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  1. 1. 24 2. Dawson's Creek (I'm serious) 3. Probably Soprano's 4. All in the Family 5. Seinfeld Hey, I like what I like
  2. Like I've been saying since this thing started, he doesn't want to be here long term. He's bouncing as soon as he can lmao.
  3. I actually buy this, it's very clear that the meeting was much deeper than any of us know.
  4. The guy could have a speech impediment where he has a hard time pronouncing Kirk. Nothing sinister involved.
  5. People are losing their damn minds about this. I have to hear Gram Paulsen cry about this stupid issue on a weekly basis!
  6. Oh bohoo no more 9-7 seasons. My life is over!
  7. These fans don't get it. The guy DOES NOT WANT TO BE HERE. Some of his feelings towards the franchise are probably justified, but I'm sure not going to cry in my tea over this guy.
  8. I'm sorry, but I'll have no problem if this guy walks. I can't stand Allen but I'm on his side with this issue.
  9. I stand corrected! Normally my father and aunt raise my awareness of players from that era, but never mentioned him for some reason. I have to do my research on him. Mr. Milot was the better guest to get for taste of FedEx.
  10. I definitely stand by that. Smoot is a better get than a bench player no .after how many rings he has. But good for ol Rich collecting an appearance fee, nothing wrong with that at all.
  11. Good for him. I wasn't ripping the guy.
  12. This definitely makes up for the redskins falling down the rankings of most valuable franchises
  13. Ugh that picture is just a reminder of how tacky that stadium is with the mismatching seats and all.
  14. I've been a Skins fan since the early 90's and I've never heard of this Rich Milot fella, they couldn't drag Fred Smoot to this thing? Anyway, I'd like to try the benghazi beef rice bowl.