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Which Star Wars Battle was the best


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The Star Wars Movies have produced great battle scenes at the end of each movie. Which Star Wars Movie had the Best Battle Scene to add to its finale. Lets go in the order in which the movies were made. :?:

Star Wars IV A New Hope: The dog fight as the Luke and Rebel Alliance’s X-Wings and Y-Wings went up against the Death Star with help for Han Solo at the end.

Star Wars V The Empire Strikes Back: Princess Lea, Chewbacca and Lando battle Storm Troopers as they escape from could city along with the duel between Luke & Darth Vader.

Star Wars VI Return of the Jedi: The Rebel Alliance's final stand against the Empire. The space battle against the Rebel Fleet and the New Death Star, the Battle on Endore as Han Solo and the Ewoks knock the deflector generator and the final battle between Luke and Darth Vader.

Star Wars I The Phantom Menace: The Battle of Naboo with the Gungans and Trade Federation’s Droid Army, the Space Battle to knock out the command ship that controls the Droid Army and Queen Amidala company attempting to capture the castle and of course Qui-Gon Jin and Obi-Won Kenobi vs Darth Maul.

Star Wars II Attack of the Clones: The battle of the Jedi and the Clone Army vs the Droid Army with a show down between Yoda and Count Dooku.

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I dont think you can say which is the best unless you classify them into categories.. Not to sound like a dork or something but... I just saw attack of the clones tonight...

Light Saber Fighting- return of the jedi Skywalker vs Vader followed by Phantom Menice with Darth Mall then Yoda fighting Dooku that was just awesome..

Troop Fighting - no doubt attack of the clones with the clones and the federation army droids.... Especially all the jedi's fighting in the arena..

Starship fighting - Original Star Wars a new hope

All I know is that Attack of the Clones is AWESOME

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Fuji, in Episode V the big battle was the battle for Hoth at the beginning of the movie. The first Luke vs.Vader was also the best light saber scene IMHO. So that tops my list. My favorite sequence would be the space battle of Endor, but the Ewoks kinda ruined that one. The battle for Geonosis would be next. That was one heck of a scene. Yoda rocks. :)

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Originally posted by Henry

Fuji, in Episode V the big battle was the battle for Hoth at the beginning of the movie.

Good Point Henry, I totally forgot because I was thinking "End of Movie Battles. Yep the Snow Speeders vs. the Imperial Walkers on Hoth was definitely the big battle in Empire Strikes Back! :hammer:

The battle for Geonosis is my favorite battle, I loved how the Jedi made their appearance in the arena and I love Sam Jackson saying "This parties over" and of course Yoda was a bad a$$ with the light saber!

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The battle for Hoth was definitely my favorite large scale conflict.

Favorite lightsaber scenes: Luke vs. Darth and the Emperor

Favorite Star Wars scene: Princess in a metal bikini. Ahhh the tennage fantasies.

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