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  1. My social anxiety would prevent me from attending such a function but please have a beer or three for me.
  2. I can't be the only one who got a descrambler. I have no idea how I saved up money for that thing, but it was truly amazong!!!
  3. You're lucky you didn't have to deal with the stone Ages of the internet. Back in like 1996 when showgirlscame out I would do some major searching of clips to see the girl from Saved By the Bell in some girl on girl action. The best I could do was find like a 30 second clip that too like 8 minutes to download lol.
  4. Do y'all remember Red Shoe Diaries and Real Sex? I miss the days when I would turn the volume down real low while seeing what my young corrupt mind thought was hardcore action.
  5. Rocky v That's the one where he had the street fight, right?
  6. I think a major factor in his collapse is the death of his father. I dont think its much of a coincidence that he stopped being competitive and have crazy things happen in his life shortly after Earl died.
  7. My friggin fat fingers get on my nerves uggfh. I recommend not doing the 70's because there is no chance of the Godfather losing that decade.
  8. Lucky Ronnie didn't start in the 70's otherwise Godfather would dominate. Anyways, I'm sticking with Fast Times.
  9. Guy needs a intervention before he ends up dead.
  10. Hopefully it's a ufo doing us all a favor and taking people away.
  11. Original Batman for $300 please, Alex.
  12. Geee, color me shocked that someone that trump appointed isn't speaking out against the illegal actions of his staff.
  13. Oh so the escape plan is for him to quit before they toss him in jail.
  14. Went with Big since that's the only one I would want to sit down and watch today. Die Hard is rounding second.
  15. Where is the "other" option, sir?