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Wideout situation for this season...


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this draft has left enough of a bad taste in my mouth that I am actually thinking now that re-signing Westbrook may not be a bad thing.

Russell doesn't upgrade the receivers corps much. Green, Anthony and Lockett are all 5'9 or 5'10 - 185 pounders and the first two have excellent downfield speed. Cliff seems like redundancy at the position.

You stop and consider that only Gardner was a full-time starter in 2001 of all the receivers now on the team and Westbrook may be a welcome addition.

Maybe Spurrier pulls a rabbit out of his hat and signs Willie Jackson and we all live happily ever after.

But don't hold your breath. :hammer:

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To extend the thread, here's my pick for the top 7 (and I think that 7 will be kept on roster):

1. Green

2. Gardner

3. Westbrook

4. Anthony/ Lockett

5. McCants/ Thompson... I put my bets on McCants

6. Russell

7. One of the losers from the competition above.

Westbrook will find out that teams only want him for the minimum, and will come back here if only to stay with his "friends".

That said, I think that he's the third receiver next year.

Russell's pick basically means that Skaggs is gone. Same kind of player, Russell likely has more talent. Sorry Dave, that's just hte way I see it.

McCants and Thompson are basically the same kind of player as well. Difference is, Thompson has now been through 3 training camps, and if he's not a sure fire player, he's toast.

Lockett and Anthony will not co-exist. for similar reasons again.

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well, whatever else, BALLCOACH has perhaps the youngest and greenest group of performers on offense this side of the Houston Texans:

1. The two top contenders for the qb spot are now Rosenfels, 23, and Ramsey, 22.

2. The receivers are Gardner (23), Green (26), Anthony (27), Russell (22), McCants (23), Thompson (25), and Lockett (26).

3. The receiving tight ends are Flemister (24) and Royal (22).

4. The running backs behind Davis are Watson (23) and Betts (23).

5. the backups on the offensive line are Brandt (23), Sulfsted (24), Coleman (22), Tucker (23) and Loverne (25). Of this group only Brandt has an NFL start to his credit.

6. the starting fullback is projected to be Bryan Johnson, another player at 24 with limited NFL experience. I believe he has 2 starts to his credit.

Altogether, Spurrier is rebuilding this puppy from the ground up and with no recognizable acquisitions apart from Jacquez Green.

He seems to believe training camp and 5 exhibition games are enough to have a quarterback and offensive skill set to emerge.

We shall see if it works in the NFL like it does down in the SWAMP. :)

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But you have to at least admit that this "Rock" kid from K-State has a shot at getting Johnson's spot at fullback. I'm really excited about this kid. I think he might end up being one of the biggest steals of the draft and maybe our best move of the weekend.

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