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Here we go again. Dan Snyder going out and procuring the best football players he can find and spending big bucks to do it.

You don't suppose... no, he isn't... oh $hit, he is!!

That little you-know-what is trying to buy a SB again!

The nerve of some people.:D :cool:

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yeah, but this time around Snyder is taking a page out of JKC's book by making a splashy move to improve the team by acquiring a YOUNGER veteran who can make an impact.

this move reminds me of the one to secure Wilber Marshall AFTER the Skins had just won a Super Bowl in 1988. That move to give up draft choices and a $6 million contract to Marshall was a bold one and Marshall peaked with the Skins in the early 1990's, helping us to a win in SB XXVI.

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Hi bulldog,

I can't believe they did that to you.:D

But, hey, sometimes things work out that way. Obviously, you were competing really hard and just trying to make a play, but sometimes, the ball just doesn't bounce your way.

That doesn't mean you weren't out there fighting and competing hard.

Hey, there's always next week. Remember that.

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