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Raleigh Roundtree


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Marty Schottenheimer basically jettisoned the Chargers offensive line from last season.

Jaycox is gone. Roundtree is gone. Freddie Jones is gone.

The Chargers did have some poor play on the line last season and part of it was having Ed Ellis starting :laugh:

Seriously, how is Ellis who was #3 on the depth chart here a legit starter somewhere else unless the talent was very thin?

With Raymer and Fonoti the Chargers have improved themselves inside.

I would be more inclined to go after Hallen from Atlanta than Roundtree.

If the Skins can't come up with a guard by June 1, I would like to see the team bring Ray Brown back for a final season.

He would provide some leadership and come at a reasonable cost and at 6'7 and 320 can still move some defensive players around the field. :)

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