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  1. TheMalcolmConnection

    The airline experience has become miserable

    If anyone is near Dulles or BWI, you can get Clear too. We have Global Entry AND Clear and we bypass even the TSA-Precheck people.
  2. Yikes, and will do. Have heard really good things from a friend about it. My one complaint about DB is that they don't have much of a middle ground outside of their core beers. It's either, "Blow your head off with hops!" IPAs or "This beer is as dark as my soul." stouts. Not that it's a bad thing, but sometimes I want a craft... lager.
  3. Have loved Devil's Backbone since they first opened. I know one of the head brewers and even though they got bought out by AB, he said they've stayed out of their way. Their Nats brew was just "OK", but my buddy says these should be pretty legit. If you haven't been recently, they opened a kitchen in the past few weeks. The nachos are enough to feed like eight people...
  4. I’m starting with the stash app and I know nothing haha. Made 12 bucks so far. Go me. 😁
  5. TheMalcolmConnection

    Welcome to the Washington Redskins Troy Apke S Penn St

    Personal protector on punt team?
  7. When they first showed up, I'm like, "Oh, this is quirky af." I have no idea where they came from or when they got here. Just odd.
  8. The really interesting thing I noticed is the people with all the anti-gay flags are this weird group that showed up in our town like 2-3 weeks ago. This dude is preaching on the street corner while two people play a drum. Bizarre.
  9. ?? pretty sure they threw the **** on the Lexington one. I live in Lexington. 😀
  10. Lol and the best part is the person had to collect said poop, transport it in their car, and then yelled make America great again while throwing feces at a restaurant who kicked someone out they've never met. That is some taaaaasty irony. After this whole thing I have this vision of a gaggle of 500 lb people getting enraged on their laptops but when it comes to getting off their ass, they're like nah I've said my piece online, going to protest requires effort.
  11. All hell broke loose outside the red hen? Nice job media. I drove past it at least five times today after work and there were more camera people than protestors. Grand total of MAYBE ten people protesting both sides.
  12. Still dealing with the aftermath of this bull**** in Lexington, but I thought some of the comments on the Facebook pages for both Red Hen/Main Street Lexington particularly-rich. big·ot ˈbiɡət/ noun a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions. "don't let a few small-minded bigots destroy the good image of the city" Funny how all those calling literally everyone in this town a bigot, match that definition to a T. We had a beer festival last night and there were hundreds of people there. One guy had a maga hat on, a few others had Hillary 2018, etc. We all got along. There was no trouble, and everyone had a great time on a perfect night. So happy assholes who have never been here have such strong opinions on all of us.
  13. I woke up today to a **** storm in Lexington. Red hen is one of my favorite restaurants in town and honestly whether you agree or disagree with the decision this has hit home just how much trump has divided us. I've always thought it but the hate spewed at a little town has been pure insanity. Did people see either bush as the savior that people see trump? My mind is more blown than it ever has been. Edit: didn't realize it didn't show I llived I'm Lexington.
  14. TheMalcolmConnection

    2018 Washington Nationals - Weak Cheese

    Just don't want to see him a stupid Yankee. They've always been the original bandwagon franchise to me.
  15. TheMalcolmConnection

    2017 - 18 Stanley Cup Champion Washington Capitals Thread

    Whaaaaack goal.