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As I duck for cover behind a rock i say:<br /><br />we restructured darell's contract, right, so how much cap relief do we get if we cut him right now?<br /><br />If this number is big then, well, maybe we're paying too much for a nickel given that we have a rookie who needs playing time. (This is assuming deion stays, which is a big if)<br /><br />I love him as much as the next guy, but this game is about winning.<br /><br />-DB<br /> <br /> [ January 25, 2002: Message edited by: Die Hard ]

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DarrelGreen is carrying a big Cap figure and as has been reported on every lcal channel 60 percent of the fans didn't don't like the idea of Sanders wearing a skins uniform. They are more than upset that he behave like playing for the skins is an annoyance for him. If we cut Mr Redskin to keep slimetime Marty better be thick skinned for the next 2 years

because first the media will be on his a$$, remember there was no honeymoon since his second interview and every fan who he can hear from te sidelines


Yes I'm paid to think and I need a raise

[edited.gif by NavyDave on June 05, 2001.]

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I wonder if this has been considered by anyone. In clearing cap space other than Deion.

Cutting Carrier, and then taking a page out of the Ravens book and moving Green to safety for the year. His quickness to keep up with WRs cuts has diminished, but his overall speed to cover the field hasn't diminished that much. We wouldn't have much of a presence back there as far as an enforcer, but we would have someone guarenteed to be in on every pass over 20 yds on the defensive side.

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Mick, i disagree that Green is one of the best in the league. No way.

he's good. but i don't think he is one of the best anymore. He's just too old. Still fast? yes.

i think moving him to FS or SS is a horrible idea. First of all, he is relatively small. i don't think he can hit all that well, and that is what a safety needs to do. Woodson is larger than Green, and that is why it works for him.

and in answer to your idea of cutting Green, i think no. he is a good backup or even a starter if he shows it in camp.

Peion is a better target for cutting, even if it hits our cap hard next year. Simply because i hate having him on this team and he has a bigger cap number this year than Green.

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Kevin, thoughtful idea. Yes it would be troubling to see

a Sam Gash break a Barber or Arrington hold and rumble Darrell's way. Yet again, what's the percentages of that happening all game long. Not very good. (3%) maybe?

Woodson of course has a different physical stature and much like others in the league in certain positions, can play two positions.

I like the idea, as far as being creative, his speed covers what others can't, thus tying up the receiver long enough for more help also.

However, (Tight Ends would aimed at him constantly and that's what Kurt Schottenheimer might have a headache over. Poor Darrell would be mixing it up with 6'5"

245-260 blockers - OUCH!)

[<IMG SRC="http://www.extremeskins.com/ubb/edited.gif" border=0> by indyskinsfan on June 05, 2001.]

[edited.gif by indyskinsfan on June 05, 2001.]

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Darrell's cap number is $1.9 million-- $1.5 million in base salary and $400K in signing bonus liability. The team is still liable for $1.6 million of his $2 million bonus spread over the next 4 years of his contract.

If they guarantee Darrell's contract, the bonus liability would increase to $2.1 million with a portion of that allotted for the 2001 season. This would leave a manageable excess to deal with if this is Darrell's last season.

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Darrell allowed a couple of guys to get behind him last year, and only bad throws prevented sure TDs.

That being said, he was coming in cold as a nickel corner, and for most of the downs he played, was surprisingly effective.

He still has the one thing that he always had, tremendous closing speed after separation. He's been relying on that for the last few years, in fact it was always part of his playing style.

So while I wouldn't want him playing man any more, he could be still be very effective in zone coverage, taking on the #2 or #3 receiver, or playing the slower receivers with more of a cushion.

But is that worth almost $2M to a team that's right up against the cap ceiling, needs players at other positions, and has a young and gifted draftee in the wings, along with a reliable veteran?

My answer is yes. Deion is likely gone, despite Marty's posturing. The dance might play out in such a way as to save us some cap room if we can get Deion to renegotiate for his early release, but basiaclly it's gonna be Champ, Greer, Smoot, and Harrison. That's a lineup that could benefit from one more year of the master.

Darrell has indicated that the main reason he wanted to keep playing was so that he could put enough money into his charity organization (Youth For Life?) that it became a self sufficient foundation.

Surely, with a base salary of $1.5M this year, we could work something out so that Darrell was able to play and help us, yet earn the money for his foundation down the road, perhaps after he retires.

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