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  1. I'm not sold on USC QBs. However, for the sake of argument, let's say he really is that good. We'd have to give up another king's ransom to secure him and we're still paying for that (especially on defense) for the last time we did that in 2012.
  2. How rational is it to think it's so easy to find a QB who can throw for over 4K yards with no running game and no wide receiver over 6 foot tall for 2 years in a row? Kirk may not be Brady, Rodgers, or Ben. He doesn't need to be if the Redskins improve the Defense and Running game. And the cap won't matter. It's the cost of doing business. Cash creates cap so if the team wants to make a run there's nothing to stop them from doing so. Even Kirk hinted that if he thought his salary was holding the team back he could negotiate his cap hit down. The pieces on offense are set up for about a 3 year run. After that, you're going to have to retool (Williams, Reed, possibly Moses, Luavao, etc.) Who is the can't miss QB in this draft? Or next year? Who is that guy that you would bet your own money (or beers) who will outperform Kirk in the next 3 years?
  3. From a financial perspective, you're going to have to pay a lot of money for even a sub-par QB. Mike Glennon just got $15M a year and he was a backup behind Winston in Tampa Bay! In a pass heavy league you can't skimp on QB. Seattle had Lynch and without him they fell back to earth. Dallass has a great Oline and Elliot. Still didn't help them to get passed GB tho did it? The cap hit will most likely be less than the franchise number of $24.6. The offense is good enough to win now. Adding bigger targets and getting some help in the run game will solve the Red Zone issue and will make it easier on Kirk since he won't have to be perfect down there. Anything over 3 yards a carry from the run game will be a very welcome addition. And if the Defense has improved enough so that it can at least stop a team like Detroit from driving 75 yards in less than 45 seconds with no timeouts to score a winning TD then you can pencil in a couple more wins there. If finances are the only hold up then the Redskins will never solve the QB problem. They'll always be trying to get off cheap and in today's NFL the QB is THE MOST IMPORTANT position on the field. P.S. Bruce Allen missed on Mcflabb and RG III. (Shanny picked Kirk) So you trust him to find the next great QB? That's your plan? Really?
  4. There may not be a lot to gain but there is potentially a lot to lose. 1. Season ticket sales 2. Sales of Redskin's gear (the way players come and go so often how many players on the team are you ready to put down $100 for their jersey?) 3. Chance at any free agents who may be cut after the draft because someone just drafted a cheaper solution; assuming the most likely scenario that Kirk's cap hit will be less than the $24.6M it is currently. (If Kirk is not signed to a LTD then we can all surmise that this will be his last year as a Redskin). 4. Any semblance of stability (losing a GM and a franchise QB in the same year is not a sign of competence). The Redskins will continue to be looked upon as a team that will once in a while be a threat but usually not a factor.
  5. Especially when all the rules are skewed to favor a high scoring, pass dominant offense. I can see it now. The Redskins draft defense and we the fans sit on the edge of our seats hoping that Colt or Sudfeld can drive the offense down the field so Hop can kick a game winning field goal each week. Yay mediocrity! Even if they took Garrett you just know that something would happen to him in training camp. Many of the first rounders have largely been snakebit with a devastating lack of lady luck. If the Redskins blow this with Kirk the franchise will experience a huge hit financially. The fans can't take the trauma of losing a GM and the best QB the team has had in over 20 years in one season.
  6. I hope Jay learned his lesson about sitting starters too long in Preseason. That was a major factor contributing to the slow start they had last year. Kirk included.
  7. I say we cut Galette and sign the cop who was able to subdue him! Even with a taser that's damned impressive.
  8. Morocco Brown is resurfacing as a candidate. He's a no-nonsense type who is all about football. I wouldn't hate this idea.
  9. So, who has the most to be worried about with the ZB signing? Will calls the defense so it's possible that Foster could be coming off the bench. Then again, Foster is the better athlete out of he and Compton so it could be Will Compton as odd man out. Regardless, I'd rather see the team keep all three. There's not much depth behind them. Two thumpers really. Today's NFL needs LB's who can cover and play the run. Redskins have three of those. Good for depth and could even possibly throw in a 4-3 look as a change up package.
  10. Lol are you seriously trying to argue for the Colt-Sudfeld option?
  11. Kirk has a lot of good publicity and is seen as a choir boy. Bruce Allen is getting roasted by all but a few fans who will never like Kirk because he is the other guy. Bruce suffers from the old ID10+ error that is prevalent among the average computer user in society. He fails to recognize that he has no leverage financially and virtually zero support from the media and most of the fan base. He also works for an owner who won't hesitate to fire his butt if season ticket sales drop dramatically. Yeah...get'm Bruce
  12. Or at least offer a guaranteed amount that at least supersedes the guaranteed money Kirk can potentially make if he is franchised next year. I haven't heard that the guaranteed money has topped $58M ($24 for 2017 + $28 for 2018). Based on fair market value I think $70M guaranteed is the floor for a LTD right now.
  13. I would be very interested in seeing how sales are going for season tickets? When I get my emails I'll be replying "Sign Kirk and then come and talk to me." Would also be interested to see how sales would do after Kirk signed a LTD.
  14. This scenario (the penny pinching haggling) really adds credence to a fractured relationship between Kirk and Bruce. At least BA called him Kir(k) on the radio with Cooley. That's a start I suppose.