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This is a quote from the Washington post concerning the re-signed of Smoot.

Coach Joe Gibbs has talked highly of Smoot and the importance of keeping core players such as Smoot on the Redskins. But Washington could face a salary-cap squeeze. Although it is close to re-signing linebacker Antonio Pierce, it also is working on ways to retain highly-paid offensive lineman Chris Samuels and will look to improve by signing free agents in the offseason.

I think that Pierce is a no brainer. He has proved that he belongs right where he is. Samuels on the other hand is a little different story. He has some good games mixed in with some games that are sub par. I go with keeping Smoot on this one. You know what you get with freddie on every play. He will sacrifice himself to make the play. Springs is locked up for a while and it would be a damn shame to split the two up after they have jelled so well, becoming one of the top DB tandems in the league. I like the idea of drafting a WR, but I would rather get the best O Lineman in the draft, let Samuels go for a FA or some high picks and try to develop Jacobs as a standout WR. I think he's got the talent just needs confidence.

Lets have a little fun with this one.

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