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OT: Mike Cameron hits 4 HRs


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Congrats to the Seattle Mariners Mike Cameron for tying a MLB record with 4 Home Runs yesterday vs. the Chicago White Sox!!! He is in such company as Lou Gehrig, Willie Mays, Mike Schmidt, and Bob Horner with that accomplishment. :cheers:


I like Cami, he came to Seattle in a tough situation, as part of the Ken Griffey Jr. Trade, having to replace a legend. He has done a good job for the Ms and considering the play of him a Jr. since the Trade in 2000, it seems like the Reds have come out on the short end. :cool:

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Congrats to Cam on the performance last night. What's funny is that Seattle lost(or traded away) Randy Johnson, Ken Griffey, and Alex Rodriguez. Those are three of baseball's biggest stars over the past decade. Yet they haven't missed a beat during the regular season. They seem to be doing better without those stars.

Speaking of Ken Griffey, you have to laugh at the fact that the Reds are playing WAY BETTER without Griffey in the lineup. They are in first place. Even some of Griffey's teammate have come out and indicated that they seem "more focused" nowadays.

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I heard on the radio this morning that he missed hitting a fifth by only a few feet. THAT would have been something.

I can remember watching (on TV) Bob Horner of the Braves hit 4 homers in one game around '87 or so and they STILL LOST! Man, those were some sorry teams. Dale Murphy and an ever-changing squad of losers. :)

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