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The OFFICIAL Extremeskins Off-Season Welcome Thread


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Says here that the offseason is a GOOD time to join the board, and maybe get to know those of us who have been around a bit. Same in reverse -- it's a good time to give those of us who have been around a bit of time to know you. I say now is a good time because come the season, count on there being a very different tenor to the discussion.

Whereas right now maybe 66.6% of the talk around here can be considered "off topic," I can guarantee that once the footballs start flying in late July, about 90% of the discussion will be nothing BUT football. And the pace/volume of it will increase manifold as well (and we ain't talking 4-cyl. engines, neither :) ).

SO ... lest any new members feel intimidated, this is a heartfelt plea to NOT BE. We tend to warmly embrace new posters who make it clear they are here to ADD to the board and gestalt, not try to dominate or redefine it. I cannot recall an "introductory post" in some time, if ever, that has not been warmly received by several regulars.

Personally, I recommend reading for a few days before diving in with initiating multiple threads, if only to get the tone of the board. It's certainly your choice to do so or not, but it just seems to me that it's a whole lot easier to incorporate and become a part of this thing if you have a sense of the flow.

So come on in, grab a beer, wander around, ask questions, let us know what you're thinking, tell us what you think about what WE'RE thinking ... and put your picture up on the Gallery Wall.

Our casa es su casa.

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Sounds good to me. :)

If it was from last year, though, it'll be in the "2001 Archives," and I'm afraid those threads are "read only." If you can track it down, though, you could post the link in a new thread and get the ball rolling again ...

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Well, speaking as a semi-new member, I can say that this is a great board. Intelligent members with a sense of humor, true Redskin fans, and not all that negative crap that shows up on some of the other forums. I truly enjoy the info, and promise to contribute more. Keep up the GREAT work!!!!!

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Originally posted by Henry, on July 16, 2001:

Welcome new board members!

Say, didn't we do the bio thread about six months ago? Not that I mind talking about myself :)

All right, brother, now that you've taken time out from humiliating our relentlessly monotonous friend TwoDeep3 on his home turf to do this fine bit of research ... I'm counting on you to find the earlier one as well. :)

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