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Former Redskin playing pro Dodgeball


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I was flipping channels late last night and came across the Game Show Network and Extereme Dodgeball. It's like a hybrid of dodgeball and pro wrestling (meaning they talk smack and have big entrances for the teams but still play the basic dodgeball game we all played in gym class)

but anyways a team called "The Barbell Mafia" had a captain by the name of Tyrone Rush. I thought I remembered that name and they verified he used to be a Redskins RB. He wasn't very good, at least in this episode.

Oddly enough watching grown men play seriously play dodgeball was fairly entertaining and for those who remember the original "Dream Job" show on ESPN, Zack Selwyn (sp?), the guy who was good but had goofy hair, is one of the commentators.

just an interesting tidbit I thought I'd share

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Yeah, I caught that pro-dodgeball once on late night TV -- what really got me laughing was that Zack did NONE of the commentary whatsoever. His co-commentator spoke the entire time. I think he was just there as a draw from the Dream Job crowd :laugh:

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