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  1. Weird, I just heard this song and see this today. FIRST sentence of this song... damn.
  2. For some reason I feel like this will feel like Gibbs 2.0 seasons. Vastly improved defense, new commitment to the running game with some beasts. Maybe?
  3. One more run would make me feel a LOT better...
  4. I won't be able to appreciate either when I'm gone. It comes down to: is it more important that I WAS happy and that my family will be taken care of or is it more important that potentially more strangers are helped (if I were to choose the second option, I'd only choose creating a vaccine or a cure for something). All this being said, gimme' the money. I have too many places on this planet I'm concerned I'll never see. Hopefully I can do a little bit of number two along the way by paying it forward with all that cash.
  5. So bizarre. They might like him, but do they think he's doing a good job? I wonder if they'd hate that Pence went into office. It's just so strange. Also, don't polls show him at a historically low approval rate?
  6. Have started to wonder this: why don't Republicans just go ahead and begin impeachment so they can get Pence in there? It seems Trump is universally disliked and is obviously unqualified. That way they could get someone they could at least corral.
  7. I swear it's like he walks out, whips out his little pee-pee and lays it on the podium. This move seems UNIVERSALLY disliked. Social media, most news outlets and even known conservative friends are like, "Why?" Steve Bannon must have that hand lodged so far up that it's hitting the rational part of his brain (if it even exists). Bottom line is: I have never known hate like this for someone I don't know. I "say" I hate Tony Romo, but meh, I'd have a beer with him if he invited me. If Donald Trump offered me a million bucks, no strings attached, I'd tell him to go **** himself.
  8. For me, I don't understand the disconnect between the environment and jobs. Trying to help the environment is not suppressing jobs, it's quite the opposite. :/
  9. Good lord, I must be masochistic. Watching the live comments on our local news station's FB feed... Absolutely brutal to hear some of the **** people spout off.
  10. I can't stand to listen to his mouth, so I'm not turning up the volume. What "terms" is he upset about?! All I've heard is that the ****ing dumbass doesn't believe scientists. We're going to be in such good company. BFFs 4EVA: Syria and Nicaragua. Argh... "prioritizing jobs". Right, because no jobs were created by trying to invent new, environmentally-friendly power sources. I can't even facepalm myself enough.
  11. What's making me extra crazy right now is that his supporters are acting like if this counsel finds nothing on him that suddenly he's an amazing president. For me, if they find stuff (which I think they will) let the impeachment begin. If they don't, *shrugs* he's still a piece of **** and 100% unqualified to be president. Hell, he doesn't even seem to be qualified to be a human being.
  12. I worry that when all this is said and done, there will be so many trees, we will have ignored the forest. He is a bad person. He has bad ideas. He was totally unqualified. History will gloss over all of this with the minutiae of wiretapping, Russia, Twitter, etc. etc. etc. I just felt like as a country we were better than this. EDIT: Not to diminish the things I just mentioned, because they are serious, I just don't think he'll ever be remembered for the awful human being that he is.
  13. I get so salty when any news article calls him a "tenacious fighter" because he can't let **** go. Being a whiny, little **** doesn't make you a fighter. Does it make you redundant? Yes. Does it make you look thin-skinned as hell? Yes. There's nothing about someone that can't handle a tweet that should be considered fighter-worthy.
  14. Every time I hear an interview with his supporters, I am SHOCKED by the level of brain-washing. They are eating up everything he says. Any criticism, it's "fake news". Lord help us.