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  1. Wrong! Because every team needs a QB and coaches have huge egos. They all believe they can coach up a player better than the previous coach. Happens all the time. Hence the reason that Hoyer, Osweiler, Gabbart, Savage, Fitzgerald, etc keep getting jobs. Kirk is better than all of them so somebody would have given up more than a 3rd rounder for Kirk. If you don't believe so then you've been poisoned by the koolaide that Dan and Bruce have been serving for years.
  2. Remember that when all the Redskins get is a 2019 compensatory 3rd rounder and you want to blame Kirk for it. Myself and many others were smarter than our brainless FO. Kirk would have at least been a tradeable asset if he bombed and we knew he needed to be locked up in a LTD. A first rounder can be worth more than millions of dollars if you get the right guy. Essentially, the Redskins gave up two third rounders this year to fix a problem they created. (I'm being generous because Fuller is probably at least worth a 2nd rounder based on performance now). Next year let's hope that compensatory pick will be made by someone other than Bruce Allen. Not to mention building the roster. Because he has proven that he is not very smart when it comes to "business negotiations."
  3. $9 for one bud light. Old airplane peanuts. Six Flags and Johnny Rockets fiascos. Pretending to let football people run the Redskins. Let's not forget how Dan came to be rich. It was primarily via Telemarketing. Calling people and switching their phone plans without their approval.
  4. I won't quit. But my kids? They're wondering what the hell I ever saw in the Redskins. I will do my part by speaking up and keeping my $ from going into Dan's pockets until I see real change. Told my kids not to by me anything Redskin's related. Not even paper plates!
  5. LOL I thought the same thing. Carex really got butt hurt when the truth about the FO is revealed.
  6. Still waiting on Salisbury to walk naked from Bristol CT to DC after he swore that Joe Gibbs wouldn't lead the Redskins to the playoffs. It also goes further in that. Salisbury has always been a Redskin's hater and anyone who takes anything he says about the Redskins seriously is not "super smart."
  7. EXACTLY!! Hell, on this board alone every interception was an indictment on Kirk's future earning potential. He knew about that.and it clearly affected him. Then, he does what people want. Only he and Bibbs wanted to win the last game vs the Giants. Could have checked it down and called it a day but tried to make a play and threw a pick. Then everyone piled on . Damned hypocrites if you ask me.
  8. Seriously? Why the pessimism? Is it not as plain as the nose on your face? The Redskins had ZERO concept as to the potential value of a QB who had been in their building and on their field for 3 years and at the end of 2015 didn't have the common sense to lock up Cousins to at least protect their investment in the future. QB's who have had even average success in a QB starving league hold some value. They had no idea what they were looking at and no foresight and subsequently pissed away any leverage they had by guessing wrong after 2015. Doubling down on their bad analysis after 2016. And finally crapping out at the end of 2017. Your remark about Sudfeld does not help your position either way. If he sucks then they were once again wrong about a player's NFL potential; as they were wrong about RG III. If Sudfeld goes on to have a great career then that's even worse! They let him go to a division rival for nothing! Bruce Allen and Dan Snyder have been the puppet masters behind the McFlabb disaster, RG III trade that crippled the defense for years, the Kirk fiasco where the team could have at least got a 1st round pick but will now have to settle for a 3rd round compensatory pick, then they surrendered a valuable 3rd rounder this year for an older, weaker armed version of Kirk who has had limited success in the playoffs. And btw, once again they tried to fix the QB dilemma at the expense of the defense (Kendall Fuller). Your comment about Jay has no real bearing on the issue. He doesn't make the decisions. That's Dan and Bruce. But since you brought him up, what was Jay's number one complaint about Kirk this season? It was that he didn't go down field enough to give receivers opportunities to make plays; although if I was Kirk I wouldn't trust them either. Even Kansas City fans will tell you that Alex Smith is not a down the field type of QB. He often gets nervous in the pocket and will not keep his eyes down the field. This past year was an outlier. Top 10 running game and a healthy TE to occupy defenders in the middle of the field helped him hit on some deep play action. Unless there are some dramatic changes he won't have either with the Redskins in 2018. Jay is biding his time to go and be the OC for his brother. He'll get paid $5mil this year and get the hell away from this clown circus.
  9. That's all well and good. But do you trust THIS FO to find the right developmental QB? I sure as hell don't.
  10. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    How many more bonehead moves before we reach China?
  11. The Definition of a Loser Franchise

    I swear he looks like he has really lost a step. Players were running by Norman like he was wearing concrete shoes. I doubt the rib injury was affecting him that bad towards the end of the year. I'd much prefer to keep Fuller and let Norman go.
  12. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    The point is his opinion doesn't carry much weight. If he were seen as an expert wouldn't he be working as a GM instead of an analyst? I tend to trust analysts with some pelts as Doc would say. Guys like Casserly, Ron Wolf, and Bill Polian. All Super Bowl winners.
  13. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Joe Banner is still an unemployed GM. Soooo.... Ok, thanks for the clarification.
  14. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Where are you getting $17M? I'm hearing $23M.