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Westbrook Denies Getting Offer from Skins

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the only thing worse than Michael Westbrook going to another team and being productive is seeing his a$$ in training camp in a Wasington uniform :laugh:

seriously, this guy is like that cold you just can't seem to shake in the middle of the winter. You know, a slight fever and a cough that goes on for days?

Bingo :silly:

Westbrook is a comic strip. He reminds me of a buff guy on the beach who can't seem to get any of the women to look at him, even though he is prancing around with his six pack abs.

Meanwhile, other guys are picking up girls left and right and Michael is just stunned as to how they are doing it.

If you don't think this scenario is very plausible, just consider what Westbrook goes through every year when the pro bowl teams are announced from each conference :laugh: :laugh: :silly:

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