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  1. What's making me extra crazy right now is that his supporters are acting like if this counsel finds nothing on him that suddenly he's an amazing president. For me, if they find stuff (which I think they will) let the impeachment begin. If they don't, *shrugs* he's still a piece of **** and 100% unqualified to be president. Hell, he doesn't even seem to be qualified to be a human being.
  2. I worry that when all this is said and done, there will be so many trees, we will have ignored the forest. He is a bad person. He has bad ideas. He was totally unqualified. History will gloss over all of this with the minutiae of wiretapping, Russia, Twitter, etc. etc. etc. I just felt like as a country we were better than this. EDIT: Not to diminish the things I just mentioned, because they are serious, I just don't think he'll ever be remembered for the awful human being that he is.
  3. I get so salty when any news article calls him a "tenacious fighter" because he can't let **** go. Being a whiny, little **** doesn't make you a fighter. Does it make you redundant? Yes. Does it make you look thin-skinned as hell? Yes. There's nothing about someone that can't handle a tweet that should be considered fighter-worthy.
  4. Every time I hear an interview with his supporters, I am SHOCKED by the level of brain-washing. They are eating up everything he says. Any criticism, it's "fake news". Lord help us.
  5. I swear it seemed like he took a Xanax and a speech course before he talked last night. Was almost surreal. Speech was fine. Let's see the meat of the promises.
  6. My brother is one of the managers for VT football. When they played Ohio State, the Redskins equipment managers gave him a bunch of swag. I have a sweet legit Redskins helmet sticker I love.
  7. That's definitely the part that confuses me. I DO still love the show, but it seems awfully fast how quickly humanity devolved. Hey, maybe the world would be like this, but man, out of all the far-fetched things, this seems incredibly nuts.
  8. This. I didn't vote for Trump. Support maybe 1% of things he's doing but if he didn't try to get every unqualified moron, I think he'd at least have a fighting chance. I'm in a tiny town in SW VA and only the most brain-washed of his supporters are still behind him. People all over my social media saying they could have been wrong in voting in Trump.
  9. With zero spin, can anyone actually defend what's going on right now? We are the bronze medal of **** shows behind North Korea and Russia right now politically.
  10. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa... whoa. But... Trump supports the Constitution right? He supports gun rights? Right? I'm SO confused! Again, I'm 100% for a change in Washington but we went full retard on this one. Full.
  11. I still refer back to the South Park episodes this year... So true. He didn't think he'd win, but now he's stuck. I had a friend who is a good devil's advocate say: "Would anyone take that job if they didn't think they were doing it for the country?" He said this is the first time he'd question that.
  12. Our "President" is a total vajay. A feeble old man who can't just let **** go. You wanted this? Well you ****ing got it. Scrutiny? Enjoy it like everyone else before you, you ****ing prick. Again, I'm slightly left of the middle, but I can at least admit the people I didn't agree with had a touch of knowledge or class. He has neither. YAAAAAAAAAAY REALITY TV PRESIDENT!
  13. I have never been into politics in my life. Have leaned left mostly. Over the years, Republican or Democrat, I'm mostly, "Meh." Life will go on. Trump is a national embarrassment. No one can feed me any facts on why he's a good person or a good leader. Did we need change in Washington? Sure. I just have a hard time believing this is the America that Trump supporters are/were expecting after election. Like... do you approve? Seriously? Not to say I'm not objective, but I try really hard to be. After the election, I knew he wasn't a good guy personally, but I was wiling to see what happened. I'm STILL trying to be objective, but he shocks me time and time again. The only devil's advocate thing I can support is that he got some people deported who broke laws. SAD ****ing times. Oh, wait. Sad!
  14. The fake media **** has gone far enough. The media brought a good bit of this on themselves, but for Trump's brain-washed followers, he has totally discredited ALL information. Going forward, even with facts in our faces, he will have people still question reality.
  15. In other news I also saw that a ban on gun sales to the mentally ill was overturned because there was concern it was discrimination. smh...