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  1. I work primarily in Data/IT for retail. I've never directly scheduled anyone or been a retail manager, but I've dealt with every problem with the software/hardware. This is the type of law that makes sense for a large business like Walmart, but not for a smaller businesses like @Springfield's. I think everyone is forgetting that automation is more then just physical labor. Scheduling is automated in 2018. A large company in 2018 isn't supposed to be manually doing any schedules. You're not factoring in how much automation will improve said industry.
  2. This is ****ing awesome. Wish I was back to home to see the parade!
  3. We play the Giants twice a year and I didn't even know they don't have cheerleaders. Hell, I've been to a Skins game in NY and don't remember. Just get rid of them already. Have some people run around the stands and throw out some T-shirts.
  4. Sucks for everyone working on the show.
  5. Nope, just Chris Angel.
  6. Yea... when they started talking to her kids I couldn't watch. Too weird.
  7. Problem now is that a player can make an even bigger scene if the kneel for the anthem then before.
  8. Of course there's no argument. We've been blaming the entertainment industry for violence for longer then I've been alive. Unless you're advocating for censorship there's no point here other then Americans are hypocrites. We already know that. LIke Llevron is saying up there, what now? Ban violent movies? Put more parental advisory stickers on video games?
  9. One of these is not like the others.
  10. Its something more though, something more specific to this country. The VT killer doesn't end up a mass murderer if he grows up in South Korea where mental health is completely ignored.
  11. Same amount of disgruntled Rs voted Clinton as Sanders voters went Trump. (Kasich/Rubio/Cruz voters) Double the amount of disgruntled PUMAs voted McCain over Obama in 2008 then Sanders supporters went Trump this past election. You're believing establishment propaganda if you think that a tenth of Sanders voters going Trump is outside of the norm. Simply put, If you supported Sanders then voted Trump you're a moron. If you're looking for morons to blame for Trump, id probably start with the 60+ million who voted for that turd in office.
  12. Sooooo everyone else in the world doesn't have their own agenda? No possible way the angelic Ms Christa, or other random anonymous former cheerleader could also have their own agenda huh.
  13. So the Redskins are the part of Showgirls where the business gets too sleazy for the stripper/prostitute??? Pretty embarrassing.