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  1. How do you feel about the Receiving corps?

    This is a clear case of a kid that doesn't love football. It is also a generation issue. I see it even in youth football. In my day if you started something you didn't dare tell Mommy and Daddy you didn't want to play any more during the season! But now kids do it all the time and parents (who want to be their friends) give into their demands. Cravens, Doctson, the 49ers young players, etc. Get used to it. I'm now on Gruden's side about Grant. Give me a kid that appreciates that he gets paid to play a game and would kill to get on the field over some moody mama's boy who is all about himself and his feelings.
  2. Bill Callahan and the Offensive Line

    Not a good excuse but Kirk was high on his passes all day and having free runners right in his face is a factor. You don't want batted balls and that tends to cause a QB to use a higher trajectory. I have zero confidence in our O-line to get a yard when needed. As a long time Redskin man that's a terrible feeling.
  3. Bill Callahan and the Offensive Line

    Ah, k. Yeah that would make sense.
  4. Bill Callahan and the Offensive Line

    I heard that and didn't think it was a heated exchange. But it's been two days now since that Friday interview that Cooley and Sheehan have inexplicably been off the air. If the Redskins get rid of him over that then that would be a huge mistake. Cooley would land another job in a day. He really knows his stuff and his Film Breakdowns are off the charts. If some Redskins players are butt hurt about being called out then how about cleaning up the stupid unforced errors like missed assignments?!?!
  5. Bill Callahan and the Offensive Line

    I think it's more on Callahan than Gruden. Gruden gave Callahan control of the running game to get him to come to Washington. Callahan left dallass because he wanted more input. Sadly, without him they haven't missed a beat. Maybe his pride won't let him simplify and run a scheme that suits his talents; not the personnel he had before?
  6. Bill Callahan and the Offensive Line

    Here's my opinion. Stop trying to hammer a square peg into a round hole. Our Oline is a really good pass pro line. They do not have the personality to mash people. So, stop trying to turn them into Hogs. Even our Tight Ends are below average blockers. Missed assignments or a bad effort is the norm from all of them. You are who you are and I think Kdawg would agree that at this point Gruden needs to come to terms with the fact that we are an offense that should set up the run with the passing game. I would never go two-tight with this team! Sprinkle is not quite physical enough (needs a year to put on about 15 pounds of muscle). Reed, Davis, and Niles are all just thick receivers who may be able to block a DB or a safety but vs the front 7 they're paltry most times. Carrier probably won't even make the team but like Paul he's just another thick receiver. If I'm Gruden? I just go with one back (Kelly/Perrine or Thompson - depending on down and distance), Pryor at the X (usually by himself), Doctson and Crowder on the other side with Crowder as the slot, then Flex or motion Reed to either side. Davis backs up Reed, Maurice Harris can back up Pryor or Doctson, Grant can sub in for Crowder (for only one play then right back out). Let Kirk get the team into the right play based on the defense. Eight man front = pass. Seven man front with Safeties deep = run. p.s. It's awesome that the board remembered what I had typed. When the site went down I thought I'd have to start all over. What a great feature; not to mention relief!
  7. Is the Extremeskins message board officially dead?

    This is the case for me. If there's something news worthy or a debate worth getting into then I'm there. Generally though, during the season there is a lot of activity. Afterwards, people unplug and find other things to occupy their time. A few probably actually get some work done. Nah...who am I kidding?!?!
  8. This is just silly. Had the Redskins came to Kirk the week of the Carr deal and said let's work out a deal based on that then Kirk's camp would have surely listened. The Redskins told Kirk with their initial offer (FOR THE SECOND TIME IN A ROW) that they wanted a win-lose deal favoring them. So, Free Agency or Franchise Tag are obvious conclusions.
  9. Under Your Skin: Opponents You Hated to See

    Michael "Push off" Irvin! We'd have the cowpies stopped. He'd push a db away and make the catch I can't even stand this guy on ESPN or any other show either. He grates on me for some reason.
  10. For those who think there is a contradiction between Kirk the QB and Kirk the Christian perhaps a little scriptural enlightenment will help. In Matthew 10:16 the Lord tell His people to be as shrewd as serpents and gentle as doves. To be wise in all matters but also remain humble. Kirk was being shrewd in negotiations in not settling for a deal that really restricted his future earning power. Being a devout Christian and the son of a Pastor I'm sure that he gives his 10% to his church; lucky Church! Then we know how devoted he is to the IJM ministry to stop human trafficking and exploitation. So, the more he earns the more that he can give while also setting up his family for the future. Kirk has also seen first hand how ruthless and underhanded this front office and ownership can be. So now he has the ability to bring those issues to light (thru his reluctance to even make a counter offer). Future Redskin's players and coaches should be thankful. There is a long line of people who have left this franchise bloody and beaten under this owner. Kirk was being gentle in how he responded to an obvious attempt to smear his character. He wasn't going to take the bait and stoop to Bruce Allen's level. He treated every allegation with utter class and showed how much he cared for his team. He remained true to his convictions while at the same time repaying good for evil (defending Bruce). I remember speaking with Joe Gibbs once about Christian players. He said that they were often the most competitive and aggressive players on the field and that's why he liked coaching them. Because they know that the Lord sees everything. They can't afford to take breaks or get comfortable. The Lord doesn't demand the impossible. But He does demand that you use all the gifts and abilities He has given to their fullest. So for me, not just because I'm a Christian, Kirk's faith is a huge asset as a franchise QB. He'll be there week to week. Working as hard as he can to improve on the previous week. He'll never be satisfied until he retires. I can root for #8 without any reservation.
  11. And it makes you wonder if Chick Hernandez was right after all. That Kirk would not sign as long as Bruce Allen is part of the organization. At the time it was said I was thinking it didn't sound like Kirk. But I'm beginning to believe that Kirk and his agent have had enough of Bruce's disrespect and dirty tricks.
  12. That's what's so frustrating about this whole debacle. I'm not at all impressed with what Bruce has done for this franchise since he came on board. He has allowed or enabled so many costly mistakes but he has so much in common with the owner that he has managed to actually get himself promoted for incompetence. I loved his dad but let's be real. The Allen's had nothing to do with the three Lombardi's in the trophy case. We don't owe that family a darn thing. If this were another franchise BA would have been fired. However, our owner (being a piss poor leader himself) likes his style so we are stuck with him. The only hope is that fans will rebel (financially) and force DS to make a change. My approach will be like Cousin's. I'm in a wait and see mode as far as supporting the team with my $.
  13. Potentially having 5 - 6 new starters on the defense speaks far louder than Party's words. And the coaching staff was largely overhauled. I've never watched a defense before and dreaded that we had the other team in third and long. Cause you just knew we were going to let the offense convert. The 2016 defense was putrid. Arguing otherwise is really just an underhanded shot at Kirk Cousins.
  14. After watching an offense that can easily put up over 350 yards worth of offense the last two years do you really want to go back to watching a serviceable offense that struggles to score more than 20 each week? Even if you do get some new kid to groom. By the time he's ready you will most likely have to replace quite a few players; most likely Trent Williams and Jordan Reed.