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Little known fact for the Washington Redskins Leadership Council

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Well now we have us a Skins fan in ole' Oklahoma there.

Just peeking at some links from some the Washington, D. C. affiiliate stations, while digging for news on releases. Came across something

Showing Art Monk and Bobby Mitchell as Honorary Members, and another gentleman from Oklohoma of the U. S. House of Representatives, and for you guys of political persuation, yes he's a Republican.


Wonder if I'll get a flood of "hey we knew that already"


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Yes JC Watts did play in the CFL and had a pretty good career up here. I think he played for Toronto but it was before my time. I only heard him because whenever he gets press in the US, like around Oklahoma City bombing time, its covered up here because of his former ties to the CFL.

Jack Kemp (former VP candidate and Buffalo Bill) son, Jack Kemp Jr., is a journeyman QB in the CFL. Toronto just signed Michael Bishop (formerly K-State and Patriot) Oh and Lawrence Phillips DID just sign with Montreal, it was rumoured to be happening in another thread, well its official i believe.

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