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Actually, its the same old anti-Redskin, dopey Snyder-bashing:

"8. Uh-oh. I hear Daniel Snyder wants a sexy first-round pick. That's trouble. "

Oh really? Where did he hear that? What credible news source told that lard, "Oh, Mr. Snyder's hoping to get a sexy first-round pick." That's a crock. Nobody said that because nobody WOULD say that. This is two-year old crap -- oh, Danny Snyder, poor little rich boy, likes marquee names. The past two years have clearly shown otherwise. Pardon me a sec ... :soapbox: OK that's better. The fact is that the Skins, as much as any team over the past two off-seasons, have spent judiciously & tried to establish some depth in their team. If they sign Trotter, that doesn't invalidate any of their restraint: a UFA of his skill at age 25 is ridiculously rare & the Skins would be wise to seize upon Philly's cheapness -- if they can do so within reason. Snyder has shown he's happy to listen to his football people & now that he has people in place with whom he has some trust, he's let them run a bulk of the show. Hmmm...sounds a lot like Jack Kent Cooke. One would think that Peter King had better things to do than pick at old scabs, but when you write like he does -- very remedially -- I guess you rustle up what you can. What an a-hole.

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What is the source of all this antisynderism around the league?

I don't get it. What has he done to hurt them?

What has he done to hurt us?

Sure he's made a few mistakes, but we have yet to have a losing season under him.

They can't be jealous can they?

Jealous of what?

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What is the source of all this antisynderism around the league? Oh, I dunno:

(1) he's young

(2) he's rich

(3) he's Jewish (for some people this will taint their opinion)

(4) he's not in NY or Philly

(5) he's confident

(6) he's demanding

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