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The Ultimate Extremeskins.com New Software Manual

Die Hard

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Users have the option of logging in on the ExtremeSkins homepage or the message board homepage . Logging in at either location keeps you logged in for the entire site. Though it isn't necessary for users to login to navigate the site, logging in provides members with increased functionality.

1. One new feature for Internet Explorer users is the "Show Leftcolumn" feature. When logged in on the message board... user's can activate the "Show Leftcolumn" feature in the USER INFORMATION box at the top of the message board homepage by clicking the link. They will then have the ability to surf the message board with the site's main menu and other features on the left for quick access to the various site sections/features.


FEATURE: Mark All Forums Read

LOCATED: Available on the USER INFORMATION box located at the top right of the message board homepage.

FUNCTION: It provides users the ability to mark ALL FORUMS and ALL POSTS on the entire messsage board as 'read/viewed'.

WHY: Ideally used JUST BEFORE a visitor leaves the site. Upon revisiting the site, they will be able to view all the new posts since they're last visit.

note - There is also a "Mark Forum Read" feature at the top left of each forum (ie. above Currently Active Users) to use to perform the very same function for INDIVIDUAL forums. The feature on the forum home page in the "User Info" box applies the feature to ALL forums.


FEATURE: Subscribe to Forum

LOCATED: Available at the top left of every forum homepage.

FUNCTION: Members have the ability to subscribe to individual forums. Subscribed forums can be viewed in the "User Cp". Users can also easily unsubscribe to forums.

WHY: We haven't yet figured out the benefit of this feature.


FEATURE: Subscribe to Thread

LOCATED: Available at the bottom left of the page of each individual topic/thread.

FUNCTION: Members have the ability to subscribe to individual threads.

WHY: Users can utilize this feature to 'flag' certain discussions they are particularly interested. The feature sends an email notice - without having had to post/reply to the thread - if there have been any new posts since the last post you read in the topic. The email also includes a direct link to the original thread and links DIRECTLY to the newest post in the thread where you left off.

DIRECTIONS: You may also access this feature by clicking "User Cp" link at the top right of every page on the site. The feature is at the bottom of the page. It will show the 'new post' (ie. yellow folder) indicator if there's been any new post since the last time you've read the thread.


FEATURE: Attach file:

LOCATED: On the NEW THREAD/REPLY/EDIT pages where you type your messages after clicking the NEW THREAD or REPLY buttons. Underneath the "Submit New Thread" button under the text area where you type your message.

FUNCTION: Allows people to append certain types of files to their message.

WHY: Users now have the ability to attach images in their posts directly from their LOCAL machine. No longer necessary to have webspace.

DIRECTIONS: Click on the BROWSE button. Navigate to the directory on your computer with the file you wish to post. Select the file. Hit the OPEN button. The file location will automatically be inserted in the text box. You are done. Just hit the SUBMIT THIS THREAD button to post your message.

note - We presently set this feature to put file requests in a moderator que for staff approval. This is done to prevent people for posting any unacceptable content or potentially harmful content. So expect a short delay before the picture is viewable to visitors until it receives authorization from the staff. If you wish to expedite the process.... email any one of the staff here or private message us advising that you have a picture in awaiting authorization.


FEATURE: Instant Smilies

LOCATED: On the page where you type your messages after clicking the NEW THREAD or REPLY buttons. To the left of the text area where users type their message.

FUNCTION: Allows user to instantly click on a smilie to automatically insert the smilie in a message at the cursor's present position.

WHY: No longer necessary to remember the shortcut codes of some of your favorite smilies. Now as easy as a click

note - we will be changing the current visible list of 15 to some of the more popular ones out of the remaining 67.


FEATURE: Integrated Polls (This one actually works)

LOCATED: On the page where you type your messages after clicking the NEW THREAD or REPLY buttons. The last feature at the bottom of the page.

FUNCTION: Members can post polls.

WHY: Users no longer have to click a seperate button to post polls. The option is available to them every post.

DIRECTIONS: Post a SUBJECT LINE. Post follow up information about the poll in the text area. Check the "Yes! post a poll" checkbox. Type in the number of options you wish your poll to have. Hit SUBMIT NEW THREAD button. Follow the direction on subsequent pages.


FEATURE: Pasting URLs in messages

LOCATED: On the page where you type your messages after clicking the NEW THREAD or REPLY buttons.

FUNCTION: Users simply need to paste a url into the text area of their messages. No buttons, no HTML, no BB code required.

WHY: It's very evident many people were having problems on the UBB posting links. No longer. The software automatically converts urls into direct links in the messages.


This will be an ongoing thread. Make sure to check back. Any post any replies of any feature/icon/link you have questions about.


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Laurent - There's a 'Bug Reports" forum http://www.extremeskins.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=31 . Feel free to post and bugs or questions you may have there. It's impossible to write a pre-emptive post on bugs and errors... considering we can only fix the problems WE see.... not what others see. And unless people bring them to our attention... we'll never know.

Instead of waiting for us to solve your problems or answer your questions BEFORE you ask.... just ask :) We promise to get to them ASAP. And I think you'll find ExtremeSkins has one of the quickest turnarounds and response times for user requests of most sites on the internet.

Or you can private message any of the ExtremeSkins staff.

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Are you getting an email telling you that a thread has another message in it?

If so, then read below on how to prevent this:

Since this thread is going to be here a while, we need a place to tell people how to change some of the old default settings that maybe annoying.... namely, the "Use 'Email Notification' by default?" setting.

In the basic software package, this was set to default 'on' (it has since been changed), but not before we imported the member list from the old UBB software. So, many of you may be getting email telling you about replies to various threads.

Here is how to prevent this from happening again:

1. Click on "User CP" at the top right corner.

2. Click on "Edit Options".

3. Scroll down to the "Messaging & Notification" section of the table.

4. Click on "NO" next to the line that says, "Use 'Email Notification' by default?"

5. MOST IMPORTANTLY, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on the SUBMIT MODIFICATIONS button.

There.... you're done. :cool:

More fixes to follow as problem come to our attention.

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Is it still possible to make copies of posts from the website, by printing these out? The first day I came onto this new board I recall somewhere there was a PRINT feature. I cant seem to find it now.

If I use my computer's PRINT feature or command, it prints the post to the board but the white text used on the dark background doesnt come out and you cant read it. :doh:

By the way......... Big Bubba says that Die Hard looks cute today in her new dress. However, he is a stickler on cleanliness, and has noticed that Die Hard keeps wearing the same friggin dress everyday. :laugh:

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Inmate - Look at the bottom left of this TOPIC PAGE... under the NEW THREAD/POSt REPLY buttons. You'll see "Show Printable Version | Subscribe to This Thread". The "printable version" feature is what you're after....

And I'm going to count this as 2 posts for such a silly question :)

45 to go....

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Ok, now I see the PRINT gadget.

It must be this low-grade adulterated grass in the joint thats affecting my eyesight now. They just dont make grass the way they used to. This sh-t must be from Zanzibar. :high: :laugh:

Yeah, yeah ......... rip me off with the posts........ thats all right, I'll get you on another bet. :laugh:

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