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OT-Star Wars Episode 2 Review


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Hey Everyone,

Just saw the new Star Wars at a sneak preview. I will try not to put anything in here to ruin any surprises for those who wish to see it.

I thought the movie was very well done. It didnt WOW me though. In one word it was solid. I did not like Hayden Christiansen(sp?) as Anakin, even though he's from Toronto. First off I found they made the charachter too whiny, not sure if i blame the writing or the acting. I kept thinking "this guy is gonna be Darth Vader?" The whole romance thing between Anakin and Amadala was too forced. They try to make her out to be some smart mature woman and yet she falls for this whiny brat, then again maybe this is realistic. That was the main flaw in my opinion.

Yoda kicks ***. Samuel does a very good job. Ewen McGregor is pretty good but seemed limited by the script. The whole Jango Fett and Boba Fett angle is very cool. Jar Jar's role is limited but still annoying. The fight and battle scenes were well done but for some reason I still like the old style Star Wars fight scenes.

Oh if you have not seen any of the other movies you will most likely be totally lost. I had seen them all and was still confused at times. A girl interviewing a friend and I after the movie for a radio station had just seen the movie but none of the others and she was lost when we tried to explain things to her.

Good movie not great. Better then number 1 by far. Still missing the Han Solo factor-comic relief.

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Thanks for the review Romo sits to pee.

I kind of thought that Anakin Skywalker was going to be whiny from the previews. I know in Episode I I thought the Anakin Kid Character kind of over did acting like a kind in certain senes.

I have got my tickets for tommorow @ 4:20 PDT looking forward to it. :D

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Thanks Romo sits to pee. I'll actually take that over any Times, Post, or Ebert review any day. 12:30 showing for me tomorow. I expect to enjoy it alot. Course, I'm a simple man, I enjoyed the first one too. :cool:

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That idiot Ebert should be ignored any way he slammed the original one.

The whiny Anakan of this episode will obviously have to mature between now and the last episode to become Darth so this current dude probably can't being in the final movie.

I heard the digital quality of the movie is great and the movie does require you to go back and see it again something newbies who watched LOTR did.

What is surprising is that Attack of the Clones DVD (September)will be out before the directors cut of LOTR (appx November)

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Great Movie, I really enjoyed it. My second favorite in the Star Wars Trilogy (Return of the Jedi is still my all time Star Wars Fav). :cheers:

The battle scene at the end was the I have ever seen in a Star Wars movie. :asta: The Jedi were awesome! :hammer:

Ready to see it again on Sunday! :D

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