not a good excuse but Kirk was high on his passes all day and having free runners right in his face is a factor. You don't want batted balls and that tends to cause a QB to use a higher trajectory. I have zero confidence in our O-line to get a yard when needed. As a long time Redskin man that's a terrible feeling.
  12. Bill Callahan and the Offensive Line

    Ah, k. Yeah that would make sense.
  13. Bill Callahan and the Offensive Line

    I heard that and didn't think it was a heated exchange. But it's been two days now since that Friday interview that Cooley and Sheehan have inexplicably been off the air. If the Redskins get rid of him over that then that would be a huge mistake. Cooley would land another job in a day. He really knows his stuff and his Film Breakdowns are off the charts. If some Redskins players are butt hurt about being called out then how about cleaning up the stupid unforced errors like missed assignments?!?!
  14. Bill Callahan and the Offensive Line

    I think it's more on Callahan than Gruden. Gruden gave Callahan control of the running game to get him to come to Washington. Callahan left dallass because he wanted more input. Sadly, without him they haven't missed a beat. Maybe his pride won't let him simplify and run a scheme that suits his talents; not the personnel he had before?
  15. Bill Callahan and the Offensive Line

    Here's my opinion. Stop trying to hammer a square peg into a round hole. Our Oline is a really good pass pro line. They do not have the personality to mash people. So, stop trying to turn them into Hogs. Even our Tight Ends are below average blockers. Missed assignments or a bad effort is the norm from all of them. You are who you are and I think Kdawg would agree that at this point Gruden needs to come to terms with the fact that we are an offense that should set up the run with the passing game. I would never go two-tight with this team! Sprinkle is not quite physical enough (needs a year to put on about 15 pounds of muscle). Reed, Davis, and Niles are all just thick receivers who may be able to block a DB or a safety but vs the front 7 they're paltry most times. Carrier probably won't even make the team but like Paul he's just another thick receiver. If I'm Gruden? I just go with one back (Kelly/Perrine or Thompson - depending on down and distance), Pryor at the X (usually by himself), Doctson and Crowder on the other side with Crowder as the slot, then Flex or motion Reed to either side. Davis backs up Reed, Maurice Harris can back up Pryor or Doctson, Grant can sub in for Crowder (for only one play then right back out). Let Kirk get the team into the right play based on the defense. Eight man front = pass. Seven man front with Safeties deep = run. p.s. It's awesome that the board remembered what I had typed. When the site went down I thought I'd have to start all over. What a great feature; not to mention relief!