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from .Elways brings arena squad to Denver

"Colorado is one of seven expansion teams that have been approved for play over the next three years. Those include teams in New Orleans, Jacksonville, Nashville, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Washington"

It'll be nice to have some football to watch on the TV during the springtime. From what I understand the AFL is being picked up by NBC so games will be easier to watch. Maybe the redskins can use thus to scower some talent.

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Doesn't Dan Snyders Arena League team start play in 2003 in the Comcast Center at UMD? The Washington Warriors?

About Arena Football League

The Arena Football League consists of 23 teams (16 active for 2002 season), including eight in the 10 largest U.S. media markets. An additional seven expansion teams have already been approved to begin to play over the next three years. The AFL and NBC Sports have reached a network broadcast agreement to begin February 2, 2003.

Current AFL ownership includes: Denver Broncos' Pat Bowlen, Jerry Jones, Jerry Jones Jr., and Stephen Jones, Dallas Desperados (NFL's Dallas Cowboys ownership); William Ford Jr., Detroit Fury (NFL's Detroit Lions); K.S. "Bud" Adams, Jr., Nashville Kats (NFL's Tennessee Titans); Tom Benson New Orleans Voodoo (NFL's New Orleans Saints); Jerry Colangelo, Arizona Rattlers, (NBA's Phoenix Suns and MLB's Arizona Diamondbacks); Dan DeVos, Grand Rapids Rampage (NBA's Orlando Magic); Charles Wang, New York Dragons (NHL's New York Islanders); Rogers Communications, Toronto Phantoms (ownership, MLB's Toronto Blue Jays).

Additionally, three other NFL owners have applied or been approved for ownership of future AFL expansion teams, including Washington Redskins' Daniel Snyder, Jacksonville Jaguars' Wayne Weaver, and San Francisco 49ers' Denise DeBartolo York.

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