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Originally posted by B_carney

I live outside of philly and I have gone to the vet and go to the linc every year to watch the eagles/skins game. Every year the person I go with is an eagles fan and they usually say to me...don't wear your skins gear your going to get your ass kicked...to that I always say well see...I am a pretty big guy and what I always notice is that the eagles fans tend to pick on the older...smaller..or the quieter skins fans last year I had an instance where I was in the bathroom packed with eagles fans and they were all picking on some old man.. so I walked over to this man and said to these guys "I am standing right over there with skins gear on and you haven't said anything to me but to this old man your ripping him so if you have a problem with him you have a problem with me" not one person said another word to either of us. The so called fans like to pick on the people they feel are weaker.... That place is a joke the fans are jokes...I remember the monday night game a few years ago against SF they were dumping beer on a man and his kid I think the kid was 10 years old because the kid had a SF jacket on...Its one thing to yell at some one who is rooting for the other team...but the eagles fans tend to take it a little too far... I have a 6 year old son I wouldn't take him to that stadium for anything...Ive been to the stadium on countless occassions not just skins games and always root for the other team just to spite those assholes they are by far the worst fans

PS never been down to fedex field anyone got an extra ticket

Great story!!!

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