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  1. 41-41 season incoming in the ****ty ass East. 1st round knockout by Mil/Tor/Bos/Phi
  2. C'mon man, I'm talking about Alex Smith's entire career, not the 2 seasons he had Tyreek Hill who is dynamic enough to line up anywhere on the field. (including the slot which he is in plenty) Chris Thompson: 26 catches Jordan Reed: 20 Richardson: 16 Crowder: 13 Vernon Davis: 9 Docston: 8 AP: 7 This is the type of ball distribution you expect from Alex Smith. Bringing in Dez Bryant to be our 3rd/4th/5th passing option isn't going to open up our offense, defenses aren't going to play deep scared of Dez Bryant blowing past them.
  3. Alex Smith doesnt throw the ball to his outside WRs. No point in signing Dez. Should've picked up Carlos Hyde for a 5th who can catch or a slot WR. Missing Trey Quinn right now.
  4. Mooka

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    6 passing tds in 5 games is pretty garbage. Bottom 5 in the league.
  5. Its not a conspiracy, the refs have biases. That's what Donaghy was betting on, he was feeding insider information on which refs had problems with what teams/players/coaches. Wall has a reputation with the refs, he doesn't get calls. It leads to the entire team. Not unwarranted either, Wall throws hissy fits, cries way too much.
  6. lol the Heat suck. Can't believe they're gonna lose.
  7. How the **** was that a charge? bull****
  8. This bench is gonna need work. I would like to see Green in *with the starters, maybe go small with Kief at C.
  9. "For some reason they're booing Olynyk." lol listening to the Miami commentators
  10. Sucks we lost Quinn and Sims week 1. Both could've seen some significant action so far.
  11. Hillary Clinton and Benghazi are front page news on Fox right now. Wonder if something is about to drop.
  12. Mooka

    The airline experience has become miserable

    Upgrading certain tech is too much overhaul for the airline industry. Most of it still runs on really old technology. The dot matrix printers are just printing regular stuff; cargo, manifests, etc. They're just easier to maintain and replace then modern printers and do the job perfectly fine; plus some other advantages like they don't run out of ink but fade gradually giving extra time to replace the ribbons. Simply upgrading to regular printers requires a large investment, extra training, extra IT and service contracts up the ass. Same reason why your local supermarket still prints receipts on a dot matrix printer.
  13. Thats like saying no one cares about Hillary Clinton's emails. Warren is already an established liar on the right, everything she has in life is because she lied about her race to get ahead, forever Pocahontas. Its because the left is pathetic at the propaganda compared with the right. I hope Warren runs as an attack-dog VP. She won't win a Presidential election.
  14. Mooka

    Redskins vs cowboys for First Place in The NFC East

    Not sure how this team is going to put up points on the cowgirls D. Dallas' offense doesnt turn it over either. I'll be surprised if we put up over 14pts on this team.
  15. Mooka

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Uh no... I think we're the only organization in football that allows a starting QB to walk for nothing. The 84 million was to signify he's a GOOD starting QB. Eagles traded Bradford for a 1st and 4th, after drafting Wentz, in a contract year.