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Orange, come on now. You should know not to trust the general public. A lot of that general public I see working at home depot wondering around the store wearing dallas cowboy shirts. They also happen to ask me if we sell tubing and gerbils. Basically, the general public is retarded.

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It's fair enough for the average football follower to believe the Eagles would be on top. Redskins are installing a new offensive and defensive system, plus has gotten predominantly negative imaging around the country for the last couple of years. Plus, I'm not sure how well last years finish wiped out the horrendus start. The Cowboys are installing a new offensive system and have been terrible or at least well below average for the last few years. The Giants, despite their trip to the bowl two years ago, are seen as imploding and floundering. Therefore, the Eagles are presumed on the basis of history to be the better team.

I do wonder if their penny pinching and some of the losses they have had will affect their morale though. Weren't they well known for getting their players tied up into long term contracts and keeping that team together? Now, we realize that the point wasn't to keep cohesiveness, but keeping folks on the cheap. This is probably where they will miss Modrak, who seemed decent at anticipating.

The Redskins, on the other hand, make every monetary effort to build something great. The attritrition of the Lang's, Carter's, Thrash's, Smith's etc. bothers me, not because they were great players, but because they overestimate their value here and sign for less than we would (I think) offered elsewhere. Still, if you take our 8-3 ending and add in the pieces and strategy we added, we should be better.

Honestly, not sure where the Cowboys land this year. I don't know how their retread O Coordinator does. Not sure if Smith has got that much tread left or if Hambrick(?) [is he the dallas back up or the Eagles?] can really replace him. Their draft was nice, but you don't know until the season and usually a couple of seasons before potential translates.

Giants, I just hear reports of bickering. Admittedly, that is mostly coming from Strahan, who in his heart knows he did not break the sack record. Not honestly anyway. Then again, there is some question about Monk's catch that broke the reception record a few years back, but I thought that was real, then again, I was pretty young.

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